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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Bondage Workshop - Bondage Pleasures For Men.

In my blog in the past I have mentioned I am not a great fan of cock and ball torture, so there wont be anything bad here, promise. You see I have this idea that if I had a set of balls and penis I wouldn't appreciate smacking the hell out of them. However I have played with a fair few in my time so feel I can talk about this in some depth.

Cock Rings

Well the first thing I would use on a man all tied and helpless, or if I was a man who was about to enter into some self bondage, would be a cock ring.
These are great fun. You can get various sorts. Leather straps, silicon rings, metal rings. All designed to fit over the shaft of the penis all the way to the base near the testicles. The aim of this devise it really to enhance an erection, and to stimulate a clitoris when having sex. When used on an erection, the ring prevents the flow of blood draining from the penis.
You can also get small cock rings. These are designed to prevent an erection. Put them on a guy and then try stimulating the hell out of him. Dirty dance for him, rub his cock up and down and see what happens. These rings are used for preventing the blood entering the penis in any quantity. As a result they can be fairly painful for a man as he is prevented from obtaining a full erection and the ring squeezes the shaft fairly intensely.
Ever made your own cock rings guys? OK own up. You probably have wrapped a sock around it or a bit of string (we will come to that soon). Well here is an idea. Don't want to buy one? Then why not use a zip lock/cable tie. Use one around the base of the penis, one around the testicles, and one half way up the shaft or around the tip of the penis. Don't go to mad when tightening these as you will have to cut them off or wait for the erection to fully subside.
My favourite is a vibrating cock ring. They come with a bullet vibrator attached to the ring. Put in some new batteries, turn it on and clip those cuffs in place and see how long you can keep the erection. You can even get a double ring that fits around both the base of the penis and and around the testicles. These cost as little as £10/$15. You can also get a good condom from "Mates" which is ultra thin and has a built in mini vibrator which lasts for 30 minutes and is designed for one use only. It is to pleasure both the wearer and the girl, as this vibe will sit over the clitoris for maximum stimulation for her too.


Hey guys ever used a vibrator? Well they aren't just for internal pleasures you know! I guess they developed from massagers and some bright spark said to themselves what will happen if I put it there . . . .
My next penis torture method on a guy would be to stimulate him until he was erect. I would then put a condom onto his penis. I would then take a small vibrator, and place this against the shaft of the penis and then slip another condom over both the penis and the vibe. Turn it on and then clip those cuffs on. How long can you hold out for?
For those guys out there that like to pleasure themselves anally, you can either use butt plugs or a realistic shaped penis with a suction cup base. Stick it down onto a chair seat to sit upon it. Then tie yourself to the chair. Both these types come in dildo or vibrating forms.
You can buy bullet vibrators for as little as £5/$9 but vibrators range in price anywhere from £10/$15 to several hundred dollars depending on the type and make and material.

Arab Straps and Gates of Hell

Arab straps are a form of cock ring. A metal ring attached to leather straps is placed over a semi erect penis. Then the straps circle the testicles and are tightened to the desired requirement. The straps pull the testicles away from the body and make it harder for the sperm to travel down to he penis. The metal ring acts as the cock ring. Now here is where the girls get interested. There is a second smaller metal ring that is placed about half way down the shaft. This is very stimulating for anyone tacking a ride on a cock wearing one of these.
I call the other type of strap devises, Gates of Hell. That's what the the one I bought Peter was called. They are all of a similar design.
It is a series of straps that start around the testicles, around the base, then several places up the shaft. You could if you wanted to, attach a leash to the d ring at the tip to lead your man around with. These also come in a metal ring version.
The last type of leather or plastic device is really classed as a chastity device.
A tight small leather sheath straps a penis in to prevent an erection. You can also get this type in a rigid plastic that can be locked on like a chastity belt.
Tie a guy down and put these on and stimulate him and it will drive him nuts. I have to point out the plastic chastity devices are fairy tight and can be quite painful when a guy gets stiff.
Arab straps cost about £10/$15

Creams and Potions.
Well here is a little one for you guys to think about. Peter and I played around with some "Tiger Balm" a little while ago. Rub this onto your nipples and this heats and stimulates the muscles underneath. I did rub some on the tip of Peter's penis. He told me after it didn't burn like deep heat would, but made his penis feel warm and tingly. It lasted about an hour before the tingling went away. It left no trace of a mark either. I had a good inspection, I must say. Deep heat would be a bit to aggressive for me to recommend to you. Don't have sex unless you are wearing a condom, Tiger Balm isn't for internal application. Tiger balm costs £1/$2 a tub.

