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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Clothes pegs

Well I guess we have all tried putting clothes pegs on parts of our bodies for a little while. A laugh or a bit of fun, or sometimes for a bit of spice in the old sex department too. Now for those of you with that sort of persuasion in our fetish life, I came across this idea the other day.

I saw a video with a girl being clothes pegged on her nipples. They were normal pegs but where the metal spring was, through its eyelet a small cord and a little round bell was hanging. Every time the girl moved the nipples would move the bell causing it to ring and the swinging of it caused the nipples to sort of pucker up in futile resistance.

Now I don't like clamps much, and have only had Peter use clover clamps on me (usually when I am very tied up as I hate these). Last time he added a small travel padlock to the chain dangling between them and my breasts. It was really intense as I couldn't stop moving around enough to prevent the chain from swinging. The weight wasn't that much but what with the swinging, my poor old nipples sure felt on fire. Putting my bra back on and the feel of that on the nipples for the next hour or so was something. I only had the clamps on me for less than 10 minutes too.

Happy bondage,
Emma x