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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Sonia's Story - Part 5

Here is part 5 and the final bit of the Sonia story. Sonia let me have ago at writing the end for her. Dont forget to let me know what you think and I'll pass the news back to her. Emma x

Sonia And Emma Are Left To Struggle . . .

When the girls had gone up the stairs to bed, Emma started to thrash around the floor trying to pull her hand out of the rope holding them behind her.

Even with the rope a little loose it took a great deal of effort. The vibrators up her fanny and ass made the job very uncomfortable. A butt plug filling her ass, while the vibrator on maximum was building her up to orgasmic crescendos every few minutes or so. Boy would she have a sore pussy and ass when she escaped. Bending her arms around she tried to pull down the rope around her chest. She managed to get one stand of rope pulled down past her elbow. But this made the job harder as this rope pulled all the others tighter around her chest. Mmmphing with effort into her gag, she had to stop to get her breath back.

She looked up to Sonia. Sonia was having a very uncomfortable time. She was taped into a Frog tie by Suzy and Tanya, and Suzy had used a very large black vibrator to shove up her pussy. Emma had seen Suzy push it in. It had a lot of veins and ridges. Every time Sonia moved this vibrator would provide more stimulation. Sonia would have to sit as still as she could. Emma could see Sonia's labia and pussy lips stretched wide to accommodate it. It was amazing to watch the little spasms her fanny made as she orgasmed from it. The crotch rope Sonia wore would prevent her from using her tummy muscles to squeeze it out, and this rope also kept her butt plug snug.

Emma realised that with Sonia’s hands and feet all taped up she wouldn’t be able to crawl over and help loosen her bonds. Emma could hardly manage laying face down on the floor hogtied herself! She tried to pull her feet down as hard and close to her bottom as she could. She would have to try to ignore the thrust of her pelvis into the floor as a result and the added stimulation from her own vibrator. Gradually she found the knot to her feet. Through her own waves of climax, she managed to pull at the knot to make it loose. Winding her finger into the gap, Emma pulled at the knot. The rope came looser in her hand and she managed to open the knot. Eventually the rope gave way. Pulling on the rope she felt the rope hogtie give and her feet dropped down to the floor. In relief, Emma sighed into her gag.

Sonia continued to sit still in the corner mmphing loudly every time the waves of pleasure hit her. How many more times can we cum Emma thought?

After a bit of rest she rolled over onto her back. Using her hands Emma pushed herself back up into a sitting position, and then regretted it as she felt the butt plug and the vibrator push further into her. She groaned as another orgasm occurred. Emma tried to twist her bound arms around the side of her waist to try to turn vibe off, but couldn't reach.

She struggled onto her knees. Propped up she could see the knot to the side of her ankles. She forced her arms down to her side again and after a while managed to get her fingers on the knot to undo it. She breathed a sigh of relief when the ropes gave on her ankles and she could eventually move her ankles. It was the first time in ages they were free and she wriggled her ankles and toes to get the feeling back in them.

With her legs splayed in a frog position she managed to pull aside the crotch rope and gently get a finger under the lip of the butt plug. She managed to ease it out of her ass. She felt the rim of her ass pucker around the thicker part of the butt plug as it stretched. Emma grimaced, and then it became easier as the plug tapered to a point again. Emma dropped it on the floor in exhaustion. It took a while before Emma could pull the crotch rope wide again. Eventually she managed to wrestle the vibrator free a bit and it popped out with force as Emma squeeze with all her might to expel it from her pussy.

To have her pussy and ass empty and free from the vibrations felt strange at first. She looked down at the vibrator on the floor, buzzing away. How could such a small thing like that have made her so uncomfortable? She rested a bit more before she could stand up. Quietly she walked over to a chair. She sat on it, and using the back rest she eventually managed to loosen the breast harness she wore.

Emma sat back onto the floor. It would be painful she thought but her goes nothing. Mmmphing into her gag, she lay on the floor and raised her bum off the floor. She stretched her arms as much as she could and gradually managed to edge her tied hands over her bottom so they came to rest under her knees. Sighing with relief Emma rested again. She could now put her head down between her knees and pull the ball gag out of her mouth. Boy did her jaw ache. She rocked her jaw from side to side to try to ease it. Then she forced her head down between her knees biting at the rope knots that bound her hands.

Finally the ropes loosened and she stretched out on the floor to ease her aching body. Suzy and Tanya had kept her and Sonia tied up for hours. It was time for a bit of pay back.

Its Sonia and Emma’s turn to play . . . .

With her body feeling a little better from being untied, Emma crawled over to Sonia.
She pulled on the nipple clamps still attached to Sonia’s breasts. “I aught to pull these right off you for letting Suzy capture you like this. If I didn’t need your help, I would leave you like this!” She hissed at Sonia.

“I am going to get some scissors to free you, so sit still. Oh. Just to punish you a bit more I am going to leave the vibe and the clamps on till I get back.” Emma whispered then tiptoed off to the kitchen to look for the scissors.

