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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Emma and the burglar

Howdy Guys and Gals out there in Bondageland.

So! Many of you are asking, "Why am I making so many posts?" When normally I am a little lax in updates? Well I came across some old VHS videos of us on holiday one year to Barnard Castle.
We stayed in a lovely little cottage on a farm that had the most incredible ruins of a monastery in a field opposite. We did a little bondage video clip so we have been editing the tapes.(Okay, Peter did it all and chose some scary music to add.)

I know some of you would like the actual sound on the night, but I was enjoying the Father Ted episode on TV and all you heard was "Feck" and "Go on, go on, go on". I only started saying that once we began the tying and teasing.  (:-D)

Yes! It is little old me in all my naked glory, and I admit some pretty rubbish rope work from Peter. (He has gotten neater and tighter since this was taken lol.)

If you like it I may upload a little more.

Play safe and have fun.
Emma xx


Neeko said...

Well. It's a privat vid, but i would like to see it. Recently i have been here more frequently then i could imagine.

J.Ed said...

Your vid is coded private

Emma Bond said...
Sorry about that. Its open now for your viewing.
Emma x