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Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Bondage Workshop - Self Bondage Tips and Techniques

Self Bondage Release Tips and Techniques

Ice Cube Release Methods
The Sock/Stocking Release
Place Ice in a sock or stocking, and slip the loose end through a ring with your keys on it. Hang the Stocking up and let the ice melt.
The stocking will slide through the ring and the key will fall to the floor.

Pantyhose/Stocking Ice Spreadeagle Tie
Tie your legs to the bed, spreadeagled. Then with your hands still free, put ice in the end of the stocking. Tie the loose end of the stocking over your wrist.
Tie the non stockinged hand to the bed, then hang the ice stocking over the bed frame and padlock the stocking, creating a sealed loop thus tying up your remaining free hand.
When the ice melts the stocking will no longer be trapped and will pull off the padlock to free you.

The Frozen String Drop
This is the method I sometimes use. The string is wound around my finger to create several loops. This way you don't knot the string. Push this into an ice cube tray and fill with water and freeze. Then I go back and add a but more water and freeze again just so I get a good amount of ice on the string.
This is good as the string is out of reach until the string is released through melting. It is also torturous too, as you can see the string get tantalisingly closer but you still cant get at it.

The Key Drop Release
You have just frozen the key here. The ice is placed or tethered in a way that when it melts, the key falls directly onto the floor. If you are blindfolded, you may have a job to find it. Keys will bounce, so could go anywhere. What do you do if it falls under furniture? Will you be able to reach it?

The Weighted Drop Ice Release
The string is suspended above you, but also held to the side of you out of reach. When the ice melts, the weighted keys will swing down to the desired place for your release.

The Container Release
This is one method I use for a longer period of bondage.
Thread your cuff keys or padlock keys with strong string and tie on.
Fill a small jam jar about a quarter of the way up and add the keys and some of the string the keys are attached to and freeze. The ice expands and will take this to about half way up the jam jar which is good for two to three hours at least, depending on room temperature.
I then tie the free string that wasn't frozen to a longer piece and attach that to the cuff chain. That way I cant get out, but the string to the keys is always close to hand for eventual release.
You can also use a milk carton or a plastic soda bottle too. These are all differing sizes. Be sure to time the rate it melts before you commit to any bondage as you could be bound for a whole lot longer that you thought you would be.

Ice Handcuffs
Take a film container (remember the dark old days before digital?). Screw two eye screws one in each end. Use plumbers putty sealant fill the holes to prevent any leaks and then fill with water and freeze. This can then be padlocked onto a set of leather cuffs(make home made leather cuffs from two similar size dog collars!)
When the ice melts you can pull the container apart that was held rigid before by the screws. You could use similar containers but make them stronger if you want to do a standing hands over head tie/standing spreadeagle tie/standing crucifix tie. Plastic milk containers with the handles would be ideal for this. You can tie the handles to something up high and using deep eyescrews so you get a good grip the eye screw can be padlocked to wrist cuffs or threaded with rope.

Find the Keys
The Other Room Method
If you use handcuffs, have you thought about putting the keys in another room, hogtying yourself and crawling to the other room to get the keys for release?

Hunt The Keys Method
How about a key hunt? Wrap the key in a sock, then place into a container that you can seal up. Use a lot of Duct Tape or Scotch Tape, to seal the container with the sock inside, and place in the furthest room and crawl to it.
Make it harder and use gloves on yourself, or place some thin chain around this container and padlock it. Place this container in the room you start the tie in.
Then use the same method to wrap the second key, but stop after the Duct Tape stage! Place the second container in the furthest room of the house. Do NOT shut the doors between the rooms!
Try a self bondage hogtie. You must crawl to the furthest room to open the tin to get the chain padlock, before crawling all the way back. Then you can undo the padlocked container, rip off the tape and get the sock out to find the key.
Doing this at night in the dark, or using blindfolds will make this harder for you.

The Key Mix Method
Mix up the keys to padlocks and cuffs and spread them all over the floor; or place them all on one key chain. Having to sort through them all will be frustrating before you find your release.

Long Term Bondage.
The Great Outdoors.
Hide a key outdoors in the morning. Tie yourself up, and then go to get the key. Doing this naked adds to the danger, as does going outside of the backyard. The neighbours may see you. If you do outdoor bondage where is your safety?
People may think to use you, or think someone tied you up in an attempt to kidnap you. How will you react to talk your way out. Can you talk if you have gagged yourself? Will you wait till nightfall when people are asleep before you retrieve the key?