Sonia mmmphed into her gag. Pleading to Emma to stop the vibe and take the clamps off. But it was to no avail. Emma came back shortly and unclamped Sonia’s nipples. As the blood flowed back into them, she screeched into her gag.
“Quiet.” Emma whispered. ”If Suzy and Tanya come back now they will get us again.”

Emma quickly untied Sonia’s crotch rope and gently eased out the monster vibrator, and the butt plug. She cut away at the tape on Sonia’s frog-tie, and massaged Sonia’s thighs for her. Then she turned her around and snipped at her hands freeing them. With Emma carefully snipping away at the tape that bound her chest, Sonia gently pulled the tape from her aching body, before collapsing in a heap at Emma’s feet. Emma massaged her body and her arms until Sonia was feeling better.
“Are you ready to get some pay back?” She asked Emma.

“You bet!” Emma nodded with an evil look in her eye. “I have something very special in mind for Suzy. Where is that Chloroform?”

With Chloroformed soaked rags, they tip-toed upstairs to the bedroom. Emma pushed open the door.It creaked as it opened Emma stopped. Breathing heavily, she sighed as the girls only stirred for a moment. They looked so cute. They were cuddling each other in their sleep. Tanya’s head nuzzling against Suzy’s shoulder.

Sonia put her finger against her lips to show Emma to be quiet. Gesturing, she showed Emma her plan of attack. Emma and Sonia tip-toed, so each was on either side of the bed. On three they quickly placed the chloroformed soaked rags over the noses and mouths of Suzy and Tanya.

Both girls were sound asleep. They woke briefly but such was the surprise, they put up no resistance at all. They were easily over powered as Sonia and Emma kept the cloths over the faces. Emma wanted the girls well drugged so as not to wake up half way through the tie she had in mind.

Suzy’s Sexy Splits . . .
Suzy awoke feeling lousy. Her head was pounding. Her entire body was aching. When she tried to move her arms she couldn’t. They were tied behind her and so her arms were pulled into a strappado, about her head height. The ache in her back came from having her elbows lashed brutally together pulling her shoulders uncomfortably backwards.

“What the Fuck . . .” Suzy tried to fight against her arm bondage when she realized she was very unstable on her feet. Well foot. Her right leg had been lashed, in inverted splits, up the stair banisters while her left leg had been tied to the banister uprights on tiptoe. The pain in the ball of her foot was intense. “Untie me you little fucks.” She shouted.
Suzy looked around for Tanya. She was nowhere to be seen. Suzy’s eyes came to rest on a smirking Emma, and Sonia, with a look of amazement on her face.
“There you are Sonia. I told you we could tie her like that. She just needed to be drugged enough to do it.”

“Un-tie me, right now, you bitch!” Suzy spat.
“Such foul language. And, from a lady. But then you weren’t a lady when you had us all tied up.
Fairs fair.” Emma said.

She walked over and taking her panties she tried to stuff them in Suzy’s mouth. Suzy turned her head pursing her lips, but Emma pinched her nose. When Suzy finally gasped for air, she shoved them into her mouth. “That’s a little bit better. Now where are your panties Sonia?” Sonia threw them at Emma who caught them. “Open wide, now.” She laughed, and stuffed the second pair on top of the first. Suzy’s mouth was stuffed full. “Got another pair Sonia?” Sonia went off to get some. She handed Emma the third pair. Emma started rubbing them up and down Suzy’s crotch.

“I bet that feels good, doesn’t it.” She sniffed the panties in her hand. Don’t tell me you don’t like being tied up. You’re all lovely and moist. Now, you have had your fun. And I want to have mine.
Then I promise to let you go.”

“No Suzy. Really I will. I don’t want to hurt you either.” Suzy looked into Emma’s face. It did look like Emma was being sincere.

“I’ll tell you what, Suzy. You can trust me and play along. Or I’ll let you go right this minute.” I can’t be fairer than that. But then it will be your loss of a wonderful experience. All you have to do it let yourself go. What’s it to be? Want me to untie you.”

“Wait a minute Emma. You can’t let her go.”

“I promised Suzy!” She glared at Sonia, who sat back down quietly. Emma picked up the scissors and made to cut the ropes. Suzy shook her head. MMPHING, mphhNoff into the panty gag.
“You don’t want me to cut them?” Emma pointed at the ropes. Suzy shook her head.

Suzy had never been as well tied up as this before. It was ingenious. All the ropes were tight, but not uncomfortable. Emma really new what she was doing. “Oh goodie” Emma exclaimed like a little child, and kissed Suzy on her panty gag mouth.

With that she pulled the panties over Suzy’s face so the crotch covered her nose. Suzy grimaced and mmphed into the gag as she smelt her own heavy sex on the panties. Quickly before Suzy could change her mind Emma wrapped a scarf cleave gag over the top of the panties holding everything firmly in Suzy’s mouth and nose.

