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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Blogger admin have caught up to me. . . The Buggers didn't use the handcuffs and the muzzle gag though, more's the pity

Howdy guys and gals out there in Bondageland.

Blogger admin have caught up to me. . . The Buggers didn't use the handcuffs and the muzzle gag though,  more's the pity. You may have seen that recently I have been deleting certain items in the blog as a result of certain advice they presented to me.

They want all blogs on their hosting site to comply to certain policies. I.e things of an adult explicit nature are no longer acceptable. No video clips etc.

Now the hypocrisy of that is incredible.

For instance. Any photo sharing site they also own should stop the publishing of pirated photos and videos of the original owners, and prosecute those users that broke the rules and never had the proper authorisation of the said producers.

They also never specified that what constitutes as adult i.e. Nude genital shots of full intercourse (that would be my definition of obscene (not that sex is obscene), so that's what I have policed for myself).

What is fetish art to me, may be pornographic to someone else. We are all different and if you find my blog obscene then it is your right to leave. I don't force you to click the links to read what I say and do.

They also never advised me what is a video. This, to me was important.
I link to sites that have certain videos to watch. Is that a video or a link? You see where I am coming from, as it could be interpreted both ways. So far they haven't specified.

In the end they have decided that things may need to progress to a private membership of this blog. It will still be free, but to me seems a little overkill,  as there are plenty of others out there with truly horrific stuff that in my opinion, should be stopped and policed first.

For that reason in my banner at the top of the page there is a warning that themes discussed here are of an adult nature, and minors should leave. I have tried my best to comply with their requests made to me. You may also note that on entering the blog you are also warned it may contain things of an adult theme. I originally set the blog up like as I thought that would be sufficient warning of the nature of what it is that we get up to here.

You have my email address to make any complaints which I always answer.
It is you the reader that inspires me to carry on my little bondage blog in the first place.
As a result of that, I reply back and answer or take on board the advise given to me.
Isn't that how we evolve and learn things, after all?

Once things get sorted out mid March, I will reissue the links but no video. If you believe my own pictures (taken with model release approval and with Peter's (Artorusrex) consent) constitute pornography, please let me know and I can put a Fig leaf on the bits you don't like.

That should open up a debate my readers may wish to comment on.

Discuss . . .

Emma x


John, Leeds said...

I'm a regular reader of your blog. I have found nothing to object to and lots to enjoy. I know you will have to accept some restrictions to video because of recent changes in the law (which I like many others fundamentally disagree with). That aside, I hope that you will resist "blogger admins" attempts to curtail that essential freedom, free speech. "Free" means just that, not what someone else thinks is accceptable.

Emma Bond said...

Hi there John. As long as I am not going to get prosecuted for piracy or piss off the riggers and owners I will continue doing what I have done.
Thanks for your nice comments John.
Emma x