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Monday, 30 June 2008


Video sent by duncaningram

I used to love this as a kid. PP somehow always ended up tied up and gagged, and then rescued at the last minute.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008


I have been asked by someone if getting into bondage means they have to be whipped or hurt or feminised or wear nappies like a baby.
The answer to me really must be no.
It really is about building a matter of trust between you and your partner, and that they wont put you into a situation or a scene that you don't really want to do, or feel uncomfortable with.
I don't mind a little BDSM or being tied up as I like to try to get out. I also liked to be dominated a little and sometimes have no control over my body when it comes to the amount of sex and where it happens, and vibrator play.
I don't feel comfortable with heavy bondage where you are whipped and marked until you bleed; where you are made to cry; or where the dom stubs cigarettes out on you or nails and pins are stabbed through your flesh. I also don't like to see women in heavy breast bondage so their tits turn purple due to the lack of circulation.
So in a nutshell that's me and my rules to play.

But you may like some of my taboo list, you say.
As for the rest of you out in Bondageland, that's for you to make your own minds up as to what you want to do, or have done to you.
If you like to be beaten to an inch of your life, as long as both of you want to play it is okay. If you want to dress in nappies that's fine if both of you agree. If you like blood play and asphyxiation games that's also fine as long as its okay with you both.

I guess what I am trying to say in summary is there are no set rules, you have to discuss them before you play.
CONSENT. There, one word to sum it all up for you. You have to be in agreement and want to do something.

Just remember some of the stuff I have mentioned above is highly dangerous, and not to be abused. So play safe.
Happy Bondage
Emma x

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

The Bondage Workshop - Rigid Spreader Bar Hogtie - Self Bondage

I have had the morning off work, so thought I would try the Rigid Spreader Bar Hogtie as a self bondage exercise. I can confirm it works, but needed some adaptations.

I came across several points I thought I should mention.

Trying to get a tiny padlock to go through the D rings on leather cuffs and two different ends of spreader bars is really difficult. Use a big one. I only have soppy small ones, so I had to first lock the two ends of the spreader bars together with a small piece of chain - I found a small length of chain about 6 inches in length taken from a busted cycle lock.

With this padlocked in the middle of the two ends of the spreader bars I could padlock the collar and the ankle cuffs from the respective D rings to the non chain ends of the spreader bars.With the bars behind my back, I ball gagged myself and was ready for a trial run. Then with two more padlocks one for each cuff I attached my wrist cuffs and snapped the lock down.

I had put the keys in a small leather zip up purse, in the furthest bedroom in the house almost in the corner . I would have to crawl from where I was getting ready, through and along an S shaped hallway, around the bed and squeeze past the bed and a wardrobe to get the keys to free myself.

Well I can say I did it .

It is really tough as sometimes you end up with the bar attached to the collar pulling you and making you gasp for breath. I must point out in no way was I unable to breathe though.

The best method I came up with to crawl, was to lean on one shoulder and use my legs to frog along ie open my knees wide then bring them up as far as I could, and then force them down to propel myself forward. I found this worked well on carpet, but is more tricky on wooden floors. Steering yourself is a problem too. I bumped into several things and had to reverse a bit to get round corners.

So I may try with a blind fold next time, a few extra keys to make it difficult, and perhaps a vibrating egg. I would also padlock a pair of handcuffs between the spreader bars and not use leather wrist cuffs, as I feel this would be easier to put on than fumbling around with padlocks.

Other than that everything else worked out fine. I was in the bondage and back out in about an hour.

Happy Bondage.
Emma x

Monday, 23 June 2008

The Bondage Workshop - Spreader Bar Bondage

Here is a little situation my Peter put me in a little while ago.I am writing about it because I have stumbled across some web sites for self bondage.

I have dabbled a little but Peter caught me, and went nuts saying things like I shouldn't do it just in case. I think he is worried about me ending up like Michael Hutchence from INXS, or that politician. Anyway I think it can be done as a self bondage act.