“Sonia. Come here and play with Suzy’s breasts. I want to show her how tender and kind I am”
Emma knelt down and inserted her middle finger into Suzy’s moist hole. With her fingers either side she splayed Suzy open before attacking her clit with her tongue. She flicked it over the hood then slowed down flattening her tongue before rasping it up and down. Using the whole of her mouth to trap Suzy’s pussy, she sucked hard on the clit. Then, gently easing back the hood, before letting her tongue darted in to attack it again. All the while she stroked Suzy’s G spot before Suzy cried out and climaxed. Unrepentant Emma continued, until Suzy climaxed again. Emma could see Suzy’s leg trembling. Just as well she was tied to the banisters.

“Sonia. I want you to swap and taste how sweet Suzy is.”

Sonia knelt and went to work on Suzy’s pussy fingering her and sucking on her clit. Emma stood before Suzy. She took a nipple in between finger and thumb and squeezed and pulling on it until she could sense Suzy’s discomfort. Then she released it and started on the other nipple.

Emma wanted them nice and sensitive before she went to work on them. Her tongue gently flicking at Suzy's nipples. Turning them into hard buttons; before paying attention to the areola. All the while massaging and stroking the breast. The breast play along with Sonia lapping at her crotch sent Suzy over the edge again. This time, screaming into her gag in ecstasy.

Sonia and Emma stood before Suzy. “I told you that you would enjoy this. Now we have to leave you here, so we can take care of your friend.”

With that Emma tied a harness around Suzy’s waist. “I wouldn’t want you missing out on the same thing we are doing to Tanya right now. I am sure you will enjoy yourself with out us for a bit” Emma took the lube gel and rubbed it into a butt plug. Fingering Suzy’s ass with lube, she pushed the plug into her ass. Emma wanted to torture Suzy a bit so she slowed down as her ass puckered up on the bulb of the plug before it popped in and her ass closed around the plug. Suzy let out a groan when it did.

Then Sonia handed her the mains vibrator. Time for you to take a little of your own medicine she thought.

Emma strapped the vibrator into the harness, and tightened it until the bulbous head of it was firmly pushed against Suzy’ pussy before Emma turned it on.

Suzy gasped as the vibrator kicked into life. With in seconds she was having an orgasm.

“Oh. I have one of these too.” Emma said to Suzy. “This is only slow.” She laughed, as Sonia turned the vibrator on full. Suzy tried everything to dislodge the vibrator. Her pussy was tingling under the powerful vibrator. Her stomach rippled. Spasming. With her legs spread apart and tied to the banister she could only endure the torment and the multi orgasms she was having forced upon her, by rolling her eyes, clasping and unclasping her hands and screaming loudly into her gag.

Tanya Tied And Teased

Sonia and Emma left the lounge where they had tied Suzy to the stairs. and walked in to the study.
Tanya wasn’t awake yet so Sonia knelt where Tanya was tied uncomfortably on her back on a low padded stool and gave her nipple a vicious tweak. Tanya’s eyes opened and she screamed into the gag she wore.

“Sonia. I promised Suzy we were only playing and I wouldn’t hurt anyone. She agreed to be tied up and played with. I am going to offer Tanya the same deal. Not so vicious, if you please!” She chided.

Sonia blushed at the rebuke from Emma. She didn’t understand why Emma was being so nice. After all they had tied Sonia up and played with her a lot longer than Emma was tied up for. Sonia wanted to have her revenge.
“Why are you being such a goody goody? I invited you over here to help me play with them.” she spat as she pointed at Tanya.
“Sonia, you never told me you were forcing anyone. They had their revenge on you. You didn’t like that. They can still make trouble for us.”
“How. They are all tied up and gagged. “
“Sonia, what are you going to do when they get free and call the cops on you?” She whispered in Sonia’s ear. “This way they consent and everything is ok.”
“Oh.” mumbled Sonia. “I see what you mean”

Emma knelt down beside Tanya. And offered the same deal Suzy had, to Tanya. Emma promised to let her go if she didn’t want to play but emphasized that Suzy really did want to play, and she could ask her if she wished. Tanya’s eyes widened in surprise as Emma made to cut her ropes. The earnest look in Emma’s face, and Emma’s promise that Suzy was having an orgasmic time in the lounge, eased her worries, and she too shook her head when Emma went to cut the rope.

“There, you see Sonia. All we had to do was ask nicely and these lovely ladies would have let you tie them up with out all this hassle. Now that’s over with I think I am going to have my fun with Tanya.”

“Sonia. Go and get Suzy’s bondage box please. Can you also bring in any other toys that may be lying around?”

Emma knelt down besides Tanya. “Don’t worry I will be gentle with you and I will keep my promise to set you free.”

