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Friday, 30 May 2008

Bank Holiday Bondage

Well it was a crappy long weekend for us in the UK, weather wise. So what's a girl to do on a rainy weekend break but experiment with her nearest and dearest in a little bondage.

Peter had carried a chair from the dining room and set it up in the lounge Sunday evening. He ordered me to take off all my clothes and plonked me down on the chair. He ordered me to put my arms through the bars in the back of the chair.He lashed my wrists, palms facing, together. Next he took more rope and tied my elbows as close as they would get together with out me feeling uncomfortable - I am so inflexible at the moment I cant get my elbows anywhere near to touching, but I at yoga class I can do a reverse prayer!

He wound more rope around my chest forming rope bars above and below my breasts. With the excess length he cinched my arms to the bottom chest rope. Looping the rope over my shoulders down to meet the bottom chest rope between my breasts, under that, and up back over the opposite shoulder where he pulled the rope taut. This pulled the lower chest rope up squashing my breasts between the two bars of chest ropes.
While he was doing this I was watching some drivel on the TV.

He tied my ankles to the legs of the chair forcing my legs ajar. I could still force my thighs together, but Peter anticipated this and more rope was wound around my thighs and tied off to the bar under the chair pulling them apart. With that he said I should struggle for him and try to escape. I did try but was distracted with the TV. I was more inclined to just sit and watch it, so Peter nipped out and came back with a leather blindfold and put that on me and turned the telly off. I now had his full attention and I did try to struggle. I could feel the knot on the top of my cinched wrists but couldn't quite get my fingers to it to try to undo it. There was no way I could get at my legs and the rope around my elbows restricted any arm movements I had.

Then he said I should be vibrated. He forced my pussy lips apart and fingered my clit until I was wet, then took a lubricated vibrating egg I had, and inserted it into my pussy. Peter took great pleasure in adjusting the settings and playing with the tempo. Lowering it when I started to moan, and increasing it when he thought I was getting a little to close to the knots I was trying to undo.

After a little while he nipped out again. I could hear his footsteps when he returned, and then I felt a hand roughly pinch at my breast and nipple. No, I cried out, I don't want to play with the nipple clamps. He told me to shush. Pinching my breast to the side of my areola he clamped the skin, just below my nipple. (We had been reading up and I was worried about nipple damage. This way there is lots of skin pinched not just the tips of the nipple which is the wrong area to clamp!) With the clamps applied he took pleasure in my discomfort and pulled gently on the chain. Now if you do this, it tightens the clamps. I was moaning about my breast when Peter whacked the Egg onto its highest setting. Soon I was moaning for a different reason. I tried to resist but couldn't as I came. Peter then took my chin in his hand and force the ball gag into my mouth and tightly buckled it at my neck.
With the ball gag, if it is loose enough I can force it out of my mouth with my tongue. Today was not one of those days.

Peter lowered the egg to medium, and then I felt the bulbous end of the Hitachi wand thrust up against my clit. I felt some rope being wound around it. Peter was tying it so it remained in place. He wound the rope around my waist and then I felt the rope pass under my thigh and up my bum cheeks. Peter was tying a crotch rope on me forcing the bulb of the wand hard against my pussy mound and then it was tied in place. I tried to wriggle it way from me. It is too powerful for me against my naked flesh, and I haven't really tried using it all that much to get used to it.

When I heard the plug inserted into the wall, I knew I was in big trouble. Peter flicked the switch to the lowest setting and I bucked in the chair. The wand really has two speeds. Powerful and really powerful. I am normally a quiet climaxer, so when this thing was turned on, I was panting and drooling over me, and moaning into the ball gag for all I was worth. I could feel the egg increasing in speed and then Peter flicked the switch on the wand to fast. I almost shouted the house down as the wand pressed against my clit making me cum. I could feel every sinew of my arms straining, trying to break free of the ropes to turn it off.

I bucked in the chair and moved it back a good couple of feet, when I felt the vibrators go silent. I was exhausted after this, but was in for another hour of this torture. When I was about to cum again, Peter released the clamps, one at a time, and each time as I was about to go over the top and orgasm. It really focuses your mind as the clamps are uncomfortable when on, but not too painful. They hurt more when they are taken off. Add this to a powerful vibrator you cant escape from. It prolonged my orgasm a little, then the monster between my legs forced it out of me.
Not a bad way to spend a rainy Sunday evening.

