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Wednesday 18 October 2023

Saturday 29 October 2022


 Ok first blog for a while and it's about the scum of the earth yep you fucking spammer dick wads!

I log in to say happy Halloween and have to delete a bunch of fucking junk emails from some Arabian  tossers who wants you to go on his link and join a bunch of anal fuckers from Abu Dhabi I kid you not. Yep the place where you get your hand is chopped off for stealing and you can leave a handbag in the middle of the street and go back to it without a thing missing has a bunch of porn sites from some dubious sounding gentlemen. I will be the first in the queue to wield the cleaver to chop your pathetic dicks off should they decide to get serious and crack down on porn in the middle east!

THIS WILL NOT BE TOLLERATED AND JUST TO PROVE IT TRY TO SEE THE LINKS TO YOUR SITES NOW! they are all in my recycle bin as proof I mean business!

Happy Halloween

I hope you Ghosts and Ghouls out there have a safe and enjoyable evening and when you visit the grim reapers house he doesnt cut your head off with his scythe but gives you a bony hand full of tasty candy for the evening.



Tuesday 17 August 2021

Blogger log in has just been the shits today!

Howdy Guys and Gals out there in Bondageland. 

So why did you go quiet for so long you all ask?

I lost my Bondage Mojo.

Just like the drunkard that cant get his booze and wants to guzzle meths (although I really really don't recommend that),  or the smoker that is chewing a wad of smokers gum but craves another fag - preferably while not hanging around as a mate of the boozer drinking all the meths! 

I just lost the plot in the game of life.

I thought the pen had finally run out of ink. That pop socks were really for wearing on your feet rather than as mouth packing. That silk scarves were meant to be worn around the neck or tied around the hair on windy days rather than being used as knotted cleave gags in combination with those pop socks.  That linen trunks were really to store linen sheets rather than to be tied and gagged and stashed away in!

Its true. I didn't want to participate in self bondage or playing with the ropes with the hubby. I didn't even want to write bondage either. 

Well after a year of lock down thanks to Covid - not seeing any of my friends and hanging out or going on holidays I got stuck in a rut. Laying around the house I opened a word document I had saved and it turned out to be a story I had saved from Gromets Plaza site way back when, so I went over there to check it out. I got reading and then did a little fantasizing. It all suddenly came rushing back. 

In a couple of hours I had knocked out The Old Dog Cage.

Now its up on the Plaza and I feel a little more normal. Before you all ask though, it is not down to having a couple of Covid jabs or several glasses of wine either.

The only down side of having a break is that you can never bloody remember your log in details to all the obscure stuff you had signed up for in the last couple of years.

Today has been just the pits. Its taken several goes to reactivate the Blog password. Google really has been a pile of shite and totally user unfriendly getting it all back up and running.

Emma xx

Saturday 31 October 2020

Happy Halloween - a sexy Halloween story to get you in the mood.


Suki loved Halloween and always dressed as a sexy Devil. 
She also gave out the best candy and all the kid loved her.

Later in the evening there was always a drinks party in one of their homes for
the adults once the kids went to bed. 

Mary Ann had noticed Suki's partner had moved out earlier in the month 
and had been a shoulder to cry on for her.

In fact it was her idea telling Suki to dress up sexy and get out there 
dating again. Mary Ann's husband had remarked that Suki had 
looked stunning the weekend before.

 She seethed in fury as the sexy devil handed candy to her children.
Some of her neighbourhood girlfriends were a litte put out 
by Suki's devil outfit.

 Black and red pvc with stiletto heeled thigh boots were okay. Even the cute red plastic horns were respectable. It was the black latex stockings and garter belt and the skimpy
 latex panties the neighbourhood women thought were inappropriate. 

Suki oozed sex appeal.

Later in the evening when the trick or treater's knocking at her door died down, 
Mary Ann walked over and knocked on the door of Sukis house. 

Suki's front yard was decorated in fake tombstones and pumpkins and fake
cobwebs all over the bushes and trees. Suki bade her neighbour to 
come in and take a seat while she put some lipstick and mascara on. 

She returned to see Mary Ann tipping out a bunch of ropes from the candy bag 
she had bought with her. In an instant Suki was tied up tighter 
than a Thanksgiving turkey and gagged with a rolled up rag forced
 into her mouth and a bandanna folded over her mouth to 
keep the packing pushed deep in her mouth.

