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Saturday, 29 June 2019

Forced to come hard

Well there is a heat wave this week over Europe and everyone will be a little hot and bothered.
You can jump into a fountain or spend the week in the shower on cold. I thought I would sit in the shade and watch a little bondage.

Silly me. This clip only made me hot but in all the right ways.

The wand even close to your honeypot is quite relentless and will make you come hard. If you strap the wand into a bondage belt then where you place that bulbous head, is where that bulb stays. No let up. No mercy. You can only endure and come. And she does, quite hard.

Enjoy the links.

Emma xxx

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Teresa May

Howdy out there in Bondageland.

The UK Prime Minister has resigned and is now the caretaker until the next one gets elected. Yes it is all she is good for; wearing a brown overcoat like Arkwright and sweeping the floor with an old broom with a fag hanging off her bottom lip. 

Now if the PM had taken the trousers down of her own front and back benchers and paddled there bottoms with a carpet brush she may have been a better politician, and not despised for being weak and totally ineffective!

Teresa May the politician has been a wet useless fool trying to push a deal through parliament four times. Each time she was slaughtered. A deal that supposedly would do no good for the British people.

To me, a no deal means that we can now sit back and organise our own affairs and when we decide what the hell this country finally needs, we can then go back to the table and get what we want and not what the Europeans want. For Euroland, this seems to be access to our fishing places to maul and our money in their pot to pay all the European parliamentarians pensions and expense bills to name just a few points that the electorate seem to think is whats going on over there.

The good thing is there is another Teresa May on the scene. And yes she has met the politician too.
She was a model of the 90s and early 2000s and did bondage and domination. Far be it for me to keep this lady from you.

Now on to the pretty pictures.

Emma x

Sunday, 19 May 2019

Sisters of Robert the Bruce

Robert the Bruce may have won the battle of Bannockburn in 1314 and was crowned king of Scotland, but it came at a terrible cost.

In earlier battles with Edward I of England he lost and went into hiding. He tasked his brother with taking his wife and daughter and his sisters to safety and sanctuary.

While he led his men into a guerrilla war with the English, Edward sent men to capture the Bruce's family to use as pawns in the war with him. His brother was hung drawn and quartered.

Isabella MacDuff who helped crown the Bruce; legend has it the Kings of Scotland must be crowned by someone of the MacDuff clan; was captured with his family. 

Isabella and the Bruce's sister Mary were held in cages hanging from Berwick Castle and Roxburgh Castle respectively. They were caged in iron and wood cages and exposed to the elements with just a bucket to defecate so as not to "soil their feet" as written in the edict of their punishment. They were also forbidden to speak to anyone other than the women who fed them. 

Isabella spent four years exposed this way before she died. Mary was exchanged for prisoners held after Bannockburn.

Edward wanted to hang the Bruce's daughter from a cage at the Tower of London but the lords and the public at the time were un-supportive due to the girls age. She was nine at the time. 

Saturday, 2 February 2019

The Sex Grand Prix 2019

Howdy lovely people out there in Bondageland.

So when we do those soppy new years resolutions and vow to do more sport and join a gym only to give it all up for wine and fags and girls nights out or in with Pizza and Ice cream;  well we people of Bondageland make the same sort of resolutions.

The only difference is we add a little more rope to the problems of how we want to get fit.

Our premiere grand prix track for instance is currently testing the new formula 1 cars with some new talented test drivers.

Please click the link above to watch some of the future world champions of the track.
Emma xxx

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Sunday, 23 December 2018

The First Day of Christmas

Okay where did the year go?

For me I got a full time job, so no more job contracts cleaning up other peoples accounting crap!
You have to wonder how some people ever get employed. Then you sit back and ponder how they ever earn't more than you do when they have been so incompetent in the first place. Well the compromise is that I now don't have as much spare time to play my kinky fetish games.

This is also the first time in years that I feel so far behind with Christmas. I was last minute shopping Friday. As the summer was so nice we ate out cooking in the garden so the Kitchen extractor hood wasn't fixed after it blew up. Last weekend Peter finally managed to track a descent extractor hood down after finding our size hasn't been made for years and years. All the ones we looked at are bigger in size and we had to half demolish/half cut out the void to fit it in. Then the pipes wouldn't join and we had to order a reducer pipe which got lost in the post.

Yay! They finally found it and Hubbs spent three hours putting it all back together and trying to screw the holding screws in that are obviously so fiddly and stupidly placed; but make everything look super-dooper from an aesthetic point of view but so badly designed for a fitters point. Christmas dinner can now be cooked without the kitchen turning into a huge steam bath.

So before I run along and make the Christmas mince pies that should have been made during the last week, I thought I would chill out a little and look for some lovely Christmas fetish for my lovely readers.

Have a lovely Christmas and I hope Santa brings you all your kinky desires.
Emma xxx