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Saturday, 26 July 2008

I am being read - Whoopie

Hello out there in bondageland.
I started this little blog for my own piece of mind and to gush my thoughts and feelings into print. It was to try to dispel the sordid side of bondage, made so by prudes with no imagination, so we can enjoy it.

But checking out all the nice comments and positive feed back is really lovely. I never really expected to get as many comments and hits on the blog as I have. So thanks very much to you all.

My biggest shock however, comes from a little post I made a week or so ago about Damsels In Distress.
One of my latest comments came from the blog of a genuine, honest to goodness, bondage rigger and photographer - Tucson Tied. He even secretly added me to his read list. As we say down under - I am stoked.
He has even worked with that great artist I have mentioned a few times Dave Annis.
So go check out both of their websites. I am off for a stiff drink and to lie down in shock and euphoria.

Happy Bondage.
Emma x

Thursday, 24 July 2008


Video sent by flabboi

I love the way the teddy bears handcuff him to the bed.
Everyone should have a play room like hers . . .

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Spreader Bar Strappado

Well another weekend of bondage fun has passed. We played with the leather cuffs and Peter put me into my first Strappado. To those of you that are unfamiliar with this term, it is where your hands are tied behind you and the wrist rope is pulled up into the air. It pulls your wrists and shoulders up, forcing your head downwards, while the weight of your body's downward force does enough to keep you uncomfortable pulling against your wrists.

Peter made me strip off and kneel on the rug while he attached the leather cuffs to my ankles. With a large spreader bar, he forced my legs open and locked them in place with a padlock at each ankle. Through one eyelet of the other large spreader bar, he pulled some rope and tied this to the middle of the leg spreader to form an upright behind my back, while I strapped on the leather wrist cuffs.

He said he wanted to try something I haven't done before and was I okay to give it a try. Being curious, I said yes to him. Peter then pulled my arms behind me and with a padlock he locked them in place. Or so I thought. It was at this moment he pulled my wrists up in the air, only then when the spreader bars upper eyelet was in position did he snap the padlock shut. I was forced into a kneeling forward position while my wrists were held outstretched behind me at about neck height. The position was okay for a little while, but became very uncomfortable. Needless to say, Peter ball-gagged me to stop me moaning. With my head forced downward I started to drool all over the rug. Then he put on the feared Japanese Nipple Clamps. With a bit of string he tied one end to the chain and the other to the leg spreader keeping the chain tight enough so I could feel the pull on my breasts as I shifted my weight around.

He sat looking at me for a little while, while I struggled about. I wasn't so much trying to get free. I was starting to get pains in my knees and my toes. I had to keep moving my feet from a sort of squat/sprint position to where my upper foot was touching the floor, until that became painful, and then move it back again. My shoulders were becoming very uncomfortable as were my breasts. He took out the Hitachi Magic Wand and plugged it into the socket opposite me and forced the head of it against my clitoris. He turned it on and off teasing me. It made me try to move away from the vibrator, and every time I did the clamps pulled at my breasts. He left the head of the vibrator against my clit and turned it on to full, giving me a screaming, drooling orgasm. Then he un-padlocked the cuffs and removed the clamps. My shoulders were still shaking a little while later.

Here is where I first learnt of this position. Peter and I had been on holiday to Prague for 4 days a few months prior, and I made Peter traipse around the Torture Museum near the Charles Bridge with me on our last morning there. This was one of the positions they put people into, usually with weights attached to their legs and their whole bodies were hoisted off the ground dislocating the victims shoulders. It can be dangerous and may also give you nerve damage if you pull to tight, or leave yourself in it to long. So a word of warning to you if you do try this position.

Another picture for you as Peter didn't take pictures of me.

Happy bondage,
E. B x

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Tea Bagging & 3 Strap Gates of Hell.

Well this week, I finally got my hands on Peter for a change. We were lounging around in bed on Saturday morning, as the weather wasn't nice and had nothing planned. Bored I decided I would tie him up and give him a blow job to an inch of him being able to come. I had also bought a cock strap for him midweek, and wanted to try it out on him.

He let me tie his hands behind his back, and then I got another piece of rope and tied his legs into a seated cross leg position, with the ropes lashing his calves so he couldn't close his legs. Then I took a really long piece of rope and wound that around his chest and arms. I fed the last length through between his arms and side in effect cinching his arms to his side. I had him completely at my mercy.

I pushed him hard back onto the bed. His tied legs shot up in the air as he tried to balance himself, but that's what I wanted. Quickly I shoved my head between his legs and started to lick and suck at his balls. It's funny. Peter is the only guy I have been with that doesn't really like this. He sort of squirms around trying to get away, or much rather prefers a blow job. Well it was his tough luck as I wanted to tease him properly. That enabled me to take his balls, one at a time into my mouth over and over again. I began by running my tongue over them and then slurping at them a little before I sucked on them quite firmly.