It involved the spreader bars we had made earlier last month.
Peter made me put the collar we bought on. He said to put it on loosely as he didn't want me to strangle myself struggling.
He attached (approx) an 18 inch spreader bar to the back of the collar with a padlock. He made me lay on the ground and strapped the leather cuffs to my wrists and my ankles.
He padlocked my ankles together including one ring of another 12 inch long spreader bar. I thought he would have forced my legs apart with it, so was curious what he was doing.

With the other spreader bar down to my lower back, he took another padlock and pulling my hands behind my back, cuffed my wrists together through the eyelet of the spreader bar, pulling the smaller bar up putting me into a hogtie. The padlock was passed through the smaller spreader bar eyelet' and was locked in place.

Now with my hands locked between the two bars I couldn't move them down to undo the straps at my ankles. In fact, I couldn't move my hands very much at all, what with the bar attached to my collar. As the shorter bar was used on my legs this forced me into a deeper hogtie, limiting my movements. Peter left me with a pile of keys and said I should try to get out while he went to cut the grass.

So a situation for self bondage came to mind.
If you wanted to make it harder to get out, put the keys in another room while you have to crawl to them, before you can release yourself.
A bunch of similar keys makes this harder too.
Now if I were to try this again by myself, I would probably blind fold myself, maybe use a gag, and I would use a crotch rope to hold a vibrator in place too. An anal plug can also be used for those that like them - we have to get some pleasure doing this, and it also distracts you a little too.
I would probably use a pair of handcuffs with a chain, padlocked between the spreader bars for the wrists, for ease of eventual escape, as the chain gives a little more wrist movement.

I have drawn a little picture to show you how devious Peter was to me as he didn't take any photos.

Happy bondage.
Luv E.B x

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The Bondage Workshop - Types Of Bondage Restraint

So what is your favourite type of restraint?

Rope Bondage.

I prefer rope bondage as I can struggle and squirm about trying to reach the knots to unpick them. For me it's the escaping I like, plus the feeling of helplessness as Peter teases me with vibrators or fucks me or forces me to perform blowjobs on him.
The true aficionados out there say to use hemp rope as it doesn't stretch. But this is a little itchy on naked flesh. There is nothing like a nice picture of shibari bondage using this rope. Nylon rope stretches but if you are tied right, there should be no escape. So what's all the fuss? The con side of rope is you can be tied to tight and cut off circulation to the area tied, so have some safety scissors ready just in case.


There are two main types of cuffs, manacles/metal cuffs, and leather cuffs.
Metal cuffs need a key, so don't put this somewhere you will forget it. Leather cuffs are just wrist/ankle straps with a ring that you can padlock or chain. These are much safer as they shouldn't cut circulation, but are more expensive than rope. The cons of this is you need a key, so if you are trying self bondage, you will need a release method. Try freezing the key on a piece of string in ice (and tied to your cuffs) and waiting for it to melt. That way you can pull the key free to use as a release, but will still let you immerse yourself into a form of short term inescapable bondage. This picture comes from a free page on


You can buy straps from anywhere. Try belts if you don't have straps. You may need to punch a few more holes in it, but this is a fairly cheap way to get into bondage. The straps don't allow for cinching , so there is more room to wriggle, but don't tie them to tight just in case. All you do is unbuckle for a quick escape.
I saw travel case straps recently and picked up half a dozen. They are like a belt but with a push open release. When you don't push the release the hidden teeth grip the yellow nylon strap so effectively that I couldn't pull the strap apart. When you do push, it allows you a very quick escape. I just cut off the excess strap lengths to Peter's and my size. This picture comes from a free page on

Straight jackets

These cunning devices are pretty much inescapable. Straight jackets come in all forms now. I have seen Leather, PVC, Latex, and the old fashioned Canvas all sold on the web. You put it on like a back to front coat, except the sleeves are sewn completely up. The jacket is then strapped up at the back and then the arms are pulled around so in you hug yourself. Then the arm straps are buckled behind your back. Lastly a crotch strap is tied so you cant wriggle this off.