Happy bondage,
E.B x

Boot Bondage - LEG

Following on from my blog "how to tie your legs and feet", this lovely clip from shows you exactly how to do it, so I wont have to get my video camera out of the attic and model. Dam!
I hope you enjoy the clip.

Friday, 23 May 2008

The Bondage Workshop - How to tie the ankles and knees

Tie the Ankles:
Take a length of rope approximately 13 foot in length .
From the mid point of the rope, fold it in half. Next pull the loose ends through the folded end to form a noose and insert the ankles between the noose and pull to the desired pressure.This is a larks head. Be snug, but do not to cut off blood circulation.
Wrap the rope around the ankles two or three times in the wrong direction the rope was originally facing. This keeps it taut.
Keep the rope snug against itself, rather than just over wrapping the same piece of rope. It looks neater.
You should be near the end of the rope, but still have enough left to cinch between the middle of the ankles to form a rope handcuff.
Pass both the loose ends through one of the last turns you made on the ankles.
Separate the two ends of rope and using alternate directions, wrap the rope over the ankle and between the soles of the feet.
Bring both ends of the rope to the top of the ankles. Tie a Reef Knot.

The knot is between the top of the ankles so the fingers cant reach the knot easily and try to untie it.
If the hands are tied behind the back, tie the ankle knot at the front, so it is harder to reach with the hands.

With a longer piece of rope you may be able to tie the shoes on.
Women with high heeled shoes may kick them off to gain balance or space to wriggle out of the ropes.
A rope passed at the time of cinching, around the shoe, over the soles near the heel, and back into the cinch where it is tied off keeps the shoes firmly in place.

This ankle method can also be used to tie the knees together, either above the knee or just below them, but if below, tie the rope above the calf muscles, just under the knees. This makes it harder to slip out of the rope.

A slight variation is to cross the ankles, and then tie like the cross wrist method.

A second is to cross one's legs at the knee and tie the ankles and the knees together. The knee being hard to uncross due to the pressure of the rope and its own immobility.

Keep a set of safety scissors handy in case you need to cut away the ropes.

Happy bondage.
Luv E.B x

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

The Bondage Workshop - How to tie the wrists.

How do you want to tie your sub?
Before anyone is to be tied though, it may be necessary to stretch the muscles to warm them up.
Also have a pair of safety scissors handy in case you need to cut any ropes.
The scissors have blunt ends and can be passed easily between the rope and the skin with breaking it.

1) The palms together method:
Take a length of rope approximately 10 foot in length .
From the mid point of the rope, fold it in half.
Pull the loose ends through the folded end to form a noose and insert the wrists between the noose and pull to the desired pressure.
This is called a larks head, for all the boy scouts out there in Blogland.
Be snug, but do not to cut off blood circulation.
Wrap the rope around the wrist two or three times in the opposite direction to the way the rope was facing. This keeps the rope taut.
Keep the rope snug against itself, rather than just over wrapping the same piece of rope. It looks neater.

You should be near the end of the rope, but still have enough left to cinch between the middle of the wrists to form a sort of rope handcuff.
Pass both the loose ends through one of the last turns you made on the wrists.
Separate the two ends and using alternate directions, wrap the rope over the wrist and between the palms of the hand.

Bring both ends of the rope to the top of the wrist. Tie a Reef knot.
The rope knot should be between the top of the wrists so the fingers cant reach the knot and try to untie it.

Reef knots allow the rope to be pulled tight from one direction, but by pressing the rope together in an inwards motion will loosen the knot.
Use this for an added safety feature.

2) The cross wrist method :

Use the rope method above ie take a length of rope approximately 10 foot in length .
From the mid point of the rope, fold it in half.
Pull the loose ends through the folded end to form a Larks Head noose and insert the wrists between the noose so that when the rope is pulled to the desired pressure, you form a cross with the forearms and hands.
Wrap the rope around two or three times. You cant be neat on this tie.
With the rope now on top between the two wrists, separate the loose ends of the rope. In opposite directions wind the rope round, cinching the wrists tighter together.
Tie with a Reef knot on the backs of the hands, so the fingers cant reach the knot.

Happy bondage.
Luv E.B x

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Here are some lovely Dave Annis cartoons.
Check his site out at

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Am I me?

Opened up the email a few days ago, and had been in contact with Scott.
He thinks I am not who I say I am. Only guys like sex games and a little bedroom play, he thinks! Put a picture to my face he says.

