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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Bed Tied Orgasms

Here is another hot clip of a bed bound gal taking on a relentless Hitachi wand.


I hope you enjoyed the link to the clip as much as I did.

Emma xx


Anonymous said...

Oh my god! I know how that feels it’s horrible and amazing at the same time. I desperately wanted an orgasm but my girlfriend kept teasing me long after. It was exciting but sooo cruel too lol. Thank god she stopped and let me go after four really intense orgasms

Anonymous said...

Oh my god this is amazing but sooo cruel too. I had this forced to orgasm I was desperate for my girlfriend to stop but god it was sexy too lol. After four I could not take any more and thank god she stopped and let me.
My poor clitty sooo so sensative! Bitch I spanked her bum I got her back lol.
Thanks for posting babes x

Emma Bond said...

Hi Lisa.
I am pretty sure I would have done the same to a bound and gagged and willing subbie lol Edging can be a very mean experience not letting you come though and just bringing you to the peak of where you want to go over the edge. Frustrating or what Huh?
Something tells me that you would endure that all over again though in a heartbeat . . .
Mwa ha ha ha; Mwa ha ha ha ha; Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha
best evil Domme laugh I can muster lol)

Anonymous said...

Oh my god Em you know me sooo well hun x.
Lol of course I would x

Anonymous said...

I more than deserve it too x
I have been such a little slut lately and thoroughly deserve such mean treatment x