Emma caressed Tanya’s nipples with her finger tips. She gently stroked them down to her thighs. Then, down further, to her feet. She playfully tickled her feet and Tanya started to giggle uncontrollably into he cleave gag. Then she stroked up Tanya’s inner thigh until she came to her sex. Stroking and raking her nails gently over her pussy mound and across Tanya’s pussy lips. Tanya let out a soft groan as Emma gently circled her finger all around her clit. Gradually, increasing the speed. All the while, pressing down more firmly. Until Tanya shuddered and groaned into her gag in climax.

Sonia came back carrying the box and set it down next to Tanya. “Suzy has a hell of a lot of stuff in here. I think we can use this though.” She pulled out a strap-on.
“Put it on Sonia I want to see what it looks like on you.” Emma giggled.
“While you’re doing that I think we need to adjust Tanya a bit. She started to re-tie Tanya on the stool. She stretched Tanya’s hands above her head and tied them to the top of the stool. Taking more rope, Emma lashed Tanya down on the stool at the waist. Next she untied Tanya’s feet. Tanya didn’t even struggle while Emma raised her legs and bent Tanya in half; her ass sticking up in the air as she tied each ankle off, also to the head of the stool.

Emma looked at Tanya. “I just gave you an orgasm, so in return I would like you to do the same to me. Are you okay with this?”

Tanya nodded. Emma reached over and untied her gag. She helped pull out the scarf Sonia used to pack her mouth with when they had tied her up. Emma positioned her self over Tanya. Using her fingers to open her pussy she squatted over Tanya’s face. Tanya lapped away at Emma’s pussy like a dog lapping up a bowl of water on a hot day. Emma played with her clit. Sticking her fingers in Tanya’s mouth so she could further taste Emma’s juices. And then resuming her own attack of her clit.

Sonia sat back watching for a while. Sonia was very turned on by this. She would rather have Emma wear the strap-on and fuck her, but Emma gestured she wanted to see Sonia fuck Tanya. Reluctantly she lubed up the strap-on and eased it into Tanya’s fanny.

Tanya grunted in surprise as the cold lube on the strap-on slid into her pussy, but did not stop her tongue lapping at Emma’s moist hole.
Sonia slowly eased the dildo in and out of Tanya. Thrusting her hips back and forth as if she were a man. It felt weird and alien to her, never having used a strap-on, but she kept up a nice steady tempo. Eventually Tanya’s breathing became more laboured, until she stopped licking Emma and cried out as she orgasmed.
Sonia pulled out the strap-on and went around to where Emma was. Emma looked up at her.
“Let Tanya taste herself.”
Sonia changed positions with Emma and slid the dildo into Tanya’s mouth.

“That’s it Tanya. Suck it like it was your boyfriends cock.” Emma encouraged.
Sonia thrust it in and out of her mouth.

“Sonia. I want to see Tanya deep throat that cock. Be gentle.” Sonia eased the dildo in. Stopping and starting until Tanya had worked out that by gently mouthing along the cock slowly she could gradually take more of it. Fighting back her gag reflex she managed to take the full six inches into her mouth up to the hilt. Emma clapped her hands in appreciation.

“I want a go. I haven’t ever worn a strap-on.” Emma exclaimed. “Can we swap Sonia?” She asked
Sonia unstrapped the dildo and helped Emma into it.
“Can you fuck me with it Emma?” Sonia pleaded.

Emma kissed Sonia sweetly on the lips.
“Sonia I promise I will, but not right now.” Sonia looked disappointed.
Seeing this Emma gave her a big hug and another kiss. This time slipping her tongue into Sonia’s mouth and tickling Sonia’s tongue with hers. Then quickly she broke off and positioned herself
in front of Tanya’s ass.
Taking the lube she applied more to the dildo. With the residue on her finger she toyed with Tanya’s clit again while poking her finger in and out of Tanya’s ass. Then she inserted two fingers to stretch Tanya before inserting the rubber cock.

Sonia positioned herself over Tanya’s face and squatted down over her mouth. She watched as Emma worked her rubber cock slowly in and out of Tanya’s ass. I guess this was the reason she liked Emma so much she thought. She was gentle and thoughtful which hid a child like enjoyment of life and the really wild side to her.

Emma was encouraging Tanya to really lick Sonia’s pussy, all the time keeping her own steady thrusts and using her thumbs to open Tanya’s pussy and playing with the clit with her fingers.
Sonia came first pulling Tanya’s head up onto her pussy, clamping her fanny over Tanya’s face until her orgasm subsided. Then she ordered Tanya to lick her clean.

Emma increased her thrusts until she was pounding away at Tanya’s ass. Emma’s thighs slapping against Tanya’s bum cheeks. Until Emma brought Tanya to a shattering orgasm from her fingers and the rubber cock, then she eased it out of her ass. Emma bent and spread Tanya’s cheeks.
“Look at this nice ass Sonia. Her hole doesn’t want to close, like it wants more cock.” Emma laughed. Tanya looked worried. “I am joking Tanya. It’s okay.”

