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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Cowboys and Indians

Well after my little escapade I told him off for tying me to the bed and leaving me there, but at least he didn't bugger off to the pub. While I was all tied up to the bed post, it got me thinking about my childhood. I was a bit of a a tom boy back then much to the shame of my mother. She wanted a quiet life and for us girls to be prim and proper, and to act like little ladies (there are three of us - poor dad ). Anyway I digress.

I used to play cowboys with the local boys, but us being the girls had to be the Indians. We used to build a little camp and made wigwams out of garden canes and old sheets, and then go off exploring in the bush. If you make a lot of noise like we did, it scared the brown snakes away - they are the aggressive bastards. Or we played in the creeks looking for yabbies (crustaceans like little lobsters). The boys would then attack us with their cap guns or their spud guns, and we would fire those rubber suction tip arrows or peashooters at them in return.

Anyway I was by myself on this occasion as my sisters had gone back to the camp, when the boys came shooting out of some scrub, firing cap guns at me. I returned their fire, but only had three arrows and I couldn't hit an elephant with them, let alone the boys. They captured me, but then got bored as they didn't know what to do with me. One bright spark jumped up, and said lets tie her to a tree. Now that's when I thought the game was going a little to far.
They pulled me to a small tree and wound the rope around me, but the eldest boy Chris - we aren't all called Shane and Sheila - said that the tie was crap as I could easily pull my hands out. Stupidly, I did in front of them, which they then all agreed upon.

Chris then ordered the others to hold me fast to the tree while he would have ago. He pulled my hands behind me so that the tree was between my back and my hands, and tied them together with his lasso made from a bit of clothes line. I could feel the rope circle my wrists pulling my palms together, but then Chris played his master stroke. Instead of tying a knot, he wound the rope through cinching my palms and then tying the knot. I struggled to pull my hands out of the loops and couldn't. It was only then I realised that the little buggers were walking of to play footy leaving me. It was soon teatime though, and my mother found me, and much to my embarrassment untied me moaning about the rough boys in the neighbourhood. Dad just laughed.

So while I was tied by the scarf to the bed post, I tried to work out why I had enjoyed my experience with my guy. I think it was the feeling of helplessness and being at another persons mercy, like when I was a kid playing cowboys.
I want Peter to play more role play games with me as I cant stop playing with myself thinking of him tying me up again. I am going to have to send him off to the store and get some rope too.

Here is a lovely picture by Reno, of an Indian girl tied to a tree just like I was.

Luv E.B x

Browsing the Web

I was looking on the internet for some naughty bondage sites to give my fella some ideas for some role play games, you know the types:;; the free bondage directory pages etc when I came across a sight run by a guy called Jim Weathers. He dresses the girls up in latex and ties them up. He takes lovely pictures and it seems the girls all go to him because they trust him.

On the other hand there is some sick stuff out there too.
Who gets off watching torture? There are guys with their sacks tied up till their balls look as red as plums and will fall off, and there are some girls out there beaten black and blue. Now I am a broad minded chick and realise that the majority of the models get paid for what they do, but why do the extreme stuff? There are some lovely looking girls and boys doing this, but its sure going to fuck up their looks and most likely their careers.

There was this other site that I did think was interesting though. They tie you up and then you are forced to orgasm by vibrators or dildo machines. One girl even squirted as she came, so it must be pretty intense. I have to get me one of those Hitachi magic wands! I've started to dream about this now so I reckon I am becoming a bondage freak - but not the nasty stuff 'cause I would bite their cocks off if they did that to me.

My Peter and I had a chat and agreed that we had been in a bit of a sexual rut, and that Sunday spiced things up. So we are going to do some more role play, and some more bondage I so liked. He has even agreed to let me tie him up which was a bit unexpected. He wanted to bring a bit of spice into our relationship for a while but didn't know how to approach me with it, the silly boy. We are going to let each other know our limits though and have a safe word or hum a tune if we are gagged. I'll let you know how it turns out.
Luv E.B x

Reading The Sunday Papers

Well its my first post so here goes. Be gentle with me as I am a blogger virgin. ; o
I am an Aussie, went to a normal school, did the high school thing, got a work permit and decided to work my way across the world which is a typical Australian thing to do, but then I met Peter, and settled down in Essex of all places.

I was over here working across Europe and I met him in an office I worked at in London. Now my boy is a gentle lover. You know the sort, kissing and a bit of a cuddle afterwards, and he even likes to go down and perform oral on me with out me asking. But it was all starting to bore me. Now Aussie guys are only out for a quick root and don't do sensitive. So you must think I am crazy right. I was thinking of dumping him for a bad boy who might get the blood racing a bit, because he is always the sensible one. Doesn't smoke, doesn't drink to much, always holding the door open for me. My life was becoming predictable, like we had become an old married couple before we had had any fun. Well it was until a little while ago.

