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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Red head slave

I found this erotic little clip and had to include the link below so you can see it.
Enjoy. Emma x

Red head slave


Anonymous said...

Oh my god love love love that video. but shes so cruel not letting her orgasm lol.
Thank you for posting sweety xxx

Emma Bond said...
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Emma Bond said...

Hi Lisa, glad you liked the video. That's the bit I enjoyed lol being mean to her by stimulating her but not letting her go over the edge. Besides, I also liked the way she was bound and gagged.
Email me please Hon. Missed you.
Emma x

Anonymous said...

Hi sweety x,

Sorry babes I changed my email address because I can't log in to my Yahoo one. We are friends on Pornhub I shall send you a private message there and let you know my new address. Hope you are well babes :)
Sadly I am single again! :( thats why I have not been in touch lately but I would love to catch up :)

Are you doing anything tonight? we could chat later if you like?

Take care Em xxx

kisses xxxx

Lisa x