Single Gloves.

Single Gloves are a large leather or latex triangle sleeve. It is strapped around the chest and around the back of the neck, and your hands ate put behind your back into this sleeve. The sleeve is laced or zipped up. Effectively this forces the elbows of the arms together. Additional straps may be incorporated thus also strapping the wrists and elbows making this more snug. The hands being encased and with the device strapped to your body, escape is impossible.


If you have ever used tape, then you will know this is extremely effective as a form of bondage. The down side is that it will stick to any hairs on your body and rip them out when you take it off. Try to minimise this by folding the tale in half so there is a piece that wont stick. Then wrap the tape around over this thus sticking it to the tape only, rather than your skin.
This is still an effective method. It is also cheap, but not renewable. You will need scissors to free yourself.
You can also buy special bondage tape now. This comes in all sorts of colours. It is similar to plumbing tape (Peter told me this). This stuff only sticks to itself using a form of compression - squishing the air out, thus it forms a surface area that wont slip. This tape is not sticky, so wont ruin your clothes or furniture you decide to tie yourself to.This type of tape can be reused if you unwrap it properly. This picture comes from a free page on


This takes me back to medieval days. Chain is cold and heavy and final. When its padlocked in place it is very uncomfortable as the movements click and rub against you. There is a danger of pinching to the flesh, and you will need a form of release and a method to lock them. IE padlocks and keys. You can use chain with the leather cuffs if you have them.This picture comes from a free page on

Happy Bondage

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Here are four lovely pictures of Shay Ruskin from HELPLESSHEROINES.COM. She is in a bit of a predicament. Her mouth is stuffed and tape gagged. Just to make sure she cant escape she is bound at her hands, knees and ankles. Then her elbows are tied together.
I love her top.
Happy bondage

Friday, 13 June 2008

A Saturday Afternoon Fumble In The Woods.

It was actually fairly nice, last weekend. So we sat in the Bread And Cheese pub beer garden having a few beers, followed by a spot of lunch.
As this seemed to be our quick flash summer, we stayed and had a few more beers in the sun.
Leaving the pub in the early evening, we have a nice little walk down the hill through the forest to our house.
On our little amble along in the dappled sunshine, we spotted a fallen tree. Sitting on it Peter and I started kissing and fooling around like we were teenagers. He groped my boobs through my T-shirt and quickly undid my bra clasp one handed. I was very impressed considering Peter had four or five pints of beer. He kneaded and squeezed my breasts, pulling on my nipples making them erect so they poked out through my T-shirt. Seeing there was no one else around, I stuck my tongue down his throat. Quickly, I had his trousers unzipped and soon had him to attention in my hand.

I knelt down and took him in my mouth sucking and tugging at his penis like a mad woman. Peter was groaning in pleasure and I knew that it wouldn't be to long before I would take him over the point of no return. I pushed him to his knees and pulled my skirt up telling him to take off my panties and lick me out.
He parted the lips of my pussy and thrust his tongue in and out of me, fucking me with his tongue. Then with his thumb and forefinger, he gently eased back the little hood of my clitoris. With the flat of his tongue, he lapped at it like a dog at a water bowl. This sent an incredible feeling through me. It was sensitive to his tongue, and although I shuddered at his touch I wanted him to carry on, so I pulled his face in closer to my sex.
He was so oblivious to the world going down on me, he didn't notice two really cute little badger cubs run past us at play.
Seeing them, was almost as good as the orgasm I had.

Emma x

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Can bondage go wrong? Yes it can.

I was chatting online to a new web friend of mine and we were discussing the dangers of what can or did go wrong for us when we were all tied up nice and snugly. So I thought I would discuss with you some of the problems I once had.

