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Thursday, 28 August 2008

The Bondage Workshop - How to make a cheap Ball Gag, and how to make cheap Clover Nipple Clamps

Right its time to go back to my how to series.

Instead of buying an expensive ball gag, have you ever thought of making one?
The easiest to make is the ball gag with the breather/air holes in it. It saves pre-drilling to put the lace or strap.
You can buy the balls from pet stores or from toy stores.
Take a 1 3/4 inch ball or a 2 inch ball depending on the size of your mouth.
As the ball already has holes in, just line up a piece of leather/rawhide thong with a hole in the top and a hole out of the bottom and bobs you uncle. A cheap ball gag ready to use in no time.

There is a clip on Youtube blow this post for something similar.

There is also a way to get cheap clover nipple clamps too.
Did you know that fabric stores and dress makers and the like, use clover clamps to stretch material out prior to sewing/cutting? Well if you know a good shop near by, why not ask then if they can sell you some. It's got to be cheaper than ordering a £20/US$50 set in a sex/bdsm shop. You can buy two clips for £5/US$10. All you need is a bit of twine or some string to join them up, and hey presto, its nipple clamping time.

Happy bondage,
Emma x

Bondage Toys -- Making a Ball Gag

Here is how to make a cheap quick ball gag.
Emma x

Tied up at the office - Agent Provocateur

tied up at the office
Video sent by ovalballs

Agent Provocateur. This little clip was directed by Mike Figgis. Why cant my office be like this - bugger the accounting I do . . . Emma x

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Sunsilk Hair Torture

Sunsilk Hair TOrture
Video sent by Avrillove

I like this hair commercial as it sheds a comical look on it.
Why we chicks torture ourselves over split ends I dont know, but I guess we would all be single and mingy.

Emma x

Friday, 22 August 2008

The Competition

As it's the Olympics, and that is all about challenges and competitions, I thought I would tell you about the little competition Peter and I had a little while ago.

Last time Peter tied me up, we made it competitive. Could I escape, and could he keep me restrained? He obviously wasn't allowed to mummify me, tie me to something, or hogtie me. Now that's not real bondage, I hear you say, but you have to give a gal a fighting chance!

I limited him to just tying me up with ropes to the ankles, wrists, chest, and knees, too. He agreed to my terms, so it was a challenge I happily accepted. I love the damsel in distress scenes, and I like to think about how they got into the predicaments in the first place, whist I am thrashing about on the floor trying to escape. Peter cheated anyway. He tied me in a crotch rope.

I took ages, but I managed to come up with a plan of escape. I managed to crawl to the wall, by the door. By sitting up against the wall I could finally rub up and down the wall and the doorway to get my chest ropes suitably dishevelled. I guess those 50's and 60's movies came to mind where they rub their bonds on something sharp to wear the rope down.

This gave me a little bit of wriggle room that allowed me to squeeze my wrists, which were tied behind my back, over my bum. With my hands now under my knees, and me sitting up, I could at least see where the knots were. I could undo the ankle ropes, but it was a bit harder to do the knees as Peter had tied the knot in front.

I managed to pull off the scarf he gagged me with, by bending forward right down to my knees. This gave me enough space to hitch a finger in the side of the gag and pull as I moved my head back upright. I was able to bite and unpick the knots at my knees and slide the rope down freeing my legs.
In a half cross leg position I slipped, first one foot through my arms, then the other, so now my hands were at the front of me and I could again use my teeth on the knots to undo my wrists. Peter was impressed, and said he would try harder next time.

I wont give him ideas but if he cinches my arms to my chest with the chest rope harness, I wont be able to get out. Same thing for one of those square type ties when the shoulders, upper arms and lower arms all look like a square when tied behind your back. I've also seen a ball tie recently.
It looks like they are also impossible to get out of too, but I will have to get Peter to tie me like it to see.

Ps Sorry to write about this so late, but the picture of me on the side of the blog I posted a while back, came from this.

Happy bondage,
Emma x

Monday, 18 August 2008

Remote Control Egg

We went out the other day for an evening meal. It was a little place called Flutes in Benfleet near the station. As I was getting ready he told me he had a present for me and would I wear it when we went out? I said sure, what was it. So he handed me a gift wrapped box. I love presents so ripped the box apart straight away, only to find a small coil of rope and a wireless vibrating love egg. I was a little disappointed, as I thought he had bought me something nice and slinky.

Peter told me he wanted me to put on a some stockings and a suspender belt but not to wear panties. I obliged by pulling on a nice black set I had.
He smeared a little KY jelly on the egg and inserted it into my pussy. He came behind me and turned me towards the mirror and started to cuddle me. He kissed my neck and moved up to nibble on my ear. That always turns me on. He caressed my breast and I felt his hand caress its way over my belly and brush over my clit. It was like electric the way he touched me. He always starts out with very light touch. He began rubbing my clit and I turned moist in anticipation, almost immediately. I turned around and pulled his face towards me with my hands and forced my lips onto his.

Then I felt the egg explode into life inside me,. To say it was unexpected would have been a lie, as I had let Peter put it there. It was the shock of how he turned it on with me not knowing anything. I literally shuddered on the spot. As soon as it was on it went off again.
"Do you like your present now?" Peter asked. "I want you to wear it through out dinner tonight. To make sure you dont push it out like I know you can, I want you to wear a crotch rope for me too."

I moaned at him that we were going to dinner and I thought the present was jewelry or skimpy clothing, not a bloody sex toy. He told me I said I would, so I couldn't back out now. I let him put the crotch rope on. He doubled the rope and wrapped it around my waist pulling the loose ends through the loop at my back. He fed the rope between my thighs and up, tying it a small knot at my waist. At least I could undo it if I needed a pee or a number two.
I put on the bra and a slim knee length white skirt, and because I was wearing a black set decided on a black silk blouse and my grandmothers small pearl necklace she had given me. I pulled my black stilettos on and was ready to go out. Walking down the stairs behind Peter the egg went off again. This time a bit longer but it was more powerful. I had to hold on to the banister until it stopped.