The Postal Release
Ever fancied long term bondage. What with the crap postal services these days have you thought of posting the cuff keys or padlock keys to yourself?
What happens if its recorded delivery? What do you do if the postman takes the keys off to the sorting office and you have to collect them? Have you got a set of bolt cutters as a back up?

These are a few bits and bobs I came across and put into words for you.
There are a few good sites out there to peruse if you want to experiment in self bondage. and are free self bondage sites, so if you are going over to have a look and you like the sites, you may want to nominate them for the bondage awards that start soon.

Happy bondage.
Emma x

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Bondage Workshop - Self Bondage Tips And Techniques

I came across a few tips and I thought I would share them with everyone.

Belt Or Strap Ties.
Well have you tried to use a belt to tie yourself or your partner up? Have you also thought about locking yourself or your victim in so there is no escape?
Well you can buy the cuffs and the straps with the buckle adapted so the prong has a loop that can be padlocked. These are very effective and there is no escape from them unless you have the key, a set of bolt cutters, or something to cut the leather straps off you.(See pics)

There is an alternative though and its cheaper. Just get a small padlock and lift the belt buckle in the air so you expose the prong sticking out from the belt. Put the open padlock under the buckle around over the prong, and back out under the buckle and lock it. The padlock keeps the belt from being opened. Try using this method on ball/bit gags, head harnesses or hoods, it will keep you out of mischief for a little while.(See pics)

Scissor Release
Want a release method but want to make things a little more difficult?
Padlock the shears or scissors together so you will have to locate the key before you can open them and use them to cut yourself free. Have similar keys on a key chain so that it is pot luck and you have to try almost all the keys before you find the one to release your scissors so you can cut your way out. (See pic)

Rope Wrist Tie And Cinch
Now have you tried a self bondage wrist tie with rope?
No? Well I explained how to in an earlier Self Bondage Workshop, so please have a look using the Tag "Bondage Workshop" to find it and give it a go.
For those that have, you know how ineffective that can be with out the added cinching to make yourself all snug.
Well what can we do about that you ask? Well there is the slip knot method, but then you may have to cut the rope if you cant release the slipknot. Now a cheaper method is to get a chunky padlock that has a bit of room to take the rope before you lock it on yourself. Use this as a cinch to tighten your bonds. The key can be put on a ring with similar keys for you to get free with, or frozen for a time before you use the defrosted key to free yourself. This saves all the rope you would otherwise be cutting up. You may have to try different sized padlocks before you get yours just right, and don't forget to use a backup safety release method just in case.(See pics)

Self Bondage Wrist Cinch Escape Method.
Well I guess by now you maybe want to use the slipknot method for cinching your wrists together. But how many of you have had difficulty struggling to get out of it?
One method is to pull your wrists in the opposite direction to each other. This will give you a little slack, but you still may not be able to wriggle those wrists free if the wrist coil was fairly snug before you cinched. You need to create even more slack on the slipknot. So what can you do, if you still cant reach the knot to pull it loose?

This method took me an age to escape from with out cutting the ropes, but if you can position a finger underneath one of the coils of rope then you should be able to pull with your finger to get more slack. Yep, trying to put one finger under the wrist coil you think with all the moving will be impossible right? Well persevere because the wrist coils are stretching as most rope will, and the slip knot is getting marginally wider. Then you can get your finger under the slipknot cinch and then pull this open to get your freedom.
Alternatively, get your wrists into a position where the slip knot is between the wrists and the base of your palms. If you use friction ie rubbing the slip knot between the boney part of the wrists and palm for a while in an up and down motion, ie up towards the fingers and down towards the elbows, this is gradually pulling the slipknot open.
The thing is, that if you are hogtied you cant be pulling the legs down to the ground at the same time as this just tightens the knot up again.
My trick for this is to lean your feet up against the wall to support the weight of your feet in the air, before going to work on the slipknot.
Once the cinch slip knot is loose, it is just a short while before you are able to wriggle the wrists out of the wrist coil.

Now all this sounds like a bit of a palaver doesn't it. Is there a simpler way to get free. Yes there is funnily you should ask that :-))

When you tie the slipknot used to cinch, place a ring on the rope first. This ring can then be used to hook on to something to allow the slipknot to pull open, or you can use your fingers to find the ring and to use it to pull it free.

Happy Bondage.
Emma x

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Self Bondage Frog Tie... Trapped between the bed and the wall.