Before I was with Peter, I used to do silly things like experiment with self bondage. I still do sometimes, but have to keep it a secret from him.
I am much more clued up now than I was. You don't think anything can go wrong.

I had the afternoon of work, and thought I had it all planned out. I had the rope, the handcuffs, a scarf to use as a gag, I had the keys on the floor in another room I intended to crawl to before I fumbled around to release myself. Just in case I also had a knife to hand to cut the rope if anything was to go wrong, so at least I could stand up to go get help.

I had tied myself up with a nice thick cleave gag so no one could hear a shout for help. With some embarrassment for liking bondage, I didn't tell anyone to come and check on me. I was silly and thought more about the damsel in distress than the consequences.

I had rope tied my legs up way to tightly at the ankles and the knees and they started to go numb a little while after I was all tied up. The legs going numb wasn't a good thing to feel, when you are crawling into another room to get the knife to cut them free.

I had cuffed my hands behind my back, but I had played with those handcuffs that fold over and have the bar thing, rather than the chain.
When I got to the key it was an age for me to realize that I had the key holes on the top of my wrists and there was no way I could contort my wrist to use the key. If I had put them on the right way I still wouldn't have been able to fit the key as it was slightly to well spaced away for my small hands to reach.

That's when I began to really panic. I had gone in gung ho all guns blazing and didn't check a thing. I hadn't double locked the cuffs either so the wrists kept getting tighter as well. I was close to tears and really worried. I managed to calm myself down a bit. I was more ashamed at being found dead like this - what would my mum or dad think.

I thought to myself that if I had put the ropes on and had managed crawl to the knife, I knew I could gently cut them off. I had to sort of get to a hogtie position to do it. I guess the mind over matter thing took a hold. Eventually I had to force my cuffed wrists over my bum and under my knees to try to get the key in with my teeth after I pulled the gag out.
An hour or so, of pins and needles up my legs with me trying to rub the life back into them, and I could eventually stand up like and old woman and hobble around the place. I remember after, my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest. I guess the adrenaline rush took over from my panic. My 1 true clever braincell overrode the silly ones, and took charge and made the plan of escape.

I guess you can call it a rush, but I would rather not experience it by getting trapped like this again. It's much easier to get on a roller coaster and get my kicks like that.

Happy "safe" bondage,
Emma x

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Big Brother Is Watching You . . .

To celebrate, or in my case commiserate. Yep, you got it. Big Brother is back on our televisions. Still, here is a nice clip of a lovely girl in a latex catsuit.
I think its better than watching Chanel 4!
Emma x

The Bondage Workshop - What types of gag do you use?

Well that surely must depend on what you have to hand, and how stringent you want to gag yourself.

Over The Mouth Gag

The over the mouth method - in the old 50's film and TV series, a damsel was always tied with one of the over the mouth gags.
This is much more effective if you use mouth packing IE a wad of rolled cloth or handkerchief (please use a clean one) put into the mouth. The picture is by FOOTFETISH.COM

The Cleave Gag.

This is usually a strip of cloth or a scarf tied behind the neck that is forced between the teeth.
To improve on this, again, you can use mouth packing IE a wad of rolled cloth or handkerchief. Another way maybe to tie a thick not in the middle of the cloth.
I am sometimes gagged with a long piece of cloth that is wrapped around my head twice and tied at the front, so that the knot forms the packing.The picture is by INEXESSE.COM

Tape Gag.

A tape gag is a strip or two of very sticky electrical tape or duct tape. The English sometimes call it Gaffer Tape. Ladies if you are going to get all dolled up before your bondage, your makeup foundation may prevent the tape sticking and ruin your lipstick too. To make this an effective gag, again you can use mouth packing.

The Ball Gag.