This sort of made me angry. Girls like a bit of fun and experimenting too you know.
I have been bound in every position I said I have. I have been gagged, vibrated, fingered, fucked and clamped - just as I have written about. I own all the toys and equipment, and have a lovely man who can make stuff for me too. I have even included the sites where I bought the stuff.

I may come across as warped to some and kinky to others. Perhaps it's the way I try to write about my feelings. I am not as eloquent as some and may write on to long and not hold your attention span for long. If that's the case, look at the pictures or the videos I sometimes include.

As we all have jobs and reputations to protect, I hadn't planned on putting my face to the pictures of me I had put up - you aren't paying me for a start. I am trying to use this blog for experiences, and as a bit of education for any novices out there. The pictures I say are of me are real.

I have an account on too. A French girl wanted to trade pictures of us tape gagged. Now I explained I have not been taped gagged, and had none. I was also a little apprehensive to do so - who will see them? She chopped me from her friend list in seconds! So that's what a friend does? Anyway back to Scott.
I stupidly forwarded him a the whole picture of me thrashing about on the rug trying to escape. He hasn't been in contact since! So much for trading.

I am a bloody naive twit sometimes.
So if you plan to trade, get them to forward first. Remember there are a lot of pictures out there in bondage land on the Flikr and Google image sites, that have been ripped off of professional sites.

I have even come across some sites who say they are women and are men. You can tell from the pictures for god sakes. Us girls don't have big "Adams Apples" and need to shave our stubbly necks.

So the gist of my little rant is be careful out there.
If you sense people are genuine, great. If you feel they aren't, don't reply or trade. If you go and meet them, please take friends with you and be in an open place.

Happy bondage.
Luv E.B x

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Erotic Asian Art

I love this sort of art. I think it depicts the true damsel In distress.
Who ever paints pictures like these is very talented.
I believe the style of bondage is called Shibari

E.B x

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Bedroom Bondage

Well, Peter and I finished trying out all the bondage stuff we bought last month. I am tired, but happy. Peter and I have spent the long weekend tying each other up and having sex. My legs are still a bit wobbly from the mad vibrating session with the Magic Wand. Peter used it to make me cum and over again. Once it hits the right spot, its cum city.

When I came out of the shower Sunday morning, Peter had all the kit out on the floor. I was a little surprised at first. I said to him we needed to get the shopping. Bugger that was his reply. "This will be more fun than traipsing to Tesco getting shop rage with some gossipy old bugger blocking the aisle for everyone." Peter really hates shopping. He much prefers to go late at night or really early in the mornings when there is no one about. Thank god for Tesco opening 24/7.

He pulled me close to him and sat me naked on his lap. He pulled my arm out and strapped on one of the wrist cuffs. Its about 3 inches wide on my wrist and has a large thick strap to buckle it up. There is a large D ring attached to it too. Buckling this up snugly, he strapped on the other one. "What do you have in mind for me then?" I asked. You will see was his reply.

He pushed me onto the bed kissing me on the lips. His hands caressed my face. He knows just how to turn me on, as he gently stroked and pulled on my ears as he kissed my neck. I just turn into putty when he does this. He pulled my arms over my head holding them firmly as he slowly moved down my neck, until he found my breasts. His tongue flicked over my nipples turning them into hard little buttons. His teeth nibbling and pulling at them. I moaned in pleasure at his touch.

He raised his head up and pulled my arms through our Victorian style headboard. He pinned my wrists together with his hand, as the other reached to his bedside table. He picked up a small brass padlock we use to lock up our luggage when we go on vacations. He passed the already open padlock through the D rings of my wrist cuffs, and snapped it shut. He had my wrists pinned to the bed and I was at his mercy. Then he pulled the black leather blindfold over my eyes..

I could hear him in the back ground but had no idea what he was doing. Then I felt a light touch on my skin. Very soft and very gentle. It started on my neck and around my ear. It played with my earring and pulled at them. Then it moved across my face tracing my cheek and around my lip. I tried to raise my head and give it a playful bite, but it was pulled away. I rested my head back on the pillow, and it traced an outline around my lips. My skin was tingling under this touch. Then it was tracing a line from my chin down between my breasts and to my navel. It touched my navel, circling it a few times them it moved down and over my thighs. I wanted it to touch my pussy as the sensation was arousing me, but what ever it was, it left it well alone. It traced a route down my inner thighs and calves. And suddenly it stopped. With a sudden grab I could feel Peters hand pull my leg out in front of me, stretching me out. The evil bastard then started tickling my foot. Now I am really ticklish. Anywhere near the armpit or the soles of my feet, and I laugh my head off. My father knew this weakness and used to regularly tease me, when I was a girl.