Gday to you all out there in Bondageland.
Thanks to those of you who have read and answered my polls down the side.
It is open till the end of April, and if you haven't already put your answers down, please do so. Its all anonymous fun, and gives me an idea what you would like to hear from me, when I write here.
I was intrigued, as I love a bit of self bondage. (I added my answers to the poll. Yep I am one of the token females!)
It adds to my theory that you guys love the bondage more than us girls for some reason :-(( Shocker!
Also thanks to those of you that have emailed me. You will forever remain anonymous, but your insight was most welcome. I love to hear from you all, and always respond to you!

Anyway back to my self bondage experience this morning...

I woke up this morning feeling exceptionally frustrated. It was signing on day for me as I am yet again between jobs. It is also very depressing. I recently got turned down for some Jobseekers cash I asked for, when I was out of work between October and mid November. It is all their fault my records were wiped from their computers, and I had jury service too. This didn't help as the interviews I was to have with them, were during my two week stint at the crown court!
It wasn't like I buggered it all up, and my phone records hold testament to how often I tried to get this rectified! In the end I gave up with the whole lot of them. Keep the 10 years worth of tax I paid them, for "fuck all" help you provided!

Now the best way to relieve that frustration for me was to have a little bondage fun with a buzzy friend. I go into "bondage damsel" mode and switch off to all other things, struggling in my bonds. Its just me, the ropes, and trying to move around and get out of them.

I haven't tried a frog tie for ages, and recently I bought some "Kwiklok" straps that you can pull tight, but you need to press the lever release to slide free. It was a great time to try both of them together.

I turned the breakfast TV down low, got out 5 of the the straps, a Venus Butterfly, a ball gag and my leather hood from my bondage box under the bed and proceeded to strap myself up.

I knelt down on the bed and looped one of the straps over my thigh and under my ankle and put the loose end through the lever/buckle and pulled it tight. I then wrapped the loose end around the buckle and tied this to hide the excess. Then I did the other leg with a second strap.

Next up was to put on my vibrating Butterfly. I spread the lips of my fanny open and forced the rigid beast to press right onto my pussy and clitoris before I adjusted the waist and thigh straps tight, to hold it in place.

I took my red latex ballgag (its a 2 1/4 inch ball) and squashed it and forced the ball behind my teeth and buckled the strap tightly behind my neck. I pulled the leather hood over my head teasing my hair out the bottom and proceeded to lace it up tightly down the back. It has a zips across the eye and the mouth, but I left these open because of the big ballgag I was using on myself. Well a girl has to breath, and the view isn't clear through the zip anyway.

Next up was a longer third strap which I looped around my arm then one of the loose ends went out to my front under my breast, while the other, around my back and around and through the other arm where I joined the loose end to its slider/buckle.
Pulling on the strap to tighten it, pulled my arms into my sides and tightened any slack I had to move my arms away from my chest. (an oOo arm,torso,arm pattern)

I reached down and felt for the fourth strap and joined this into a loop.
I put my hands behind my back which pulled the chest strap back a little so it bit in under my boobs, and slipped both hands into the loop and pulled to tighten. The easier way to do this was for me to cross my hands, rather than palms together. When I had the loop as tight as my little fingers could get it, I twisted my hands to take out the last of the loose slack. Now I felt really snug. I fell onto my side and was dreamily thinking of GMTV's Penny Smith and the new girl Helen Fospero doing some mild doming of me while I was all tied up and helpless. I was squirming and moving nicely around on the bed.

After my Venus kindly let me orgasm, I decided I had a little to much slack.
I could easily twist myself over onto each side. The trick is to open your legs apart (I know, the Venus added to the thrill :-)), then throw the opposite leg against the one you want to land on and twist your torso in that direction all at the same time.
By lifting your ass up, you can easily hump along moving a few centimetres at a time, in a fairly straight line if you are on your side. It is even easier if you are in an upright position, as you can slide your legs, and if you lean back, your hands can quite easily be used to push yourself along the floor.

So I untwisted my hands and pressed the buckle/lever, allowing me to escape fairly quickly. I took the last strap and put that into a loop too, and then placed it over my ankles and tightened it. This basically took away my ability to open my thighs to aid movement. With my ankles bound together and the thighs frogtied to the ankles, the whole of my bottom half became what would become an immobile weight.