"I thought we were friends. You dressed like this to steal our husbands." 
An angry Mary Ann shouted at Suki as she pulled her legs back 
into a tight hogtie, before tying Suki's elbows together so they 
touched behind her back painfully.

Suki hadn't even been able to tell Mary Ann she was waiting for her date Yoshi to come
 by to pick her up and take her to the party at Mary Ann's house. A couple of hours later 
a rather disheveled Suki knocked on Mary Ann's door and introduced her date.

Mary Ann blushed and was expecting the cops and wailing sirens to follow Suki into her home.

Suki asked Yoshi to get her a large glass of wine while she sat with a compact fixing her face and brushing her hair and straightening her cute horns while a stunned Mary Ann looked on. 

"Sorry we are late. He found me and I've just had the best sex ever. If it wasn't for your 
party I wouldn't have let him untie me."

Happy Halloween

You all thought that Trick or Treat was a thing for the kids didn't you? 

Celebrating the ghosts and ghouls that walk the earth between the witching hour of midnight and the stroke of 13 on your long case grandfather clock.

If you have given out all of your candy and not saved any for the ghosts and ghouls who really do exist; they have exceptionally sweet teeth; that's the reason they have rotting scary teeth, as there are no toothbrushes and toothpaste in hell. The undead ghosts and ghouls will rise and spend their witching hour capturing you and teasing and torment you so you don't forget to save them some candy next Halloween!

Stay safe and have fun if you do venture out tonight.

Emma xxx

Sunday 30 August 2020

Covid 19 Sanitizer

I sometimes look at twitter for a bit of inspiration and came across a post from Christina Carter which cracked me up. This has to be the best sanitizer for the Covid 19 virus and any other nasty bugs going around. So brilliant.

Saturday 11 July 2020

Covid 19 Safety advice

I know we are all in lock down and we cant go to the Swimming Pools or the Gym. I know I am working from home and swing by the fridge way to much but I came about this little snippet of advise for all you lovely people out there in Bondageland. Stay safe, wear a mask, but don't forget to take it off for wine and cake.

Emma xxx

Monday 13 April 2020

Coronavirus COVID-19 2

They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Especially when he has a deadline and the virus has kept him from his office.
Still, he has a home office and a submissive girlfriend who he is in self isolation with, and they are managing to keep themselves amused as the days roll by.

Sunday 5 April 2020

Coronavirus COVID-19

This has been the second weekend with a bit of decent weather.

There are plenty of people who like the outdoors and are going bonkers wanting to be outside in the open and are missing their friends and families. MOST and I say again most of us realize that staying away from people prevents the spread of any germs and bugs going around.

Its the social thing to do, and the right thing to do.

Okay you all support the NHS and the doctors and nurses, bin men, home delivery and supermarket workers.You all proved that by supporting online social events like quizzes for charity and banging your pots and pans and clapping at 8pm every Thursday night.

So why the hell are you all acting like a sandwich short of a picnic basket going to the bloody seaside and national parks for the second weekend in a row and mixing with people and sunbathing on the beach?

You get into someone else's space and they cough or sneeze. Coughing and sneezing is basically all your saliva and mucus projectile evacuating from your mouth or nose with any nasty bugs shooting out in a microscopic spray that will then float in the air and get on someone else from quite some distance away.

And yet the Muppet brigade have decided not to sunbath in their gardens. They want to go to public parks and beaches and come into a close proximity with each other; like the bug wont kill you because it is a sunny weekend!

Every weekend you go out and endanger your loved ones and others damaging all the good self isolation you have been doing during the week. In a nutshell the people that do this are selfish and you need to stay the fuck away from me and my family.

Everything is going to change from this. There will be more office staff working from home in the future. Offices have slowly started scaling down office space. This bug will make people think they don't want to go to the office. The construction industry will have to slow down as there becomes a glut of buildings unfilled. That will impact on the economy etc etc. A catch twenty two situation where the country may end up in a recession.

The good thing is that we have all realized that we are relying to much on one supermarket visited by thousands of people and we may start going back to the fruit and veg shops, the bakers and butchers and wet fish shops.

Will the high street recover from the slow decay its been under for the last 25 years? I don't know, but it is encouraging that already people have signed up to milk rounds delivering the milk, eggs, bread and other essential basics. But they also have added toilet rolls and compost. The "milk" delivery round has already adapted to changes in customer demands. I expect to be stuck behind the little electric milk floats again only this time I wont complain how slow they go.