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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Sue Lloyd

Well its with sad news that actress Sue Lloyd has passed away.
Now if you are a nerd like me and love all those sixties rerun shows like I do then you may remember her as the glamorous side kick from such shows as The Baron (with Steve Forrest), The Saint (with Roger Moore) and as a few characters in the Avengers.

She ended up in Crossroads for a bit, for the UK soapies amongst you.


Monday, 10 October 2011

Spreader Bar Suspension Bondage

Well I guess with the hot weather we had both started to become hot as well as rather horny. Peter had me strip naked last Saturday and said it was bondage time!

"Time you were tied up and vibrated."
Now you all know that's one of my my favourite pastimes lol.

Quickly shrugging off my clothes in a big heap on the floor, Peter strapped the leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles. My wrists were then padlocked to either side of a spreader bar to keep my arms wide apart, and my legs soon followed with a second spreader bar. Peter then padlocked a small length of chain to the centre eyescrew in the wrist spreader bar and I was soon dangling from the ceiling (well the loft hatch where we installed some eyebolts) on tiptoes.

He put me in the leather blindfold and left me in the dark for a while. Then he was tickling me all over. Down the sides of my raised arms to the armpits, then on down the sides of my belly and on down my legs and back up. I am really ticklish so that was an evil torture to endure.

I was laughing and pleading for him to stop when he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and a ball gag was roughly shoved in my mouth. I have this nasty habit of trying to push it out of my mouth with my tongue if I am not putting it on myself, but he gave me no chance as he buckled it up tightly. Just to be sure he pulled it another notch on the buckle just to satisfy himself. The strap was really tight and was pulling into the corners of my mouth quite severely.

More tickling and then he was nuzzling my neck and nibbling on my ears which gets my motor going every time.

His his hands were roaming there way over my body again to paw at my breasts. Pinching and pulling at my nipples with his hands, tongue and teeth before working there way down to my sex where the pawing continued. He buried his face in my crotch and took me to an inch of an orgasm before slapping my bum a few times to distract me, then got up to rummage in the bedroom round the corner.

This gave me some time to try to loosen the blindfold over my eyes by rubbing it on my shoulder and upper arms but I was denied my sight as it was buckled on much to tightly to budge. Pulling on my wrists just made the chain clink. Silly me thought I would be able to slip the wrists out of the cuffs. Denied again, I could only raise one foot in the air at any one time and couldn't free the ankles either.

Then I heard a plug pushed into a socket near to me and the inevitable whir of the magic wand come to life. Peter had great fun running it over my body from arms down to pits again (it tickled me an a different sort of way though) then over my nipples for what seemed ages to get them rock hard. Again he ran the bulb of the wand down my thighs to the tops of my feet, but held back from attacking all the best bits until I was squirming trying to edge my pussy into contact with the wand.

As soon my fanny touched the head of the wand, Peter, the bugger, turned it off and made a sarcastic comment that I was insatiable. The very next instant I was having the wand tied down over my clit!

Now every picture I've seen of this has the wand dangling down between my legs, but Peters method had the wand tied bulb facing down and the wands handle tied to my stomach. I felt the rope between the bulb and handle as the rope was passed through my legs and came up behind my ass and split and pass around my waist where it was tied at the front first, then the rope was was passed around the handle of the wand and this was tied supporting it against the waist of the crotch rope. Peter then wound it around the waist and tied it once more. Everything appeared fairly loose at this time, the wand would only have teased me, but then he passed the rope remaining down and tied the bulb in such a way as when he passed the rope back between my thighs again and up the bum to the back of the crotch rope the head of the wand was now very tightly pressing over my clit and vagina. This was then brought up and cinched between my body and the wand and tied off. Wriggling my hips I tried to see if the wand would move any but I have to say it was really well secured and wasn't coming off with out being cut off or untied!

For the next twenty minutes or so I was tormented with Peter turning the wand up high then down to low or off when ever It looked like I was enjoying myself to much and about to orgasm. I protested most vehemently to no avail. I guess this made Peter more determined to torture me so he flicked the switch to high and left me to my own devices. Well device - the wand tied to my clit! I guess I came six or so times before I lost count. I was panting into the gag for all I was worth as the waves of pleasure hit me again and again. There is no resisting coming from a wand. It literally makes your entire body tingle. Any touch by anything just makes you shudder. This was when Peter became really evil. He knelt before me and grabbed the crotch rope at my waist and with his hand, forced the bulb of the wand harder onto my clit. I literally hit the roof as more orgasms hit me turning me into a gibbering wreck. Drool was dribbling down my chin and all over my breasts too. I even dribbled on Peter which got me a smack or two on the ass. But by that time my body was so electric I shuddered at every touch as he un-cuffed me and removed the wand.

Hope he ties the wand on me like that again real soon.

Happy Bondage.
Emma x