I took the wrist loop and retied my hands, again twisting out the slack so I was nice and snug. With my thighs now more firmly secured, the Venus butterfly was pressing harder onto my pussy and clit and humming away nicely. I came and cried out into my gag, and then rolled over onto my side. I went back to daydreaming of Helen and Penny being all mean and moody, teasing me in my bonds. After the Venus had me come again, I started to struggle a bit as I wanted to test how far I could move with the added ankle bonds.

It wasn't a hell of a lot! This little strap had made it really tough to throw my weight around to change sides. I got myself onto my back and then tried to sit up. Well that was near impossible. So I decided I would edge my way to the side of the bed and slide off onto the floor in an upright position and I would then free myself that way. It wasn't like I couldn't get out right, and a small two foot drop wont kill me if I controlled the slide down onto the floor. So that's what I did.

Afterwards, it was at this point I had realised I had made the unforeseen mistake. I should never have tied the ankles together.

Sliding off the bed I had jammed myself between the radiator on the wall, and the side of the bed preventing any side to side movement. It wouldn't have mattered if I hadn't tied my chest straps and arms. The bed covers had half slid off, wedging me into the small gap. I couldn't move forwards because of the the covers and because I couldn't open my thighs to slide on my knees along the wall. My back was also pressing against the bedside cabinet.

I wasn't hurt, just really sweating and panting hard into the hood after the excursion. The Venus vibrator somehow had turned itself on full and the control was digging uncomfortably into my thigh. Now my fanny was having the time of it's life in the throws of ecstasy, but my brain cell was hurting trying to figure out how the hell to move. I tried to untwist my hands behind my back to give me back the slack to press the lever to let me out, as I couldn't reach the lever with out that slack.

Twisting my arms just made it worse and my bound hands tightened. I cried into my gag in frustration and tried the other way and again my hands tightened together. In the hood I didn't have much of a view and couldn't look at the hands to see what had happened. All I knew was I had forgotten which way to twist my hands to release me.
That's when I really felt like a proper bondage damsel, without anyway to escape.

Right at that moment the vibrator gave me my biggest orgasm. I cried out in pleasure and frustration at not being allowed to do even the simplest things; being able to talk or move my body, being forced to come without me wanting to.

Coming down from my ecstatic high I remembered I still had my penknife on the bedside table. I usually use it as a backup release if I cant get free of any rope bondage I usually play in. How to get to it when I couldn't move though.

I knew it was at the front so I lent back into the bedside cabinet. The drawer knobs pressed into my back and shoulder but I tipped the cabinet against the back wall. This pressure on the cabinet and the unyielding wall made me slip forwards a few inches. It was just enough for me to lean forward to allow my hands to finger pull their way to the top of the drawers and onto the top to search for the knife. A few seconds to open the blade with trembling fingers and the wrist strap was carefully cut and I was free.

I had a soak in the bath for half an hour to calm down, then went off to Rayleigh to sign on.

If you guys and girls are going to play like me then don't do it on a bed. Do it on a nice roomy floor and play nicely and safely!

Happy exhilarating bondage.
Emma x

(So who said I was a failure at Science then Mrs Jones. I remembered that pressure rule thingy about force and opposed forces.)

Monday, 12 April 2010

Wonder Woman in a bind

Originally uploaded by SuperheroineTgirl
I came across this great piece of art on Flickr so had to share it.
Wonder Woman the Amazon tied and restrained by her golden lasoo, which reduce her power to a mere mortals.

Emma x

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Its Election Time . . . . Just use your vote!

Howdy to you all out in Bondageland.
Again, thanks for answering the polls down the side. If you haven't done it yet, there is still lots of time to add yours.
Now down to the serious stuff.

As an Aussie who's been through a lot of elections back home, I get to participate in your UK election this time.

Now for my profound statement, and you should all read as this is the important bit.
Usually 30-40% of the voting population vote and the other 60-70% don't!
Amazing isn't it!

Wars were fought for our way of life and to be free to vote, and to have our say.
You English guys and girls in the past, killed a king to make sure of it.
Women starved and died to get the women's vote in 1928!
And still the majority of you sit on your arses and say my vote wont matter.

It wont, if you don't get up, and go to the poll station, tick a box and post it!

In Scandinavian countries and a few other places around the globe, it is compulsory to vote. I know its not convenient for you right? Well the bloody poll station is open really early, and closes really late! Surely you can all pop out of the pubs for 2 minutes between the rounds to do it.

How can there be an election when only 30% vote and the rest don't?
Democracy and freedom; for you to do it or not, as you have the choice!
But only 30-40% are picking the government for the next 5 years!
Its still a shocker to me the numbers are this low.