I tried to buck and kick Peters hand away, but I was so stretched out, I was unable. Peter grabbed my other foot and I could feel him force my legs together between the side of his arm and his side, pinning me against him. Peter showed me no mercy for my kick at him. He kept tickling my feet for what seemed like an eternity. He stopped every now and again to trace his fingers up and down my toes and the soles of my feet, or scratching his nails over them, before resuming his onslaught.

I laughed so much my sides were hurting, and I repeatedly begged him to stop between my giggles. He dropped my legs on the bed and I stretched out exhausted, but it was now that Peter climbed quickly onto the bed pinning my waist between his thighs. He started to lightly slap away at my breasts with his hands. Not full slaps, but the type where just his finger tips touch skin as his hand flashed through the air. Stinging them with every touch, I cried out, but he said to me I had a choice to be slapped or tickled again. Thinking he would get off me and tickle my feet I chose the tickling option. It was really stupid of me to assume this, because that's not what he did. Instead he tickled both my armpits together, working up and down my sides and back into the pits. Over and over I was subjected to this torture. Each time I tried to wriggle, this side or that to at least to stop the torture on one of my sides, but alas to no avail.

I had to beg him to slap me. Once again blows reigned down on my breasts until I could bear it no longer. Back and forth we went. I threatened, pleaded, begged and implored him to stop until he must have got bored. He said I had to be his slave for the day and he would stop. I happily agreed saying as long as he didn't tickle me again. Another stupid thing to say. I should have asked for him to stop playing with my sore breasts, too.

Peter got up off me and I could her him go to my bedside drawer. He rummaged about for a bit and and with a cry of eureka sat back beside me on the bed. More noises, and then I felt his fingers on my labia. They were cold and moist. He rubbed what I assumed to be KY jelly into my pussy and I felt his finger slide into me, stretching me open. Then I felt my cold metal vibrator slide into me - it is silver in colour, six inches long with a good rhythm. I love its soft little purr when it is in side me and the sensation it gives me. Peter was sliding is gently in and out of me and turning the dial to increase or decrease the tempo when he thought I would orgasm. He stopped after a while and then I felt something cold dangle over my stomach and up my breasts. It felt heavy at the tip but I could tell it was on a chain. Then Peter pinched my nipples hard and I screeched out in pain. I felt the flesh under and to the side of my nipples being pinched together. I knew instantly he was using the Japanese Cloverleaf Nipple Clamps.
The pain left me, but I could feel the pinch still. Peter did the same to my other breast. He then tormented me by lifting the chain between the clamps and pulling gently. (I had had a look at these when we bought them and they actually close tighter when they are pulled on.).

His tugging tightened the clamps then he released then chain relieving the pressure on my breasts. Again I felt the rhythmic buzz of my vibrator as Peter penetrated me with it slowly sliding it in and out of me, twisting it when it was in me. Then I heard a much more powerful hum. It sounded like Peter had set up the Hitachi Magic Wand. With my silver vibe stimulating my inner pussy, Peter brought the Wand down onto my clitoris. I literally bucked up in the air when it touched me. I was moaning in pleasure as the vibes worked me up into a crescendo, but the painful nip on my breasts was distracting me from this pleasure, also. I was literally crying out when the orgasm hit me, but it was at this point, the bastard Peter released the pressure on one of my breasts as he removed the clamp. To say it was a shock was an understatement. It actually hurts when they are removed, more than when you have them put on, or are wearing them. This brought me back to earth. Peter rubbed the wand over my breast a little before flicking the switch to up the power and bring it back to my clit. The two vibrators worked me up to orgasm again and Peter again released the other clamp on my breast. I shouted out in pain, and from the wave of pleasure as the orgasm washed over me. Peter only turned the vibrators off when I had my third orgasm.

I asked him after he released me, what it was that was stroking me so softly. It was his fingertips.
The clamps on my breasts had distracted and delayed my orgasms, but still, it was an intense experience.

Luv E.B x

Monday, 5 May 2008

GOOD Magazine: Internet Porn

GOOD Magazine: Internet Porn
Video sent by goodmagazine

This is done in a very sexy way to bring across the Internet Porn Statistics.

E.B x