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Friday, 25 September 2009

The Bondage Workshop - Self Bondage Rope Hogtie

I was browsing the web a few weeks ago before I went off to Europe on my travels and came across a great photo I have only just been able to try out. I can say that it works a treat.

Take your rope and tie a loop so both of your hands can fit in to it snugly.

Tie a length of rope that will become the wrist cinch and also the hogtie rope.
Tie your ankles, and tie two pieces of rope above and below the knees. Tie a gag, and if you wish have a blindfold tied but not yet pulled down over your eyes. Tie a length of rope around your arms and chest. Then take two 3/4 inch or two 1 inch rings that will be used to create the nonslip hogtie rope pull and tie as per the drawing below.

The piece of rope that holds the rings together should be tied to the ankles. If you are going to add some vibrators or butt plugs nows the time to do it.
Place the cinch rope over the wrist coil. Pull down the blindfold if you are using one. Put in your wrist then place it behind your back where you put in the other wrist. Bring your wrists up your back to pull the cinch rope tight, then you pull on the loose rope through the rings, and this will draw the legs up towards your bottom putting you into a stricter hogtie the more you pull. I found the rope quite stiff to pull on when I did this. A nylon rope may be able to slide more easily, or perhaps I used a bit to thick a rope for my hogtie piece.

Dont forget to have some safety scissors to hand as you will probably need to cut the rope to get out, and becareful when you are doing this too.

Hope you have fun trying this one out. I always prefer rope bondage to handcuffing myself, as I find the cuffs dont really allow for struggle or hint at escape because they are so rigid.

Happy bondage,
Emma x

Bondage Modelling

G'day out there in bondageland.
I've been off on my travels again and came back to a few posts on
I wont name names but I have been asked to model for a photographer for some fetish stuff and a bit of bondage photography.
This will have been my fourth offer in a month or so.
So I have had a little thought. Perhaps I should put together some stuff about modelling and the rights of the model and the photographer, and some safety aspects to be aware of. Watch this space in the Bondage Workshop area.

Have fun.
Emma x