“Sonia and I have to go and check on Suzy now Tanya. You have a rest here and we will come back in a minute.”

Emma knelt down and planted a big wet kiss on Tanya’s lips. Tanya opened her mouth to slip her tongue into Emma’s mouth, but Emma saw this and was ready with the mouth packing. She forced it back into Tanya’s mouth. Tanya was angry with this as she thought she would be set free after the fucking. Emma tied a knot in another scarf and tightly knotted it behind Tanya’s neck. The knot forced between Tanya’s lips to hold the wad of packing in place.

Sonia went to the bondage box and took out one of the vibrators and a vibrating butt plug. Quickly she inserted them into Tanya’s ass and pussy before tying them in place with a crotch rope.
“Emma didn’t say she would let you go just yet.” she smirked. She turned on the vibes to max, and gave Tanya’s ass a smack on each cheek, before trotting off with Emma carrying the box of bondage equipment.

Strappado Surprise.

“Hi there Suzy. Having fun?” Emma asked laughing at her predicament.
She walked into the lounge and stood in front of Suzy. Suzy’s eyes were rolling in her head and Emma could see her stomach contracting as the powerful main vibrator kept up its onslaught on Suzy’s clit and pussy.
Suzy looked up and Emma and shouted into her gag -Furffiffofff.
“That’s it Suzy. Beg me again.”
“Mmfleaff” she begged.
Emma knelt down in front of Suzy and turned the vibrator off.
“I suppose you’ll want me to take the plug out of your ass too?”
Suzy nodded.
Emma then clicked the vibrator on full power again, laughing. Suzy screamed out as the jolt of power ran through her clit.

Sonia sat beside Emma in front of Suzy. She enjoyed the sight of Suzy. Strapped out and being unable move away from the vibrator on her clit.

Sonia looked into Emma’s face. Emma was concentrating on Suzy and didn’t notice. Searching Emma’s face she could see the joy she was having toying with Suzy. Like the cat who played with the mouse before the kill. As Emma’s dominance over Suzy grew, Sonia sensed Emma was enjoying the feeling of power and thoughts of being able to do exactly what she wanted with her captive. It scared Sonia a little, as she had
known Emma for a long time. This wasn’t how she acted normally.

After making Suzy cum once more Emma stretched and got up and started to undo Suzy’s right leg, which was tied in partial splits, up the banister. Suzy cried out in relief as she was able to stretch
out at last. Her leg had pins and needles and was a little numb from the tie. Undoing the leg attached to the upright of the banister, Suzy’s legs gave way but Emma managed to catch her. Sonia got up to help and untied the strappado rope. Easing Suzy onto the floor they massaged her legs to help ease her muscles.
Sonia pulled out the butt plug from Suzy’s ass and threw it on the floor. Then Emma and Sonia kept up their massage. Stroking and playing with Suzy’s body. Fondling her breasts, back and arms. Playfully tickling Suzy making her laugh in to her gag uncontrollably. Before stroking her inner thighs and playing with her damp pussy.
“Feel how wet she is Emma. My hand is soaking.” She held it up to show Emma. Emma took Sonia’s hands and began to lick her fingers lapping up Suzy’s juices like a cat that got the cream.
“MMM you taste so good, Sonia.” She kissed her way up Sonia’s arm before planting a gentle kiss on her lips.

“Come on, Sonia. I have one more tie to do with these two. Then you and I can have our fun like I promised. Then I’ll let them go. Now where is that box of Suzy’s goodies?”

Taking the small bottle of chloroform she held the rag over Suzy’s nose to knock her out. Then went off and did the same to a surprised Tanya.

It was only a mild dose and when Tanya and Suzy awoke they found they were cuffed hands behind their backs at the wrists and elbows.

Sonia replaced their gags with two very large latex ball gags, and had fun stuffing them tightly behind the girls teeth and buckling the strap tight. Just for luck she then tightened it one last hole to make sure they wouldn’t be able to spit them out.

Emma quickly wound thick tight rope breast harnesses around the girl’s chests. Throwing a rope over the beam in the ceiling, she tied the chest harnesses of to the beam.
“There we are. You won’t be able to fall over now. It’s just a precaution.”
Suzy and Tanya looked at each other a little afraid now. They both thought Emma would release them after the last tie.
“Don’t worry this is the last tie for you.” seeing their anxiety etched on their faces.

Sonia you can put them in the strappado now.
Sonia looped long pieces of rope over the cuffed wrists. With the loop, there could be no escape from it, as the girls wouldn’t have any knots to pick at.
She tossed the rope over the beam and hoisted the girl’s arms high behind their backs.
As the rope pulled the arms up, the girls bent further forward to compensate until they could bend no more. That’s when Sonia tied the rope off.

“How’s that look, Emma?” “Fantastic.” she beamed back. “Just what I envisaged.”

