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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Magic Wand Harness Belt

Howdy Guys and Gals out there in Bondageland.

I have finally succumbed to my yearning.

I ordered a Magic Wand Harness Belt from Ebay. It arrived in the post this very day.
Got it for £52. Checking online this afternoon they are being sold on UK sex toy websites for £63-£67 not including postage. Well the money saving stimulated me to try it out right then and there.

I strapped it on good and tight and no matter how hard I shook it about, I couldn't dislodge the bulbous head of the wand off my little Clitty Cat.

Bending forward eased it a little, but leaning back thrust me onto the wand harder. There is a strap that passes from the back of the belt which holds the wand and then clips to two rings on the front of the belt. The wand made all the straps tingle all the was up to my ass. There is even a holding strap for a butt plug!

Wasn't long before it was working its magic on me for a fantastic orgasm. This is sooo getting used in my next tie up session lol.

Emma xx

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