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Friday, 28 March 2008

What is a fetish?

Well this is the hard one. I think it is something physical that excites you, and anything that is out of the norm.
There are so many where do we begin? I have thought about a few here, so let me know what you guys and girls think and if you want to elaborate on any more.

Lingerie, basques and corsets. Well this is down to the material. Also we don't dress up like this in this modern day unless you are Dita Von Teese - She is lovely. If I was a bloke I would go for her!. This makes it only for a special occasion. My Peter would have me walk around the house only in lingerie and stockings. Corsets and basques pull us in and enhances our figures. Speaking of the lovely Dita, she has managed to get her waist down to about 16 inches. These garments enhance the breast, making them appear bigger due to the smaller waist line.

High heels/stiletto shoes or boots. Guys like high heeled shoes or boots. It makes it easier for them to push us into bed. Ha Ha.
Really, it elongates our legs making them more shapely too. They also make our bums stick out a bit. I suppose we become more womanly, which is what they get off on. Boots also encase your leg albeit calves or thighs. But I think this leads into the next fetish.

Leather/PVC /Latex fetishes. We have all heard of leather/PVC /latex fetishes. I think this is again due to them shaping the body. If anyone has been blindfolded, don't you think the smell of the garment, or the touch of it on your skin, enhances the atmosphere and any arousal?

Breast fantasies have to stem back to the baby suckling from the mother. This partly explains why we get breast milk fetish, or we like pregnant women. Well being pregnant, when you aren't throwing up every five minutes, made some of my girlfriends feel womanly and I have to admit extremely horny. They went to it like rabbits. I guess it made up in advance, for all the sleepless nights they now have feeding the baby.
Personally, I like getting all wet in the shower and giving Peter a soapy tit wank while he directs the shower head on my pussy.

Dogging. Dogging is where you get off on being watched whilst you have sex, or you get yourself off by watching others have sex.

Hell we can go into many, many more kinks. I know some one who likes to do it in the shower, as it is a clean environment. While another of my friends wants to have sex with her man in the pouring rain, on the ground in a mud bath. Talk about chalk and cheese and two different extremes.

We are all entirely different, yet the same. We all have a wonderful brain to use. It is only our imaginations, our reserve and our prudishness that holds us back from experiencing life. I do mean life, not just about a sex life. But hell, mine gets used more for sex these days. Ha Ha.

Luv E.B x

PS It's a lovely photo, but isn't mine.
I couldn't find out whose it is to acknowledge, so if there is a problem, let me know and I will edit accordingly.

It's all about trust!

Is it wrong to like to be subservient, when it comes to sex ?

I don't think so. I like to dominate a little too. But my kink has to be being tied up. I like the helplessness of the situation. Rope allows me some hope of eventually getting out, while padlocks and cuff don't. I think of me as being a female Harry Houdini. I get elated if I can escape. Then I want to be tied up again. It's also good for a little work out. All the trashing about trying to get free does take it out of you physically.

There are some dangers with being tied up. There are nerves and blood vessels running up the arms near the surface above the elbows, which is why it can be dangerous and damaging to the nerve cells if you cant get free quickly from an elbow tie. This is nearly impossible, by the way.

You may also be over stretching your muscles as they are pulled into a certain position. There is a major vein running down your thigh close to the surface too, so look out for your legs getting pins and needles.

Next up to worry about is the loss of blood circulation. If your skin turns pink you are suffering from circulation problems. If you have tingling skin your nerve cells are protesting and prolonged exposure may cause nerve damage.

I personally don't think the ropes need to be to tight, just well tied to prevent you from escaping.
The person doing the tying should be aware of the above. It's a matter of trust that your partner doesn't want to hurt you, just play sex games.
With the trust, he/she will let you go rather than see you hurt.

Luv E.B x

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Is it wrong to fantasise ?

Peter and I haven't had much happening in the bedroom scene at the moment, so I haven't had much to write about.
I have been thinking about sex from a mental point of view. Hey, it hasn't all been about masturbatory fantasies though.
Since we got a little bored in the bedroom, we have started to experience new things. We read erotic books, look at porn, and discuss things with each other. I don't know why we didn't do it sooner. It is only prudence that holds you back, and I am better off with out it, I can tell you.

