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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Taylor Swift

Seems like everyone is getting in on the bondage act nowadays.
First Rihanna comes out with S&M and says in interviews she likes getting spanked and tied up. Now Taylor Swift the country girl is upto no good lol.
Nice pic I linked in from

Friday, 15 July 2011

Bondage Buddies

Well we have all come across the term "Fuck Buddies" but after the last Video clip I linked in, it got me thinking of Bondage Buddies.
Make a call, get someone to come over and tie you up, and have fun trying to escape the bondage under some supervision.

Obviously, I am only thinking out loud here, but it makes so much sense that people connect to be a tier or to be tied; or act as the safety for those of us who like a bit of self bondage every once and a while.

Now the only bad thing thing that comes to mind here, is a note I read recently in
A person paid someone to play a role play scene where they were kidnapped, tied up and "raped".
The victim was then left alone for the rest of the day, gagged and in a very tight hogtie. The "kidnapper" then left, and came back the next day to release the victim who by that time was very scared and emotional, thinking they were going to die because they couldn't untie the knots, and also hadn't told another person as a secondary back up.

It's all very well in hindsight we say! Should have planned better or had more dialogue to make sure everyone was on the same level of understanding about it all!
On another level, "Hell, are they just going to tie you up and rob your house?".
We just dont envisage these sorts of things happening.

But surely the "Kidnapper" here should have been more sensitive to the victims feelings, letting them go a few hours later rather than the next day. They also have the responsibility for our victim too. It really can be a life or death situation especially if anything were to go wrong ie choking, circulation cut off etc.

Now bondage buddies do make sense for the safety factor, but one needs to be aware of the other posibilities that can happen. So play safely.

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