I was in bed with with my boy reading the Sunday supplements. I felt thirsty and went to the kitchen to make some tea for us as he thinks the tea makes itself. Anyway getting back in bed I dribbled some of the tea on my fellas chest as I handed him his cup. Luckily it wasn't on his willy, as we always sleep in the nude. Wiping it off with his hand he told me to watch out or he would have to beat me for being so clumsy. Now don't get all shocked, he isn't some twisted fuck who gets his kicks this way, but he is always saying this as a joke.

Anyway, I had had my period the week before, so I guess the old hormones kicked in and I was feeling playful and a bit randy. I giggled at him and said to him "You always say you will tie me up and beat me, how long does a girl have to wait?", so I put the hot china mug down on his chest. He cried out bloody hell or something, and looked at me as if I was some sort of nutter. "If that's what you want, I'll punish you." He pulled me over his lap and with the flat of his hand smacked me hard across the cheeks of my arse.

I yelled out in shock rather than pain. He had never done this before. Had I pushed him over the edge with the cup on his chest? Trouble was I could also feel my pussy getting wet. I didn't know what was going on with me. He got out of the bed and went to my underwear drawer. He pulled out some old silk scarves I had in there, and came back to the bed. He pulled me back across his lap, roughly yanked my hands behind my back and tied them together with one of the scarves.

With his left hand he held my bound hands out of the way, and proceeded to whack away on my behind. He must have hit me about six or seven times and I could feel the redness in my arse. It wasn't the force of the blows that made me cry out, but the blows always landing in the same spot. I could also feel him getting hard as my stomach lay across his groin. He said to me that this was what I had wanted, and to be quiet about it. Then he smacked me some more.

He varied the force this time so that I didn't know if he would tap me or hit me hard. He stopped as suddenly as he had started and massaged my bottom with his big hands, parting my cheeks he rubbed his palm over my pussy and up my arse several times. I moaned with pleasure as his fingers slipped inside of me, Then he pulled them out and slapped me across the bottom. I was quietly enjoying him touching me when I yelled out again at the shock of the smack and the the pain in my arse cheeks.

He said he would have to gag me if I couldn't keep quiet, and slapped my red bottom some more. I had to bite down on the duvet cover to muffle the yelps, but the evil sod slapped me harder still, and eventually I cried out loud. He stopped and massaged my bum again with his hand, kneading and squeezing the cheeks getting the circulation back, while his thumb circled my arsehole. "That's enough noise out of you.", he said. He quickly knotted the middle of the scarf and pushed this into my mouth, and he tied it tightly round the back of my neck. "That should keep you quiet for a while, while I enjoy myself". He continued alternating slapping on my arse cheeks and kneading my bum and playing with my pussy. I was soaking wet as his fingers slid in and out of me and rubbed my clit, but everytime I thought I would come he stopped and slapped my arse again.

I caught the size of his erection out of the corner of my eye, It was as hard as I had ever seen it. He dragged me up onto my knees and forced my head down onto the duvet saying that I didn't deserve to look at it. He reached over to the bedside drawer and whipped out a durex and slid it over his cock.(I am allergic to the pill). Then he plunged his cock deep into me. I gasped but the silk gag muffled my moans. He thrust away, short, long, pulling out and plunging back in, all the while his thumb working the area around my arse. Then he slid the tip of his thumb into it. I bucked under him as I had never experienced this before, I guess he thought that I was in pain as he gently with drew it and wrapped his hand around my waist and fingered my clit instead.

His fingers flicked my nubbin, then circled it, then his whole hand rubbed away at it. It was the loudest I had come for my fella, and I screamed into the gag in pleasure while his cock pounded my pussy. He pulled it out and as I came down from my high, I saw him looking down at me. "I didn't say you could get off before me did I?" he questioned. I had to shake my head in response to him. He lent over and untied my gag, I mumbled something along the lines that was incredible, but he told me to shut up. He peeled off the condom and waved his erection in front of my face. I looked up at him and he told me to suck it or he would slap my arse again.

I took him in my mouth and slurped up and down his shaft. He pulled out and told me to lick it. I circled my tongue around the tip, flicking my tongue under the ridge and onto his frenulum, then he trust his hips forward and was fucking my face. I could feel this cock trembling in my mouth and knew he was close to coming. He pulled out and started wanking off over my face, like they did in the pornos I had seen in my teens. His hand cupped my chin forcing my mouth wide open as he shot his load into my mouth and over my lips. He told me to swallow it all, as I licked the salty cum off my lips. Then he took the scarf he used as the gag, passed it through my hands and tied it fast to the metal post of the headboard and said he was off to have a shower and that I was to reflect on how naughty I had been.

I wasn't expecting him to be into a bit of bdsm. Must be you Brits love for the public school system.