This is the first of a couple of things I have been thinking about.

Is it wrong to fantasise about other men and women, or positions and situations?

I personally think life would be dull if you didn't have our fantasies. We all get a little bored with repetition. I am sure many men will be thinking of Angelina Jolie while they are having sex with their partners - and their mother-in-law when they want to prolong an erection and to prevent coming to quickly. I have a fascination for Brad Pitt. It's not cool though, to call their names out in mid lust when your lover is fucking you!

The same must be said for sex positions.

Missionary is great if you want to have a kiss. Have him bring one or both of your legs up, so the backs of your knees are supported between his forearms for a deeper penetration, or the ultimate, have your ankles supported on his shoulders for the deepest of thrusts.

Doggy style allows you to be taken by a faceless lover. All sorts of things flash through my mind, and these are a couple of my favourites.

A fantasy rock or film star taking me. There is also the added imagination of me being forced by either a kidnapper or burglar who is molesting me.

I have to say molesting here, rather than rape. Rape is forced and nasty to any victim. It is not this nasty degrading sex I want. It's more the situation I imagine myself in, but with the desire to be roughly taken by the perpetrator, that appeals to me. The faceless fuck can be anyone - well it is my imagination.
While he is in control of the timing of the thrust and how deep he goes, he can also bring his hands into play.
Smacking you may increase the intensity of the fantasy. Also his fingers or a vibrator/dildo can be inserted into your arse.
I would use a condom on the latter, and insist on him playing with your arse to relax it first, and use ample lubrication. I wouldn't recommend him take you in the pussy, then the arse, then back to pussy with out changing condoms or washing in between, as this is likely to cause germs and infect you, internally.
As for arse, then straight to a blow job - well you guys may think it's a porno must, but it's not very hygienic.
So guys, imagine someone putting a cock up your bum and then sticking it down your throat. How would you feel. We need to show a little consideration. I have no objection to my Peter fucking my pussy and then my mouth and back to my pussy, as I like the taste of my own juices. But each to their own.

Cowgirl on top, riding, facing your partner, gives you the freedom to choose the amount of thrust and movement, while your lover is under you. You can have him play with your breasts or pussy or arse.

Reverse cowgirl becomes the faceless fuck again but with you still in control of the movements. Your lover can bring there arms around and play with your breasts or pussy. Both Doggy Style, and this position allow for G Spot stimulation. If you position yourself in such a way, his cock, when thrusting into you, may pressure your G spot on the front wall of your vagina which is about an inch or so inside you between your clit and your navel.
Leaning forward to touch his feet will allow for a deeper penetration.

Well that's enough on positions for now. The Karma Sutra has loads. Many of these are all slightly different, but are usually based around the above. Remember, just closing your legs slightly also adds to tighter friction tacking place, and may be all that's enough to spice things up.

I am starting you off slowly, as I need to break you readers in gently before we get to to the ultimate - the Mongolian Cluster-Fuck.
So get practising, I am.

Luv E.B x

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Latex Gloves & Stockings Part 2

I left my Peter ball gagged and handcuffed in the lounge while I had gone to wash my latex opera gloves and to find some tissues to mop up any spills. I had just shaved his nether region and wanked him off. I was surprised how he had coped when I had lubed my finger and diddled his arse. On examination of the wine glass I milked his cock into, there seemed an extraordinarily large amount of cum.

I thought for a minute and another plan came to mind. Why let Peter go when, I had him in such a vulnerable predicament. I had got him back with spades for putting his finger up my bum when he tied me up with the scarves. Now was my turn to get one up on him. I poured a glass of wine for myself and took a sip, and a poured a pitcher of water for Peter. I would have him all worked up by the end of the evening and I would make him pay for some Chinese food, too. All this dominating was building up an appetite.

I put my wine, the pitcher of water and a small bowl on the tray and walked back to the lounge. Peter was kneeling on the sofa, face down on the armrest. He heard me coming back and I noticed his head move slightly as I put the tray down on the coffee table. I picked up the riding crop this time, and brought it down with a sharp crack on his rump. I then rubbed my hand over the area I had smacked. I wanted to tease him like he did with me. With the tissues I wiped up the drool he had made from his gag, and any splashed cum on the sofa underneath him. I also parted his cheeks and wiped the excess moisturiser away from his crack,. His ring piece puckered, as the tissue touched it. I was going to have to explore this option again at a later date, but would give my boy a rest for now.