I drove to the restaurant when the egg went off again. I almost crashed the car in shock. Thank god the road was clear. I said it was dangerous, but Peter said the car was going straight, and to stop worrying. Besides he would correct the steering if I did lose it. Men.
All through the evening this egg pulsated on and off through out dinner. I was determined that I could go through with the evening with out taking it out.
I eventually found out how the thing was activated. Peter had a little fob type control about the size of a key ring. Every now and then he activated it by pressing the fob.

I had to really try hard to concentrate when the waiter took our orders. That's when the evil bastard put it on to full, for the entire duration the waiter was at the table. It buzzed on and off through desert and most of the way home. That's when I had had enough. When we got home I slipped out of the skirt at the front door. Untying the rope, I pushed the egg out of me and could smell the sex oozing from me. I plonked myself down on the sofa and that's when I got Peter to go down on me. After a few minutes I was ready for some frantic sex. After all the stimulation I didn't want to be loved, I needed it to be rough, hard and fast.

Happy bondage.
Emma x

Friday, 15 August 2008


SELF BONDAGE : elle s'amuse dans la chambre
Video sent by latexculture

I found this on It shows how to tie your legs as I wrote about in June. Check out the site if you get some time, and I hope you enjoy the link.
Emma x

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Cuffs in bed . . .

Video sent by Suingomat

This lady got fed up with her man watching soccer in bed and decided to spice the evening up . . . Enjoy.

Friday, 8 August 2008

The Bondage Workshop - Self Bondage Sitting Spreader Bar Tie.

Are you sitting comfortable? Or have you inserted the necessary anal plug or vibrator held snugly in place by a tight crotch rope?
Then I'll begin.

First strap on your neck collar. Then the leather ankle and wrist cuffs. Padlock a small spreader bar to the collar and let it drop between the breast.
Attach a longer spreader bar to the ankles and padlock that onto place so that only one end is attached to both ankles.
If you wish to make it harder for yourself, a spreader bar can be tied at the knees keeping your legs a apart.
Put on your gag, blindfold and turn on your vibrators. I prefer a steady medium pace as it drives me nuts that it is not quite powerful enough to make me come for a while. Then with the another padlock, lock the wrists and the two ends of the spreader bars together. You may wish to substitute handcuffs here for ease of putting them on. It's quite fiddly using the padlocks so use larger sized ones.

Now where did you put your key? Is it in another room? Frozen into a cup of water? The room sure feels strange when you cant see it, Oops, watch the chair you bumped into. Is the vibrator working its magic touch on you? How long will it take for the bloody ice to melt? Why did I use the short spreader bar from the neck to the wrists - I cant move my wrists down enough to turn the vibrator off - Oh God I am coming again, and I am getting sore. Should use more KY jelly next time.


Yes I have tried this position, and yes I did shut the door.
I managed to get to the door after a while, after I bumped into what seemed like all the furniture in the room.
I edged my blindfold off against the wall, managed to get to a semi kneeling position and sort of chin the door handle open.
I'll have to think things through a bit better next time I do this stuff.
Note to self - Find a way to keep a blind fold on for longer.

Happy bondage.
Emma x

Monday, 4 August 2008

Piracy on the web

I sometimes use Flikr on Yahoo. It also intrigues me no end. I have always thought that Flikr and all these other similar style sites were for home use and your own pictures. I even have a few up there myself. Now sorry but I am really naive here. It seems there are thousands and thousands of pictures posted which don't belong to you.

I entered a little debate the other day about piracy on the web. It doesn't really matter about what. It could have been music or pictures or ideas for stuff that you just acquire. The moral dilemma is, is it right to pinch stuff? The answer has to be no.

Now I have to admit like most of you out there in bondageland, a fascination for what ever it is that takes our fancy. So, in answer to you. I look at sites and see how they do stuff. I guess it has become a learning curve so to speak. How to take a better picture, as that interests me; How the behind the scenes stuff works too. It does stimulate us and pushes us to do better stuff. That's the positive side.

The negative side is that, as it was pointed out to me, the people who create, pay the cash up front and use their time, expertise and experience in marketing the product deserve the reward. If we just pinch it and blatantly pass it off, these guys will eventually get costed out of the market, and end up going down the toilet.

They will stop producing all the goodies we like. Now a pervy chick like me cant let that happen. What the hell will I look at on a wet Sunday afternoon when there is nothing on the television?

There is a limit. These guys expect a little give and take, here and there. Lots of them even go out of their way to tempt you with little freebies to get your custom.
So hopefully you guys and girls will think, just a little, before you post hundreds of pictures or music files all over the place.

I have made it my little rule on this blog that if I like a picture or a cartoon or a film clip, then I will discuss it with you and say if I can, who produced it and always mention the sites. I want you to go and see what they have to offer and hopefully do a bit of free advertising for them, just because I like what they do.
I sure as hell don't need the lawyers involved. All it takes is a nicely worded question in an email to make it all legit. Can I please use --- for this purpose?

I guess what I am trying to say is that although I am a massive hoarder and collector of stuff, I vary rarely pass it on. Please go easy with what you pass out, and please acknowledge where the stuff came from if you do. A little, and not often will keep everyone sweet.

I don't want to jump on the moral high ground. I cant really anyway, as I am just as guilty as everyone else. I just want to make people aware there must be a balance to these things. So let me know what you think, even if you think I am talking bullshit.

Thanks for listening, and happy bondage.
Emma x

PS Thanks Tony for what you said to Dave about the cartoons xx