Now in my Aussie eyes, I will sum up the parties involved.
This is the fun part so don't get all political with me as I have my views and you have yours, and possibly we will never see eye to eye, but here goes:-

Now to me it seems that the Conservatives want to cut tax, and shag prostitutes/mistresses and self bondage with oranges and all that ;-))
They are supposedly the upper class twits from Eton and the like, who are ultra privileged and basically out of touch with the everyday person if you believe the hype in the press.

Labour are the poor working classes with the chips on the shoulder because they aren't privileged and didn't go to Eton!
Well if you look at their politicians schooling, they mostly went to a very good high School and a very good University! Well apart from Prescott, but then again, he couldn't string a sentence together with out killing the English language!
They want to shag up the tax system, and also get as much from the personal expense allowances as they possibly can get away with, even if its not ethical and they are technically stealing from your hard paid tax money you all put in.
These Blairite "New Labourites" seem to like shagging too, only now its acceptable and rightly so to have gay and lesbian politicians. Well that's novel, but much more open these days. I mean its not like there weren't any around 100 years ago lol.
Oh I forgot to mention there was all the hype about Brown not holding an election when he came in, so he was not your truly elected prime minister! Well so what. John Major did the same thing, but he did go against the grain and win the next election in his own right.

The Liberals and all the others. Well they also like shagging, and the old leader liked a beer too! Well that's okay nothing wrong with that in my minds eye.
And these guys seem to think that they now hold all the power in their hands and can charge the earth, as they will make up the numbers if there is a hung parliament.

I guess what I am trying to say is they are all as bad as each other. Now for the next month we are going to see them act like school kids again, slagging each other off and moaning about each other.

All of this doesn't matter as long as you vote!
You want to change things?
Well get of your arses go to the polls and make a change.

I don't care who you vote for, just vote for something or someone you believe in. Even if it is only a little bit of what your candidate is going to bring to the table. Don't be one of the 60% moaning after the election that your guy didn't get in. It will be because you didn't use your vote.

Happy bondage.
Emma x

Sunday, 4 April 2010

30 things Porn has taught us . . .

Happy Easter.
I trust the kinky bondage bunny bought you lots of chocolate to rub over each other when you play ;-))

For those of you who have taken the time to answer the poll thank very much.
For those in two minds, please keep the poll answers coming, and remember to answer all the questions down the side. There are 6 or seven of them. Its all anonymous and if you want to leave a comment or email me please do so. The email address is at the top of the screen under the banner.

Now down to business. I saw this on the web about Porn so had to share it.
Surely number 2 isn't right, especially as they haven't number 25'd yet, lol

30 things Porn has taught us . . .

1. Women wear high heels to bed

2. Men are always rock hard and ready to go

3. When going down on a woman, 10 seconds is more than satisfactory

4. If a woman gets busted masturbating by a strange man she will not scream with embarrassment, but rather insist he has sex with her

5. Woman smile appreciatively when men splat them in the face with cum

6. Women enjoy having sex with ugly, middle-aged men

7. Women moan uncontrollably when giving a blowjob

8. Women always orgasm when men do

9. A blowjob will always get a woman off of a speeding ticket

10. All women are noisy fucks

11. People in the 70's couldn't fuck unless there was a wild guitar solo playing in the background

12. A common and enjoyable sexual practice for a man is to take his half-erect penis and slap it repeatedly on a woman's butt

13. Men always groan "OH YEAH!" when they cum

14. If there is two of them they high five each other (and the girl isn't disgusted)

15. Double penetration makes women smile

16. Asian men don't exist

17. If you come across a guy and his girlfriend fucking in the bushes, the boyfriend won't have even the slightest problem with you jamming your cock in his girlfriends mouth

18. Nurses suck patients' cocks

19. Men always pull out

20. When your girlfriend busts you getting head from her best friend, she'll only momentarily be pissed off before fucking you both

21. Women never have headaches....or periods

22. When a woman is sucking a mans cock it is important for him to remind her to suck it

23. Assholes are clean

24. Women always look pleasantly surprised when they open a mans trousers and find a cock there

25. Men don't have to beg

26. When standing during a blowjob, a man will always place one hand firmly on the back of the kneeling woman's head and the other proudly on his hip

27. Every guy has a penis as big as Peter North

28. All women are completely bald

29. Any girl with pigtails is a teen

30. Any other girl is a MILF

Happy Bondage.
Emma x