I made him stand up. I got the key and unfastened one of his wrists. "Now tonight is my night to have some fun with you, so don't try to escape." I said. I was half expecting Peter to just explode with rage, but he meekly nodded and stood still. I refastened the cuff in front of him, and ordered him to kneel down. "I am going to ride you. You are going to be my cow." Again, I sensed he thought I was barking mad as I straddled his back. Who rides a cow? As he couldn't see I tapped his thigh with my crop and ordered him forwards. I directed him a few times around the coffee table. I ordered him to stop, I poured a bowl of water and placed it on the floor, Taking off his ball gag I ordered him to drink from the bowl in front of him. He fumbled around but found the bowl and picked it up to drink it. I was ready for this and slapped my gloved hand on his rump. "Cows bend down and drink from the trough", I said trough clenched teeth. "Get your face in the bowl, and don't spill any." He lapped away with his tongue, and it was taking a while, but then he had the idea to put his lips into the water and suck up. "Clever boy" I said to him.

Sitting back across his back, I started to rub my pussy along his spine,. Well why cant a girl have a little pleasure, and it also made it harder for him to drink his bowl of water. He finished the bowl and again I made him crawl blindly around the coffee table. Again I ordered him to stop and drink a bowl of water, before setting off for a third time. Each time gently slapping his thigh to make him go on. Then he stopped and asked me If he could have a pee.

"You will have to learn to control yourself. Cows need to be milked before they are let out to pasture," I added. "When I have finished milking you, you may have a pee." I ordered him to stand up. I collected the wine glass I used before and picked up the riding crop. "Now its not very cooperative is it?" I said as I lifted his flaccid cock with the crop. "If I cant milk you, you cant pee!"

With this he started to wank his cock. "No, that's to fast." I said as I rapped his knuckles with the crop. "Slower so I can enjoy it." He slowed down. I knew if he got a stiffy It would relieve a bit of pressure on his bladder.

I knelt in front of him and I licked his hands and up to the tip of his cock. My tongue circled his jap's eye, and under, flicking at his frenulum. Peter moaned as he wanked away. "Stop." I ordered. I slapped his hands away I took him into my mouth to get him wet. I kissed and bit the tip of his cock making him groan in pleasure. Sucking hard over the eye of his cock, parting it with my tongue. He groaned again. I took him in my hand and gave a little wank. Kissing the tip, and with the flat of my fingers on both hands, wanked his foreskin, in a prayer position. I continued like this till I felt his cock pulse against my lips.

Taking his cock between my thumb and finger tip, I squeezed the tip hard to stop him coming. I picked the wine glass up and put the tip of his cock into the top. Gripping his shaft firmly I wanked his cock until I thought he would cum again, once again squeezing the tip hard to prevent him. Now I wanked him harder. It was frustrating Peter that I wouldn't bring him off, so this time I did. He moaned as I kept the rhythm, and he splashed his seed into the glass. I kept my grip firm and continued until I couldn't get another drop. I put the glass down on the table and took Peter to our downstairs bathroom.

I ordered him to sit and I watched as he sat and relieved himself with relief. He went to shake his penis dry, but I slapped his hand away. "You can only touch yourself when I permit it. Stand." I ordered him to face the wash basin. I turned the tap and placed the plug in, filling the sink with warm water. I placed my arms around his waist and said I would clean him. I took the soap in my gloved hands and lathered up.I took his semi erect penis in my hand and retracted the foreskin revealing the head. I closed my hand around it and washed the tip, moving up and down his shaft, cupping his balls in my hands soaping his jewels. I picked up the soap in my hand and cupped my hands around his shaft and rubbed the bar of soap up and down the shaft. Well, I wanted to make sure he was all nice and clean for later. I could tell Peter also enjoyed it. I rinsed the suds from my hands and cupped water over his shaft and balls until I washed the soap away, and stroked them again with my hands.

I picked up the hand towel and lightly dried him off, before I took him in my hand and walked him back to the lounge.