“Let’s put Suzy in the spreader bar”
With that they forced Suzy’s legs apart and tied her ankles to the bar.
“There is still something missing Emma.”
Sonia grabbed a collar and buckled it around Suzy’s neck. She then passed a small bit of rope through a ring on the collar and pulled Suzy’s head down, tying the rope to the centre of the spreader bar.

Sonia was about to tie Tanya’s legs in another spreader bar when she had an idea.
Taking a long piece of rope from Suzy’s bondage box, she tied it around Tanya’s ankle.
Throwing this also over the ceiling beam she yanked Tanya’s leg high off the floor.
“Now she looks a bit like that statue of Eros. She laughed.

The girls were mmphing into their gags with gusto. These were the hardest ties they experienced so far. It was hard to balance on both tiptoes, let alone one. Tanya was trying to let a bit of support fall onto her chest harness. This pinched at her breasts and then she had to drop to her toes again. Repeating the process again and again.

With Suzy’s head forced down the drool was flowing out of her mouth and over her face creating a nice little puddle on the floor. “Where is my phone? This is brilliant.” With that Emma rummaged into her handbag for it. Finding it, she began clicking away at the bound girls.
Then she sat down on the couch and started to check the pictures out.
Sonia came and sat beside Emma and gave her a cuddle.
“Look at these Sonia. Don’t they look beautiful tied up?”
Sonia nodded and took the phone to look. That’s when Emma slapped the Chloroformed rag across Sonia’s face. Helpless. She succumbed to Emma.

Emma had a little time to prepare before Sonia would wake up, and went off to the kitchen.

Returning she went straight to Suzy’s box and took out the packet of cable ties she spied at the very bottom of the box. The packet was unopened. It would be such a shame if they never got used she thought. Let’s rectify that.

Sonia was passed out on the sofa but with a little nudge she fell onto the floor.
Emma lulled her over onto her stomach. Moving her arms together Emma cable tied the wrists together. Then just to make sure she added another. Then working her way up the arms she tied several ties pulling Sonia’s arms together so they touched.
Pushing her face back onto the sofa, she managed to get Sonia kneeling. Then she used the longest of the cable ties to frog tie Sonia. Tying several, in different places, along her thighs. She finished up tying several around Sonia’s chest above and below her breasts.
It was about then Sonia started coming around.
“Emma what the hell are you doing?”
“Hush up sweetie. We are gonna have fun. Just like I promised you.”
“Yes but not like this Emma, come on.”
“Sonia you were very careless. You let them escape and look what happened to us then. This is your punishment.”

Emma then pulled out a harness ball gag and thrust it between Sonia’s lips, strapping it very tightly around Sonia’s head.
Taking a vibrator she lubed it up and started to slide it in and out of Sonia’s pussy.
Sonia started moaning in pleasure. That’s when Emma pushed her hard backwards onto the floor. Turning her onto her back she plunged the vibrator into her pussy while bending over and sucking Sonia’s clit with her mouth. Her tongue flashed again and again over her clit until she brought Sonia till the edge of climax. Before decreasing the tempo, to frustrate her. After a while Emma sucked on her fingers and slowly eased then into Sonia’s pussy. First, one. Then two. Then she started to build up the tempo again, before thrusting three fingers up her fanny. She held the vibrator directly on Sonia’s clit as her fingers violently thrust into her sex. Sonia grunted and shouted a half strangled cry into her gag. Sonia came and then came a second time under Emma’s relentless pounding on her pussy.

Emma stretched out and sighed contentedly. She loved to pleasure Sonia like this.
But that was really only pleasure. Sonia now needed to be taught not to be careless.
She flipped Sonia over on to her stomach, and started to spank her bottom.
Alternate cheeks. It must have been about five minutes of spanking. After each stroke Emma said this is for being careless. Until Sonia’s bottom had turned red and she had a little tear in her eye. More from humiliation of being spanked in front of Suzy and Tanya.

Emma got up and went back to the kitchen. She held in her hands two jam jars, filled about an inch, of frozen water. Sticking out of the ice were long pieces of string.

“In here girls are the keys to your cuffs. They are frozen in the ice, and it should defrost in a couple of hours. This one will free you Tanya, this one Suzy.” With that Emma tied the string to the chain of the cuffs on her wrists. Then she did the same to Suzy.
"You will need to help each other to get out of those elbow cuffs I put you in, but I am sure you can cope after everything you have been through."

“I am not going to let you go Sonia, as you were so careless, having the tables turned on us. I am going to let Suzy and Tanya play with you some more when they get free, if they want to, so be kind to her girls.”

“By the way. I have left my cell number and address on the kitchen table. I am inviting you all to come over to my place next weekend for another bondage party. Oh, don’t bring the chloroform. I will happily let you tie me up.”

She knelt down in front of Sonia who looked up in shock. Emma bent and kissed her on the ball gag. Then taking a vibrator and butt plug plunged them into her pussy and ass before tying a crotch rope in place, and turning the dials to max. Then she did the same to Suzy.

