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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Bondage Dreams . . .

I've been getting in late because of work and generally being to tired to do anything in the way of bondage playtime at the moment. But this morning I did wake up after a funny dream.

I had this naked faceless guy, (I say faceless as I didn't get up past his nipples) pole tied; wrists tied crossed behind his back and the pole; ankles tied and lashed to the pole then his knees were tied together forcing his legs back against the pole.
His chest was tied neatly to the pole in 6 or 8 strands of rope, and his elbows were tied behind the pole, not together, but just so there was no slack in his arms to struggle.

I was naked on my knees in front of him in my long black latex opera gloves. I was rubbing my gloved hands up and down hairless firmly toned thighs up over his groin and up and down a firm torso. The guy had a smattering of a hairy chest and nice pecs. He wasn't overly muscular, firm stomach, no six pack, but nice :-)) His biceps strained, as he pulled as the ropes holding him tied to the pole. These again weren't weightlifters arms but he was fit as the veins strained and the muscles pumped as he struggled in vain.

I took some lube (don't know where from) and rubbed my gloved hands together, then I stroked his now hardening cock with my hands. I tickled his balls and he mmphed a giggle from behind a large unseen ballgag that had been forced behind his teeth to silence him.

Rubbing my hands up and down his firm thighs, up over his cock as it stood proudly to attention, up over the chest to his nipples as I squeezed and pulled hard on them. He cried a muffled cry of pain, and at the same time I took his cock in my mouth and sucked on the end, my tongue probing at his japs-eye. . .

Then I bloody woke up and ruined it all.

Emma x