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Monday, 27 April 2009

Sonia's Story - Part 1

Here is a little tale of bondage babes in action written by my friend Soniatiedtight.

Sonia's Story - Part 1
Chloroformed Cuties . . .

Suzy had returned to her apartment after the days work. She put the key in the door, turned it in the lock and was about to go inside, when a hand clamped over her mouth and another with a cloth in it was clamped over her nose. She tried to struggle but it was no use and she slowly succumbed to the chloroform.

Suzy woke and started to stir. She found herself firmly tied to a chair, her ankles bound to the chair legs, her wrists to the back chair legs. Her thighs bound to the front legs of the chair, exposing her pussy. Her boobs were bound making them bulge and she was completely naked.

Suzy started to scream but a hand clamped over her mouth and a voice said “Shut up bitch”. It was a female voice and even though it was muffled it sounded familiar. The woman walked in front of Suzy. She had a scarf mask, like a bandit and a scarf over her head. “You want to scream do you? We will soon stop that.” The woman slid her tight black skirt down and removed her panties. “Open wide” she said as she squeezed Suzy’s nose and stuffed the panties into her mouth.

She removed her headscarf and tied it tightly over the panties. “There, that should keep you quiet.” She said.
Suzy tried to protest but all that could be heard was MMMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHH.

She then slowly removed the scarf mask; Suzy was shocked when she saw it is Sonia. She MPHHHHed trying to ask her why. It was no use. Sonia said “I have always wanted to have you in this position. I am so infatuated with you and didn't know if you would agree, so I took matters in my own hands. It is not only you, but Tanya too. I pretended I was you and invited her here, and she should be here soon. I am going to your room. I need some more scarfs and panties.” Before leaving, Sonia folded the scarf that was her mask and blindfolded Suzy, and then went off to Suzy’s room, returning with the scarves and panties.

“It will be 30 minutes before Tanya arrives.”
Sonia walked over to Suzy and started to fondle her bulging breasts. She nibbled her nipples and let her tongue slide slowly down until it came to Suzy’s clit. She slid her tongue up and down over it. Suzy started to moan through her gag. Sonia went into her bag, and returned with a vibe which she held on Suzy’s clit until she came. Then she used her tongue on Suzy’s clit again, savouring the delectable juices.

There is a knock on the door. Sonia soaked a cloth with Chloroform and went to the door. As Tanya entered, the cloth was forced over her nose until she passed out. Sonia dragged her into the room with Suzy, who could only hear but couldn’t see what, was happening. Tanya was undressed and her wrists were taped behind her back. Her ankles tied together. She was then blindfolded with one of Suzy’s scarves.

When Tania regained consciousness Sonia said “I have kidnapped you and Suzy, I am not going to hurt you, only play”. Tanya could hear Suzy MMMMMMPPPPPHHING but couldn’t see her. Sonia directed Tanya, so her head was forced in between Suzy’s thighs. She pushed Tanya’s head hard against Suzy’s pussy and said “You lick her clit until she comes”

MMMMPPPHHHHH was all Suzy could say.
Suzy was straining at her bonds, and as she came again MMMMMMPPPPHHHHHED into her gag.
Sonia then pulled Tanya onto a chair and tied her exactly the same as she has tied Suzy. A pair of Suzy’s panties were used to wipe the juices from Suzy’s pussy and then stuffed into Tanya’s mouth, and another of Suzy’s scarves was used to hold them in place.

Tanya was now MMPPPPHHHING into her gag as Sonia slid between her legs, going to work on Tanya’s clit. Tanya struggled madly as she came, and struggled even more as a vibe was held against her clit, as she came once more.

Sonia checked both girls bonds. She said to her captives “I am tired now and will have a little nap, while I dream about what I might do to you next.”

To be continued . . .

Poll summary

Hi there everyone.
Been faffing around at work being made redundant, and now it has finally happened I am going to be here a bit more now for your pleasure.

Now I have lots of spare time to concoct naughty stories and bondage situations for me to try out. Perhaps you guys and girls what to chip in here and give me something to do, hopefully with ropes :)

First though I thought I would summarise my poll. It was a bit stupid of me having so many options but the general gist of the poll is you guys and girls like to have the girls in lingerie with stockings and high heels or boots. Latex came high in the charts too.

Surprisingly bound naked lagged a bit. And there was me thinking you guys out there would like a helpless person already naked to tease and torment.

So what I would like to know though how many of us girls voted, so get in touch on my email address so we can have a chat.

Happy Bondage
Emma x