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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and happy all the other holidays as well.

Ok so I said Happy Christmas.
Yep that's because there seems to have been a total disregard for what people believe these days. If you want to celebrate just giving gifts to your families so be it.

To others who believe there is a god and a saviour who sacrificed himself to bring peace on earth and good will to all, don't be ashamed to hide it. This is the time of year to do it. Okay maybe not. Christians just moved the day to the 25th December to stop pagans jumping naked over a Beltane fire on the shortest day to celebrate a new year coming, but that's besides the point.

We all want to celebrate how fortunate we are and be with our loved ones and remember the happy times.

The sermon sayeth Emma. . . .
There has been a lot of crap happening in the world of late. Mr Putin decided to invade the Balkans last year. He now is a bit pissed off his fighter jet was shot down last month by the Turkish air force for invading their airspace. Stop being a dick and lets not head back to the cold war by being aggressive to the west, or the west to the east.
American gun culture seems to be out of control and easy targets such as kids in schools are wiped out. Well you have a right to defend yourself but you aren't on the frontiers in the 1700s anymore. Police and the army have taken away a need to own automatic weapons. Really? You all need 5 or 6 guns do you? Or would you rather have your kids back alive and well to give them their presents from under the tree this year?
France has been attacked twice now. The heavy metal concert, and the Charlie Hebdo incident early in the year. Remember most Muslims also believe similarly to the Bible. Live in peace and do not harm others in any way. Don't treat everyone like they are all Zealot fundamentalists because they aren't!
Believe what you want to. Don't antagonise others into changing their beliefs. If you want to believe in creation and the world was made in 7 days. That's okay with me. I wont try to change your ways, as it isn't worth it. I will believe what I want. You do your thing, I will do mine.
Just don't try to force me to do something with terror tactics. It will never work. Ever!
Now go and play nicely with each other!

And now for some beautiful gifts left under the tree for you . . .

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Pihla said...

Happy Christmas! Really beautiful gifts under the Christmastree. :-) Shall I open or not? :-D