When she got to Tanya she strapped the mains powered vibrator to her pussy. She stood to show Tanya a devise she got out of her hand bag. It looked like a plug with a clock on it.
“This, Tanya, is a timer switch. Every one of these segments is a 15 minute interval. See the way I have set it. Alternate on and off every 15 minutes for the next 2 hours. This is a parting gift for you.” Emma kissed Tanya on the ball gag and gave her ass a pat before bending and plugging the vibrator into the clock dial, and then plugging the timer back into the mains.

Emma walked to the door where her clothes had been left and dressed herself.
“I have had a lovely time with you ladies but I need a bit of a rest now. See you next weekend.”

As she opened the door the timer activated and a shocked Tanya screeched into her gag in orgasm as Emma shut the door smiling.

The end.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Sonia's Story - Part 4

Here is the next installment for you all. Enjoy. Emma x

What will happen to Emma and Sonia?

Suzy and Tanya untied Sonia’s wrists from Emma’s ankles and tied her wrists behind her back. They then did the same to Emma. Both the girls ankles were tied together and they were re-gagged with mouth stuffing and tape gagged. Their boobs were tied and they were left to watch Suzy and Tanya as they enjoyed themselves in a 69 position. Suzy and Tanya were getting very excited as they came several times, while Sonia and Emma could only watch and mmmmpppphhhh into their gags.

More To Cum . . .

Suzy and Tanya grabbed Emma and place her in a large chair. They untied her ankles and tied them to the chair legs. Her wrists were untied and retied to the arms of the chair. Her gag was removed and her mouth was stuffed with Tanya’s panties, and a black scarf was used to hold them in place. Both Suzy and Tanya took turns licking Emma’s clit, making her cum. After 4 climaxes, Suzy went to her bondage box and returned with a very large mains powered vibrator. This was then taped to Emma’s pussy, held against her clit by duct tape. Tanya and Suzy watched and laughed as Emma struggled in her bonds and mmmmppphhhed, as she came over and over again.

Suzy and Tanya now looked at Sonia, who is still on the floor and struggling.
“Did you like what we did to Emma?. It’s your turn now.”

Suzy’s Saucy Situation . . .

Suzy untied Sonia’s legs and ordered her to stand up and walk over to the desk.
Tanya then tied Sonia’s ankles to the front desk legs and leant her over the desk face up. Suzy then tied her wrists to the back desk legs and strapped a dildo around Sonia’s waist.
Tanya tied a dildo-penis gag around the back of her head, so that it was standing upright from her mouth. Tanya climbed onto the desk and facing Suzy, she squatted over Sonia’s face, sitting on the dildo. Suzy climbed onto the desk and sat astride the other strap-on dildo. Suzy and Tanya took it in turns to sucks each others nipples and stroke each others clit as they fucked themselves on the dildos. They both had orgasm after orgasm, as the pussy juice of Tanya dribbled down onto the face of the helpless Sonia.

Can Sonia And Emma Get Free?

Emma had started the day in a fantastic mood. Her friend Sonia had called her up saying she had two of her pals all tied up and was looking for a partner to play with them. Well having two girls to your self was just greedy wasn't it?

Emma had turned up at the apartment. Pushing open the door she spied two bound girls, legs spreader barred and suspended by their hands from a ceiling beam. They started mmmphing loudly through their gags when they heard Emma enter the room. Great, Emma thought. They were both gagged nicely and Sonia had hooded them in scarves.

Emma loved to open presents so pulled off the first girls scarf. “You must be Suzy or Tanya” she said. Then she pulled off the hood of the other girl.

It was Sonia.
Emma stepped back in shock.
Sonia was pleading with her eyes to be released when an arm grabbed Emma, pinning her arms to her sides and a sickly smelling cloth forced over her nose. Emma went out like a light.

When she woke Emma had the worse headache in the world and found herself tied hand and feet and gagged. From then on it only got worse. First Suzy by herself and then the other girl, Tanya, had bound her and Sonia in ever more fiendish ways, using an assortment of vibrators and butt plugs and gags on them for their joy and amusement.

After a bound and gagged seated tie, a mains vibrator was plugged in and left on high as the girls chortled at her predicament. The vibrator was so powerful that Emma bucked in her chair struggling against the ropes to no avail. Panting, as her tummy spasmed from wave after wave of forced climax.

Emma knew that she would be a gibbering orgasmic wreck if she couldn't get out of her bonds any time soon, but the evil thoughts of a bondage revenge on the two little witches, forced her to continue the struggle. They would make a mistake soon and Emma would have to have loosened her ties, just enough by then, to take up the opportunity.

Time after time the girls double teamed her, one holding her down while the other did the tying up. The girls had obviously done a lot of bondage before as the ropes were always tight and cinched in some form or another. Some times the ties were evil and taxed Emma's body giving her little chance, but she always tensed her wrists and tried to gain a little space to try to slip her hand loose or to get her fingers closer to the knots.