It was my turn to sit down now. I sat straddled over the arm of the sofa I ordered Peter to kneel in front of me. I guided his head in front of my pussy and whispered into his ear. "I am going to let you eat my pussy now and you had better be good. Stick out your tongue." He did as he was told.

"Come on. I know you can do better than that." I pinched it and pulled it out further. "I want you to lap up my juices, like that bowl of water." I then forced his head into my mound. Enthusiastically he found my clit and his tongue flashed away over it. I leaned back and thrust my hips forward pulling his head deeper onto me. With his fingers he parted my labia, licking them. He thrust them into me. I always liked the way he did this. He curled his finger up and out, in a come hither to me motion, so that as he retracted ready for the next thrust in, he rubbed the inside of my vagina and my g spot. I murmured in pleasure as his fingers worked on me. His tongue now probed me, thrusting into me, and then back again on to my clit. Peter seemed to have no trouble servicing me, considering I had kept his blindfold on. It must be all the practise he does under the duvet. I was glad to find a guy like him who doesn't mind giving me head. He doesn't expect me to give him a blow job either, though it wouldn't be fair to just get all the pleasure all the time. You have to play fair and give a little too.

Peters tongue was building me up to crescendo and I shuddered against the the back of the sofa as I came, pulling his head into me harder. Peter continued stroking my g spot, with his flat tongue maximising the area on my clit, rasped away. I couldn't resist anymore and came again. I trembled under his touch and had to push his head away as I couldn't take a third onslaught. I murmured in happiness. I pulled him up onto the sofa with me and put my arms around him and cuddled him. I kissed him on the lips and said I was very happy with him and thanked him for pleasuring me. That feeling I have after I have just come and want to stretch out enjoying the sensation, wrapping my arms around the guy giving it to me, is the best feeling in the world.

Luv E.B x

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Latex Gloves & Stockings Part 1

Here is how Peter came to be shaved a couple of weeks ago.

My Peter had decided to go and play soccer with the boys. I say soccer because football to me is guys with really tight shorts and cut off t-shirts bouncing and kicking an oval ball between 4 upright posts Aussie style - It never ceases to amaze me the guys don't become infertile with their bollocks all squeeze up in those shorts!
Anyway, with Peter it means an excuse to go and have a couple of pints and discuss how Arsenal are doing while I am left all alone in the house. No wonder us girls go out and buy so many pairs of shoes.

Well I had wanted to go out to dinner with him at the Boatyard at Leigh on Sea followed by some clubbing in Southend, but he would be tiddly when he got back. I decided that I would have a bit of fun with him instead.

We had just bought some equipment on the web and we hadn't even used it yet, so I thought I would open up the proceedings and vent my spleen at him with a sex game.

I knew he would be back about six thirty-ish as he doesn't drink much, and prefers rugby a whole lot more than soccer. As there wasn't an international game on, he wouldn't stay and catch the highlights down the pub, so I nipped upstairs to get ready. I shaved my womanly bits - I am a bit sensitive to wax as it leaves me all red and blotchy for a few days - leaving a little triangle of short trimmed hair above my clit. I could feel the draft as I tidied up the clippings. I jumped in the shower, dried off and put a curl in my hair. Then proceeded to do my make up, finishing with some dark red lipstick and a spray of perfume all over.

I talc-ed my legs and arms and pulled on the tightly fitting latex stockings and opera gloves. A pair of patent leather high heels topped off my ensemble. I checked the mirror and have to admit I did look good in the latex. There was me thinking I would get all self conscious and look a fool, but it sort of pulls all your wobbly bits into the right place. With the handcuffs, blindfold, whip, and a few other bits, I went downstairs to wait for Peter to come in.

I was sitting on the sofa as I heard him come in, so I stood, picking up the whip as I did. I waited for him to come into our nice warm lounge to say he was back. He came in and just stared at me. Latex hands on my hips, I asked him where the hell he had been? He blurted out to the football like he mentioned, but I cut him dead. "Shut up. Why are you wearing clothes in my presence. Take them off." Now it began to dawn on him.