Rope, string twine and tape

Well these are the market toys I would use, but going back to the zip lock/make your own style, I asked before if you have used a sock or string. It's definitely cheap, as every house, I would have thought, has a ball of string in a drawer.
Cut a large piece. Double it over and then loop it around the testicles using a larks head knot. Wind it around a few times. Fancy splitting the sack? If so start to individually wrap each testicle. This will separate them and aid prevention of a quick orgasm. Then back around the shaft until you have almost wrapped you penis in string. Now snap on those cuffs and enjoy. One point I must make here is that when the skin discolours which it will, there is a lack of blood getting to the area!This blood prevention is dangerous and the cells will start to die. So don't do this for any length of time please.
Another cheap method is to clip clothes pegs to the skin. Around the nipples, along the base of the penis. . . It will hurt, and the blood does not go to the area you are pinching, so don't have these on to long either.
A ball of string costs £1/$2, a similar price is clothes pegs. An alternative is to use small rubber bands or plumbing tape. Yep, go to the DIY centre and get some plumbing tape. This is the stuff that sticks to itself only and you can wrap it around a willy with out leaving sticky marks on the skin.

So there you are guys. A few of my devious ways to enhance your time in bondage. Play sensibly and not for to long and a have a good time.

Happy Bondage
Emma x

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Its Poll Time . . .

G'day to all the people out there in Bondageland.

I have set another poll to see how you like your captives to be dressed when they are all tied up and helpless.

We already know from the past polls the favourite tie of choice will be a tightly tied hogtie, and the favourite gag of choice is the ball gag.

It's a multiple poll so feel free to tick as many boxes as you like.

As always if you want to add anything, email me, or leave a comment.

Happy bondage
Emma x

Friday, 20 February 2009

The Bondage Workshop - My Next Expose . . .

I have been reading up on some statistics for self bondage recently.
It comes to light that more men than women are into self bondage.
That didn't surprise me, and of those men, quite a few of the poll were into cross dressing too.

Being a liberal Australian who cant be phased or scared of most sexual practises (I probably have experimented with most of them), I say each to there own.

Now to the point. I thought my next little expose would be how to pleasure yourself in self bondage or if you are in a good sexually experimental relationship, your partner can pleasure you while you are all tied up.

I thought I would encompass situations for both guys and us gals, and my devious little mind went to work. My brain cell worked exceptionally hard, and I bombarded myself with various sites to check out the toys I would need, and if there are any good sites out in bondageland for self bondage.

The basic kit then would be butt plugs, several types of vibrators, or bullets/egg vibrators, cock rings, Arab straps, and some thin rope or cord. I have almost finished putting this together, so watch out in the next week or so for Emma's guide "How to pleasure yourself in Bondage"

Most of us girls have several types of vibrators, so for the girls its easier. You guys out there that are keen to try it out can buy most of this stuff on line and have it delivered to your front door, so don't be afraid, give it a try. Vibrators can be found on-line for as little as £15/$25. The Easter break and spring is just around the corner, so throw off those winter jumpers, get naked in bondage and have a pleasurable time following my advice. I'll be gentle, promise!

Happy Bondage,
Emma x

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Gag Poll

Hello to you all out there in Bondageland.

Well the gag poll finally closed.
It was pretty much the result I thought would happen.

The "Ball/Penis" gaggers won with 34%. Apparently we all love a good ball gag even if it does make the jaws ache. I think you kinky lot like to see the wearer drool all over themselves. It's one of the things I find most erotic about bondage.
However I have to admit it drives me nuts when I am all tied up and cant wipe it off!

"Mouth Stuffed & Tape Gagged" and "Mouth Stuffed & Cleave Gagged" were joint second with 19% of the poll.

The surprise for me also in joint second with 19% of the vote, was the "Extreme Gag". A ball gag either with a harness and/or with a hood to enclose the head. My readers appear to be even more kinky than I first imagined.

Thanks for participating.
I'll be adding another one soon with the type of attire you like to see us in when tied up.

Emma x