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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Question:- Why does one like to be tied up?

Okay here is a question.
"Why does one like to be tied up?"

For me its a total release!
I have no power to do anything, as I have given all of that up to my captor.
It is also a release from the every day mundane things in my life like washing, cleaning or doing the dishes.
All I think about is moving about to try to make it less uncomfortable, while trying to think of ways to escape, of which there usually isn't any.
To me, the only thing with rope bondage is, I think I can somehow reach the knots to pick at them and escape that way. You feel there is a slim chance, where if you use cuffs padlocks and chains, there is no hope with out a key.

So come on, all of you out there in Bondageland. Drop me a line and let me know (all in the strictest of confidence of course) and we can compare notes :-))

Happy Bondage.
Emma x

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Easter Spread Eagle Bondage

Woohoo, I got some bondage for the first time in four and a half months; and yes I have been longing for it to a point of frustration.

It's the new job I am in. I am getting home a lot later due to the whole office working a later start in the mornings, and just don't feel like doing anything after we have had dinner and cleared up in the evening. Then on top of that there was a lot of overtime to do while doing the first quarters accounts.
Peter was a real sweetie and had din-dins ready on the table all the time.
Thank god for Easter and the Bank holidays is all I can say!

A nice spread eagle tie on the bed on Easter Saturday with Peter pawing his hands all over my naked body soon had me quivering like a jelly. But then he didn't stop. It was orgasm after orgasm as his fingers and tongue did the walking.

Biting down on the ballgag trying to stop myself crying out was highly amusing for him. He trys to make it his mission to get me to scream the house down in the throws of ecstasy, or squirt like the porno girls do in the movies nowadays. Trouble is I am a silent girl and don't squirt (well I almost did this time but don't tell him!)

Girls will know all about this, but after we orgasm, it becomes a little painful after the third or fourth time. Every touch after that just sends a sort of electric pulse making us close our legs on impulse to try to fight it off. Spreadeagled, there is no escape or let up.

The only thing I could do was to try to pull my tied ankles up as far as they would go and force my knees together in a sort of Elvis hip wiggle, and buck his hands off at the same time. Both useless ploys I might add.

After more orgasms I was eventually let go and just lay there exhausted for another hour before getting up. Now if he had thought to use the Hitachi Magic Wand on me, I doubt I would have been able get up all day, as that things so powerful!

There is always next time though lol :-))
Happy bondage.
Emma x