This is a small wooden or latex ball with a piece of strap or string to fasten behind the neck. The ball is positioned behind the teeth then tied in place.This method forces the mouth stuffed wide open. As a result this can make you drool all over the place especially if your head is forced into a downward position.

The Ring Gag.

This is a metal ring usually covered in a latex or leather wrapping that is positioned behind the teeth. It is attached to a strap that is fastened behind the neck.

The Panel Gag

This gag is usually a ball gag with a leather covering forming an over the mouth
panel. The picture is by BDMAX.COM

The Bit Gag

The bit gag looks like a horses bit, IE made of metal or more usually a straight strip of hard rubber or latex, attached to a strap by rings, that can be fastened behind the neck. Picture by AFETISHPAGE.COM

The Harness Gag.

Harness gags can either be of a bit or ball nature. With more straps to tie it completely to the face, once it is on you wont be able to spit the ball or bit out. I know, I've tried one and couldn't. The picture is from BALLGAGGED.COM

The Rope Gag

This is a length of rope either knoted or not, put between the teeth. Here is Christina Carter from a HOGTIED.COM

Several other gags are inflatable or chopstick gags and there are even medical and dentist type gags to choose from.

Safety: the only safe gag is the ring gag as you can breath through it if you are choking or being sick. Nothing prevents the fluids passing out of your mouth. Inflatable gags can be inflated to much and choke. Mouth packing can be swallowed and cause choking. Please be aware some people may be allergic to Latex gags. In fact anything inserted into the mouth can potentially be dangerous, so please play safely .

Happy Bondage, Emma x

Friday, 6 June 2008

The Bondage Workshop - How to tie a Frog Tie

The Frog Tie.

When a frog sits on his lily pad he is sitting in a squat position.
The frog tie, ties the thigh of the leg to the ankle forcing you into a deep squat.

To achieve this, first take a length of rope approximately 8 or 9 feet long.
From the mid point of the rope, fold it in half.
Next pull the loose ends through the folded end to form a noose and insert the bent knee between the noose and pull to the desired pressure. Be snug, but do not to cut off blood circulation.
Wrap the rope around the thigh and the calf two or three times. Pass the loose ends of the rope between the last loop around the legs, and in opposite directions cinch the rope between the calve and the back of the thigh.Tie with a Reef Knot.

The frog tie allows your partner to open and close their legs.
It's great as it allows access for sex or vibrator penetration that most other leg ties do not.

A variation on the frog tie can be used for the arms.
Tie the forearms to the biceps in the same method, forming a chicken wing effect.

Keep a set of safety scissors handy in case you need to cut away the ropes.

I hope you like the picture. It was a free download from a James Bertoni's site. The model is Monica Harris.

Happy bondage.

Luv E.B x

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The Bondage Workshop - How to tie a Hog Tie.

What is a the Hog Tie?
This comes from a derivative of capturing animals ie the tying of three of its four hooves together.

First the sub lays on their stomach.Their hands and legs are tied.
Either some rope is left long at the wrist, or the legs.
The excess rope connects the legs and the wrist together pulling the leg to about 90 degrees or so and finished with a Reef Knot.

The closer the legs are pulled up to the buttocks, the harder it becomes to move about. The torso becomes limited to mostly side and stomach movements as you roll around trying to escape.

To make this a harder tie, you can tie the knot to a chest harness preventing the hands reaching the knot.

I hope you like the picture from

Keep a set of safety scissors handy in case you need to cut away the ropes.

Happy bondage.
Luv E.B x

bettie page

Well you saw the tribute by the bondage girls, but here is what they were imitating.
Bettie Page is actually in a dom role here.
The clip on must have come from one of the Irving Klaw original films of the 50's-60's

I hope you like it.
Emma x

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

A tribute to Bettie Page

Here are the Bondage Girls making a tribute to the number 1 bondage pin up Bettie Page.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Barbie in Bondage

Barbie in Bondage
Video sent by xkhublax

Short stop-motion animated film of Barbie in bondage