"I am cold", another Shut up from me. "Just do it!" This time I tottered over to him, turned him around and whacked his behind with the whip. With that he started to take his clothes off. Off came his jacket and shirt followed by his shoes and jeans. He looked silly in his boxers and socks but I could see I was bringing a little rise to the occasion! "I said take your clothes off. That means everything." I turned him around and brought the whip down hard on his arse. With out his jeans on it must have stung because he cried out. "Shut up." was my response.. "Now if you are going to play football with the boys, I'll make you look like a little boy!" He looked at me puzzled by my comment. I told him to turn around and to put his hands behind his back. I snapped the handcuffs shut on his wrists, putting the key on top of the sideboard out of his reach.

"You look incredible." he blurted out. I said "Shut up.You will talk when I want you to. Now kneel here." I pointed to the rug in the middle of the room. "I want you to lick my shoes and my stockings clean, so get your head down there and get on with it". He did as he was told and spent a good five minutes licking his way over my shoes up my calf and thigh. He tried to lick my newly trimmed pussy. I forced his head back down, and made him do the other leg. I started to gently whip his back and behind with the whip.

Again he tried to lick my pussy. I could see that the almost bald state of my pussy was turning him on, and I let him lap away a little, on my clit. But I hadn't finished punishing him yet. I told him to put his head down onto the rug. He did. Just to make sure I slashed at him with the whip, bringing red lines across his arse. I threatened him that it would only be a taste of what I would do if he did move, and went out of the room to get the bits I would need to further punish him.

I came in with a little tray. Peter had obeyed me. His head was bowed to the floor. I ordered him up, and I took a small towel off the tray and laid it over the arm of our leather sofa and ordered him to sit astride the arm as best he could. He sat down but I took his cock in my hand and pulled him forward with it, until his balls dangled over the edge. I had a little bowl of warm water, some shaving foam and his razor. Now he understood what I had meant and looked decidedly nervous. He blurted out that he wasn't going to let me shave him. Again I told him to "Shut up". This time I picked up the ball gag and thrust it behind his teeth, and strapped it tight at the base of his neck. I picked up the blindfold and buckled that on too. "Now I don't want you all fidgety on me, I might slice your balls off." I said as a matter of fact.

Now I had his full attention. I could see how uncomfortable he was. I knelt before him. I picked up a bowl of warm water from the tray and trickled water from it over his balls and his cock. He trembled as I squirted shaving foam onto my gloved hand and rubbed it into his balls.I grasped his cock and gave him a little wank to get his cock hard and out of the way. It trembled at my touch. I was glad Peter had the blindfold on. He couldn't see how nervous I looked as I picked up the safety razor. I had put a sharp new blade in before I got ready, but it was still my first time shaving a man. I gripped the tip of his cock tightly and pulled it away from him getting his skin tight, before I ran the razor down his shaft. That went well, so telling him to keep still, I ran the razor down over his pubic mound, regularly washing the razor clean in the water, stopping just above his balls. I was lucky here. My man regularly trims himself so it wasn't like I was hacking my way through a forest, but this still left me with his crown jewels to deal with.

One little nick and he would be moaning at me forever about how I tried to cut them off. The pressure was on. I decided I would just just get hold of them lightly but firmly and shave away. I could hear him whimper as a took his ball in my hand. It was a bit fiddly, but with the sharp blade and taught skin I proceeded to do one then the other. I was surprised how stretchy his sack was and how taut I had to pull it to get it flat enough to shave. I trimmed the balls and then told him to stand up. I turned him around with my hands on his shoulders, and knelt him on the sofa, forcing his head down to touch the armrest. I slapped my hands through his thighs and forced his legs apart, exposing his hairy arse. Again I trickled water over him and soaped his crack. I pulled his cheeks apart and with the razor whipped off the fine hair between his cheeks and his perineum. I mopped up the water I splashed with the towel, dried off my latex and wiped the excess soap of his balls and crack. Settling back, I observed my handy work. With the razor, I tidied any stray hairs until I was satisfied he was suitably hairless.

