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Monday, 29 December 2008

A Be-lated Xmas poem to Twas the Night Beforew Xmas by Clement Clarke Moore . . .

Here is my garbled poem based on Clement Clarke Moore's Twas the night before Xmas.

Twas the night before Xmas and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

Emma hung out her stockings by the chimney with care,
in the hope old St Nick soon would be there.

She dozed on the sofa, tried to catch Santa out;
while visions of presents danced in the air.

A clatter from the Chimney a noise like no other,
Santa appeared before her, with out any bother.

"I only give presents to good girls and boys, you tried to catch me delivering your toys!"

"Now naughty girls should be punished not heard", so in her mouth thrust a latex ball, he tied Emma in tinsel and she fell into the hall.

"You should have been good like Peter asleep,
now I have to spank you, and make you weep."

He fondled her buttocks and pulled down her pants, he whipped at her buttocks as she kicked her feet.
She hated Santa now the bloody big creep!

Bound and gagged, she lay punished on the floor;
she had her fantastic present, she would be naughty some more . . . .

Emma x

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Here is a note I received from my good friend dpsiic

I was having a chat a little while ago with my good friend dpsiic, about damsels in distress and the like, and he saw an interesting article in the daily newspaper. I though I would share some of the conversation we had.

"Hi Emma, Did you see the article about damsels in distress in Mondays Daily Mail? They have a page where people can write in with questions, Someone asked what was the origin of the damsel in distress tied to the railway tracks.
The answer was given that the earlist recorded damsel in distress was Andromeda in greek mythology who was tied to a rock by Poseidon after her mother angered him. Then the theme was continued in Fairy tales such as Snow White until the advent of motion pictures. Then Pearl White was tied to the tracks in the Perils of Gwendoline. The piece showed a picture of Pauline Hutton tied to the tracks in the 1947 remake. Typical Hollywood loosey though, huge rope, hands sort of overhead but just in front of her face. No gag. But she was wearing boots!!!"

Well dpsiic knows that I like getting tied up in my boots, and have an affiliation for the damsel in distress role. You all probably know I like to be properly tied up too, otherwise its not worth doing it. LOL.

We discussed why the evil villain always wore black and a top hat you see in the early flicks. It was to add this aura of authority or menace to the character. The top hat giving an imposing attitude so he looked bigger and towered over you. I guess I would call it the intimidation factor. Black capes and black top hats stood out in those early shows and while the goody always wore white for purity, the villain wore black so symbolise evil.

As mentioned the Perils of Pauline was one of the first, but do you have any old flicks of this nature that you remember and do you want to discuss them amongst us?

Happy bondage,
Emma x

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Happy Christmas to all you out there in Bondageland.
I hope Santa brought you all what you wanted.
Emma x

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Who is the captive?

I was thinking the other day about how we probably all use way to much Internet time sitting on our backsides and not getting out and doing other things.
So there I was, applying this logic to my own favourite pastime.
I surf the net for recipes when I bake, and for holiday flights etc and for the odd bondage idea too. So here is the bondage situation.

We have the photographer and the model. She is trussed up in a hogtie, as this seems to be every ones favourite bondage position from my poll; and the photographer has done the tying up and is snapping happily away.

She has given him her trust to be this vulnerable, and he checks her regularly to make sure everything is okay. Then he lets her go. She gets paid and then goes off to the next job or goes home to think about spending her cash, while the photographer edits his pictures and then puts them up on his website for everyone to enjoy.

With me so far. Good. Here is where my brain cell kicks in and I start to think.

She becomes a captive with out power when she is doing her job. Or does she?
She has done what you all wanted, ie produced pictures for you to be enrapt about.
Now you are looking at them and want to see more. It's like a little drug.
You need to view more. If you liked that set, there has to be similar pictures to view too, right?

Can you see where I am coming from yet? Now you want to see more of her and you are trapped under her influence. Now the roles have reversed. You are like the fawn captured in the headlights, unable to move.

You have now become the captive, and you didn't even realise.

Happy bondage.
Emma x

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Bettie Page Tribute.

Well Bettie Page has finally been called up to bondage heaven.
She had a heart attack a few days ago, and didn't regain conciousness.
She wasn't the first bondage girl, but she became an icon.
To me, she is girl next door we all wanted/wanted to be like. Clever, lovely, but could also be improper and wild. She oozed sex appeal.
She changed her name from Betty to Bettie. She was a school teacher after she got her degree in the mid 1940's when she was asked to model; and it all started from there.

Working with Irving Klaw and making those cheesy black and white films of her and the other girls; all running around in underwear and spanking, and tying each other up are classics. She also became one of the first Playboy pin ups in 1955. She turned down a screen test with Warners to try to save her first marrage, going on to became one of the women to bring about the sexual revolution of the 60's.
RIP Bettie Page.

Bettie Page

Originally uploaded by the mapes
Saddly Bettie Page past away a few days ago. RIP

Friday, 5 December 2008


Well the polls are over.
It shows that you guys and gals are fans of the classic gals.
Eve Ellis polled a few although I didnt have her on the list. Sadie Belle did well, as did Christina Carter, Dita and Andrea Neil. I comment you on your tastes.
I will have to do this again soon with a greater range of gals.

You all love a good hogtie too, so my new poll it to see how you finish off your bondage.
Tape Gag
Tape Gag - with mouth packing
Ball Gag
Cleave Gag
Cleave Gag - with mouth packing.
Tape or Ball gag and hooded.
Harness Gags
Penis Gags
Medical Gags/Mouth Spreader Gags