The girls had finished with Emma for now. Well finished as much as a lubed 6 inch vibrator and butt plug pushed into her pussy and ass, before crotch roping them in place would permit.
At least it wasn't the mains vibe, she thought.

Tanya’s hand had slipped between Emma's thighs. She pushed the butt plug deeper into Emma's ass. Emma groaned in discomfort. Tanya’s hand slid its way between Emma's pussy and turned the vibe up to maximum. Her fingers circled Emma's clit. Suzy saw this and not wanting to be left out started stroking and pulling Emma's nipples before burying her face in Emma's crotch, licking the clit and the juice from Tanya's fingers as they brought Emma to orgasm.

Suzy held Emma down on the floor as Tania wrapped rope around her boobs making them stick out taught. Emma struggled as Suzy proceeded to tie her hands behind her back. She then passed a rope between them and down to her already bound feet. She pulled, and Emma's legs were drawn up into a hogtie.

Not as severe as the last one where her feet had almost touched her bum. At least she would be able to move a little. Tanya then stuffed a very large ball-gag from Suzy’s bondage box into her mouth to finish the tie. At last, Emma thought. This may be the chance she needed to escape.

The girls still had Sonia tied to the table, gagged with a ridiculously large external penis gag.

Before, Suzy had tied the strap-on dildo around Sonia's waist while Tanya and had buckled the penis gag on Sonia. Suzy climbed on to the gag penis, and had fucked herself, dribbling her fanny juices over Sonia's face. Tanya had ridden the strap-on while they stroked and kissed, in view of Sonia who wanted to be free and join in, but was prevented by the ropes. The girls, now having finished with Emma's new tie, swapped positions. Then they climbed back on Sonia.

This tie must be popular she thought. Emma could look, as the girls hadn't blindfolded her, and wondered if the strap-on dildo had an internal cock and if Sonia was enjoying herself too.

When Suzy and Tanya had finished fucking the strap-ons, they untied Sonia. Keeping a firm hold of her they forced her to the ground and taped her arms behind her back with Duct Tape. Suzy went off to her goody box again leaving Tanya to tape Sonia’s legs into a tight frog tie.

Suzy brought back the lube and a monster vibrator and butt plug which she quickly inserted into Sonia. Sonia tried to buck away, mmmphing into her gag, but Suzy pulled her back viciously pinching a nipple. “Stop screeching Sonia.” She said. “Here Tanya wrap some more tape around her head to quieten her down.”
Tanya did as she was told and while she wrapped the tape round and round over Sonia’s already thick gag, Suzy pinched Sonia’s nipples and clamped clips to them.

As Sonia mmmmphed in pain into her gag, Tanya brought over the mains Vibrator and thrust it against Sonia’s clit. Sonia almost bucked in the air as Tanya clicked the switch. With in moments, Sonia was crying out into her gag in orgasm. All thoughts of the clamps on her nipples were now gone.

“Hey. Let’s see her try it on full power.” Suzy laughed. With the vibe in her pussy on max and full up from the butt plug, every time Sonia moved the orgasms washed over her body. She clenched and unclenched he bound hands, her eyes rolled in their sockets as she trust her head back to shout as she climaxed yet again. “Look at her move. Here, let me have that tape Tanya.” Suzy took the tape, and wrapped it over the top of Sonia’s chest, above and below her breasts, and then around her waist pinning Sonia’s arms to her back.

Sonia was whimpering pleading with her eyes for Tanya to turn it off. She had to endure another 10 minutes of this torture, until Tanya tied her vibes in place with a crotch rope. Tanya then turned it on to Suzy’s clit pleasuring her while Suzy fingered Tanya.

Emma was struggling now but she had succeeded in a gaining a little room in the ropes for her to twist her hands. If the girls didn't notice, then she maybe able to pull her hand free from the rope holding her hands behind her back.

She had to take a breather as another orgasm swept over her. First she was exhausted from the orgasm, then the vibes in unison built up into a crescendo of pleasure before tipping her over the edge of the orgasmic precipice, making her cry into her gag for the umpteenth time today.

After the orgasm had passed, Emma began to struggle again. I would have tied the crotch rope through the hands, she thought. Every movement would have made the vibes wriggle inside me she thought. When I get free they are so going to get it good, she thought. . .

“God, Suzy, it’s so late.” Tanya said catching sight of the clock on the mantelpiece. “No wonder I am so tired.” Yeah.” said Suzy. “All those Orgasms can really make you bushed.” She laughed. “Let’s go up to bed.”

“What shall we do with our little toys?” Tanya asked.
“Bugger them.” Suzy said. “They wanted to tie us up and play. Shame I got the drop on poor Sonia. I reckon those vibrator batteries will run out in a few hours. I am not sure how they will cope sleeping all trussed up like chickens though. Sweet dreams ladies.”