I guess it must be my misspent youth down at McDonald's. The girls and I used to race each other who could suck up their milkshakes first. It was really difficult for some of them as the shakes were quite thick. I always won. I guess it has put me in good stead in latter life pleasuring boys.

Peter bucked up in the air when I sucked on his balls and moaned out loud. Not wanting him to tell me to stop, I got up and went to my knicker drawer. I took a small pair of silk knickers and rolling them into a ball I pinched Peters nose until he exhaled and popped them in his mouth. I took one of his neck ties and also pushed that into his mouth. I wound the tie around his head and then tied it in place. I sat back to admire my handy work. He looked very uncomfortable with that stuffed cleave gag.

I then went back to playing with his balls. After about ten minutes of Peter squirming at every potential touch I took his semi erect penis in my mouth. Running my tongue along his shaft I bobbed up and down, trying to take him as far as I could down my throat. With Peter really hard I took out the penis strap I had bought.

They are called a "Gates Of Hell" for some reason. There are four leather cross straps attached to one piece of leather that runs down the top of the penis. A longer strap attached to one end is to use to tie around his balls. It was here I started. I cupped them in my hand while I positioned the strap around them, between the pubic mound and his balls. Then I pulled the strap as tight as I could without being painful for Peter, and proceeded to tighten the other three straps at varying lengths up his shaft. I have to admit it looked really cool. The tip of his cock stuck out the end of the straps, all purple and angry. I just had to suck or lick the tip every time Peter looked about to deflate. There was a little d ring at the end, so I tied a bit of string to it. I untied his legs and hobbled him at the knees. With the string in my hand I led him by his cock all around the upstairs of the house. Finally I led him into the shower still tied. It was interesting to watch his laboured breathing, as water ran down his face as I washed him still tied and gagged. As a reward I soaped his strapped penis until I heard Peter groan and he shot is load in big spurts up the glass shower door.

I am still not sure if I like playing the role of a dom or a sub more?
I managed to take a few pictures of his penis in the straps.

Happy bondage.
Emma x

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

sally roberts,circa 1976-78

sally roberts,circa 1976-78 classic 8mm film
Video sent by haliose

I hope you like the link. Sally Roberts gets abducted. Did you know that this gal hated being tied up?

Friday, 4 July 2008

Why I like damsels in distress . . .

Well if you read my first post it told you how I came to experience my first bondage. It was playing Cowboys and Indians in the bush of Australia.
Although I like being a girl, I am not really a girly girl, and liked to be a tom boy too. I grew up watching a lot of the old black and white re runs of the 40's, 50's and 60's film clips on the T.V.
There was a lot of superman with George Reeves rescuing Lois Lane. Then there was the Zorro series where the young Spanish girls got rescued "by the Fox so cunning and free".
I also liked to watch the old Flash Gordon series with Larry Buster Crabbe where it always ended with either him or Dale Arden in some form of peril. Lets hope the new Flash Gordon series is as good.
The ultimate series for damsels in distress though (for me anyway),was the re-runs of the 60's Avengers, with Patrick Macnee as John Steed, Honor Blackman as Cathy Gale, and Diana Rigg as Emma Peel. It was this that probably got me hooked into wanting to be the damsel in distress. This chemistry between Steed and Emma on screen is incredible to watch. She was strong and feisty and could look after herself, but when in peril Steed comes to the gallant rescue, or she manages to get herself out of a scrape. The American tv networks didn't buy the later series so it stopped in the late sixties, only to be brought back as the New Avengers. I don't think this had the same chemistry.
My ultimate cartoon heroine that was always getting tied up was Penelope Pitstop. I managed to link a clip from a few days ago. Talk about bringing memories of my childhood back.

I like to look at the web for pictures of girls all tied up. This doesn't make me bi-sexual. But to be honest, us girls have better looking bodies naked than you guys with your things dangling all over the place. It also allows me to devise how they ended up in their predicaments.
Were they kidnapped for ransom; was it a jealous rival; tied by robbers; an evil slave trader? You see the possibilities are endless.
It's all down to escapism. The mind can be a wonderful thing. Put yourself into the character you want to be and enjoy it, rather than trying to escape quickly because there is ironing or washing up to do.

Happy bondage,
Emma x

Thursday, 3 July 2008

The gravediggers

I love The Avengers.
The chemistry Mrs Peel has with John Steed is incredible.
Emma Peel gets into all sorts of trouble.
Can Steed rescue her in time?
Enjoy the clip taken from

Emma x


Video sent by duncaningram

Here is the final installment. Penelope Pitstop gets away, only to be recaptured by the Hooded Claw.
Emma x