I took some of his moisturiser and liberally rubbed it into his balls and crack. I could hear him moaning with pleasure and relief. His cock grew hard as I wanked it, and with my moisture laden fingers I toyed with his arse and perineum. I knew he was enjoying himself and new he would soon be coming, so I slipped the tip of my finger into his arse. I thought he would scream in pain, but he only tried to open his legs more. I then eased the whole finger in, and he grunted into his gag. I left it there to let him get used to it . I managed to reach the tray and pulled it up and underneath Peter. I positioned the wine glass on the tray in front of his cock, and then gently stroked my hand over his cock. I squeezed the tip lightly with my finger and thumb, circling the top of his helmet with my finger, and then proceeded to wank him off. With the finger of my right hand in his arse, I slowly and gently began to finger him in time with his cock. Grunting again I knew he would come. I looked under him and directed the tip of his cock at the wine glass. Increasing my rhythm he shot his cum into it with a muffled roar. I squeezed his cock with my gloved left hand, trying to milk ever drop into the glass, as the finger of my right hand continued to diddle his arse.

After a few minutes He was floppy and I pulled my finger out of his bum. "Now you keep your head down on the armrest while I tidy these things up", I said sternly and slapped his arse with my hand. I went to wash my latex gloves and to get a box of tissues to mop up any drool and splashed cum on the sofa. . . .

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Some pictures for you . . .

I have just downloaded a couple of pictures of me all tied up in my FMBs.
That's Peters expression for Fuck Me Boots. He loves me wearing them and does fuck me in them sometimes. . .

Ps: Sorry for the poor quality. I am getting a new camera soon so look out for some more snaps.

Luv E.B x

Baby Oil Hand job

I had just done the dishes after my Peter had cooked us dinner. He had left for the lounge, glass of wine in hand, to settle down to watch the soccer as Arsenal were on the telly. I came in and sat next to him on the sofa, and he put his arm around me and gave me a cuddle. I nuzzled into him, resting my head on his shoulder. I like to do this as I can breathe in his smell and the smell of his aftershave. I was happy sitting there listening to him breathe, with only one eye on the soccer. Well a girl is entitled to look at a nice guys in shorts.

He seemed happy and content, and I was enjoying our cuddle. Anyway it came to half time. I stood up and started to walk out of the lounge, when Peter smiled at me and said he was enjoying that. Ah. Now that made me feel really special and happy with myself. I wanted to do something nice for Peter.

Well we had just eaten so I couldn't make him a snack, and he had some wine, so I couldn't get him a drink. I couldn't go in there and fuck him because I had just started my cycle and didn't feel like it. I had an idea though. I walked upstairs to the bathroom and found the baby lotion and tissues, and a small hand towel and went back down to the kitchen. I poured myself a glass of wine and went back to the lounge. "How long till the soccer comes on again?" I asked . About ten minutes was his reply.

"Good, lets get you out of those trousers." I now had his full attention. I knelt in front of him, unbuckling his trousers and unzipped his fly. I hooked my thumbs into his boxers and pulled his pants and his trousers down in one go. I folded them up and threw them into the corner. Then I undid his shirt and pulled that off too. I threw it on top of the trousers.

I pushed the towel under Peter's thighs and taking the baby oil, poured a good squirt over his groin. I squirted more into my hands and rubbed the oil into them. I started to massage the oil in to Peter's body. Working down over his pubic mound, lower and lower. I cupped his balls in my hand and gently rubbed the oil into them. They were hairless. I was fascinated at how soft they were and how stretchy his skin was when I shaved him - but that's another story.

Taking both of his jewels in my left hand gently squeezing and kneading them, I stretched back his foreskin with my right. I took his shaft in my hand and stroked it in a downward motion from the top of his helmet to the base. He moaned with pleasure. I continued this motion with both hands. I love to look at his penis when the foreskin is all taught and retracted. His head standing proud. Taking the bottle of oil, I squirted more into his cock and over my left hand, and resumed playing with his balls while I gently wanked his cock with my right. He thrust his hips up to fuck my hand, but I pushed him back onto the sofa.

I wasn't going to let him get off that quickly. I wanted to feel every throb and pulsation his cock made. I love to tease when I give a hand job. I start slowly building up a gentle tempo. Then I like to speed up and increase my grip on his shaft and fuck it with my hand, like its a tight pussy. Then I release my grip and go back to the top to bottom motion again. Then I take him and pull from the base to the top of his helmet pulling his foreskin back over the head.

