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Monday, 28 April 2008

The Bondage Workshop - How to make a spreader bar.

Peter went off to the local DIY center last week and brought home some broom handles and some lengths of chain and shut himself in the garage for a while sawing stuff up. When he gets all creative and into his Do-It-Yourself jobs he can potter around for hours, so I went out. When I got back he called me into the garage and said he had made some spreader bars for our next bout of bondage.

Peter had cut the broom handles to differing lengths with his saw. He had also bought some Eye Screws, which are a screw which forms a hollow "o" at the end, and come in various hole sizes.

Peter told me how he made them and its a lot cheaper than buying them I can tell you.
Here is how he made one of them:-
1. 1 stout broom handle to cut to various desired lengths - try two foot in length. That keeps my legs comfortably open, and isn't to much of a stretch.

2. Use a Bradawl, a hand held spike used to make small pilot holes in wood. Do this at both ends of the rod. Keep them dead center, by drawing two pencil lines across the diameter of the rod to form a cross, then use the bradawl where the lines cross.

3. With the pilot holes ready, take two Eye Screws and screw them, one at each end, into the end of the rods. Start off screwing them in by hand, but then used a large nail through the eyelet to twist when it gets tougher. You can also use pliers if you want. If you don't have a bradawl, pilot holes can be made with a small drill, or even an old metal skewer.

It is that easy.
All it needs is for the wood to be painted or varnished if you want to.
The spreader bar is now finished and ready to be padlocked to leather cuffs or to have a rope threaded through the eyelet to use. It cost less than £5. The metal ones in the stores or online cost loads. Above is the picture of ours.

Peter used some bolt cutters he has, to chop the chain into various lengths, but most DIY stores can cut your desired lengths of chain, if you ask them to. Then use small travel padlocks to join it all up.

Happy bondage.
Luv E.B x

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Want to be tied up?

Start off with your hands and ankles bound. Try in front of you first, so you can see what you are doing, and get a feel of the situation.
Try to escape. Then move to your arms behind your back. If you aren't comfortable say so, and don't be forced into something you don't like.
If you like this, then you can bring in more ropes or straps or even chain to the equation.

Putting rope around the top of the knees or even below the knees prevents you from opening your legs and makes sitting up harder if you are on your back on the floor or bed. Above the knee is harder to escape from,whilst below the knee can eventually be worked down.
You still have to get out of the ankle binds though.

As you become more comfortable with being tied up, you may want to bring in a chest harness IE ropes tied around the chest. Try above and below the breast for the girls. It looks like a rope bra.
Now depending on how tight this is, it can impede your breathing. The chest rises and falls as we inhale and exhale.
Strapping yourself up like a parcel hinders this process. The top bondage models have felt faint or nauseous doing this. Again things don't have to be so tight you cant breathe. It's the way you tie the ropes that make it work.

When you are comfortable and have built up your trust, you can use gags and blindfolds. Remember gags can choke you, so never be alone, either when tied up or gagged! Use a tune as your safe word if wearing a gag. If not, still have a safe word. Mine is bananas. Its totally unrelated to anything we play, unless Peter is using one to pleasure me, but that is another story.
Blindfolds make it harder for you to see to escape.

Well that's enough for now, so happy bondage.

Luv E.B x

Saturday, 19 April 2008


Video sent by wAustinmer

Sally Roberts, staring in a segment from "the slave game" circa 1980.