Peter closed his eyes in pleasure. He hadn't even noticed the players were out on the pitch and were kicking off. I took Peter's shaft and pulled the foreskin back and circled the tip of his cock with my finger, playing with his japs eye. It amazes me. Every time I have done this with a guy, they tremble and moan in ecstasy. I raked my nails up his shaft gently scratching the taught skin of his cock then I ran a nail over his head.

Peter groaned. I took him in my clenched hands, and wanked his cock in a twisting motion from the top to the bottom. He was so worked up I could see his shiny balls contracting. I knew he would be coming soon. I Basket Weaved him some more, then I took him in a firm grip and slowly pulled his foreskin taut, gently releasing him and pulling it taut again. A couple more times and he groaned and said he was coming. I pulled his cock tight and with my fingers played with his balls. He groaned as he shot his spunk high into the air and over his chest. I continued to wank him until I was happy I had milked his balls dry.

I kissed the tip of his cock and picked up the tissues to wipe up his cum and the oil from my hands. I handed him a tissue to wipe his chest and then settled back on the sofa nuzzling his naked body. He watched the rest of the football, while I was content to play a little handball of my own, as I cupped his balls for the duration of the game.

Luv E.B x

Monday, 3 March 2008

Hitachi Magic Wand

Another little package came in the post this morning.

I was browsing some sites on the web and saw this girl tied up and vibrated by this huge vibrator. The expression on her face said it all really. It looks like it could make a rampant rabbit redundant. I tracked down a UK supplier and ordered away and here it is. Needless to say I hotfooted it up the stairs to the bedroom to unwrap it. It uses American voltage but the good people at included a little transformer to adapt it to UK power. Anyway I had to turn it on.
Bloody hell did it vibrate. Now for you good people out there that haven't seen one, it is a about 12 inches long, with a large bulbous head attached to the handle by a thick spring. I guess the motor vibrates the spring and thus the head. There are two speeds fast, and bloody fast!

I pulled up my skirt and and lay on the bed pulling my knickers aside and turned the thing on to the slow speed. I could feel the power trembling through my hand as I lowered the white bulb onto my stomach. It was a funny experience. Its touch sort of tickled me and the head felt warm as it caressed my skin. I brought it up and pressed it against my nipples, and in next to no time they were hard little buttons poking through my bra and blouse. I opened my blouse and nervously, I brought it down onto my stomach again, edging it lower. I could feel my skin tingling as the head passed over my pubic mound. Then I brushed it against my clit.

Oh boy, was it a funny sensation. I could feel the heat of the head on my skin as I pressed it down harder on to my clit and labia. I was quivering under the power, wanting to thrust against it but also wanting to pull away from it. I came, such was the power of it and I had to will myself to keep it pressed against my pussy as I flicked the switch to full power. The head sort of went into overdrive and it bucked away in my hand. I couldn't last anytime with this thing. I wanted to shout, I wanted to turn it off and most of all I got the urge to pee as the wand made me come again. My legs were like jelly as I went and sat on the loo. I'll have to remind myself to pee before any games, as I wouldn't want any accidents on the sheets.

I examined my pussy afterwards and it was all red. It wasn't sore but it looked like the thing could strip skin if you aren't used to it. I will have to break myself in on this one. I'll put a condom on the head and a bit of KY jelly next time and see if it makes it any better.

Luv E.B x

Sunday, 2 March 2008

A Package In The Post

Little me again. Just to keep you up to date with things. Peter and I got a little package in the post Friday. We had a chat about our relationship and decided to spice it up a little bit, so we had looked online for some bondage stuff.

We decided on a small red ball gag (as I only have a little mouth); some nice black leather wrist and ankle cuffs; a pair of steel handcuffs; Japanese cloverleaf nipple clamps (Peter says all the girls wear them - but I think he will be too); a small whip - well it was more of a cat of 9 tails - that should go nicely with my riding crop from when I rode as a kid; a leather collar and a leather blindfold. Thanks for the prompt delivery.

Peter doesn't know it yet but I have also purchased some latex opera gloves that go all the way up past my elbows and some latex stockings for me to wear as a surprise for him. I was thinking about some panties but he would have trouble with getting them off, if I was all tied up like a little parcel.

Luv E.B x