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Friday, 18 November 2011

Peter Tied And Hitachi Crotchroped

I had been thinking how to tie up guys and tease the hell out of them for a little while now.
The devious mind of an accountant who's bored to death of spreadsheets and looking for something more stimulating than the profit margin of some company accounts, I guess.

Peter and I both had today off and we started fooling around. Anyway I ended up tying him up for a change. Hands crossed behind his back, knees tied togehter and cinched tightly, followed by the ankles.
Leaving him in the ropes to struggle for a bit I returned and dug out the Hitachi Magic Wand. Then the big girls blouse started moaning something about not wanting his balls vibrated. Well thats just the added impetus for me to go right on ahead and do just the opposite. I pulled out the harness muzzle gag and strapped it tightly about his head, and I was ready to begin my little experiment.

Jumping on top of him and riding him cowgirl to orgasm, his balls were suitably empty. Then I turned on the Wand and teased it all over his body. Tickling his feet, up over his thighs, missing out his groin for now, and up over his nipples, which I flicked at and nibbled on with my tongue and teeth. I was ready to start adding the crotchrope.
I did an elaborate little number in blue rope, doubled up and coming around the waist, through the legs up his behind and through the waist rope; then coming around the waist and pulling each of the two strands apart so it looked like he was wearing a string pair of briefs, albeit showing off all his wedding tackle.
I then just tucked the Wand between one of the already tight ropes and the head was right on the base of his cock. Well I had to do it, didn't I! The Wand was put on to full power and and Peter wasnt even semi erect before he was cumming again. It caught me a little off guard, as I quicky rushed for some tissues to clean him up before it dribbled onto the bed sheets.

With disater diverted, I untied his crotchrope and set about tying it on again. This time I jammed the wand right between his thighs and set about wrapping the tops of his thighs with the rope. I cinched it between his legs pulling the rope tight before tying the bulb of the wand right onto Peters scrotum. There was no way he could shake the head of the wand free from his balls.

This was the killer. Me sitting on the edge of the bed flicking the power switch at the wall off and on. Peter was bucking and moaning into that muzzle gag for all he was worth. Drool was dribbling down his chest, but the ball in his mouth and the muzzle itself pushing up on his lower jaw prevented only the most pitiful of throaty whines and moans escaping.
I got bored after 10 to 15 minutes of that, and retied the wand upside down around his waist with some white rope, but the head of the Wand was tied with the rope passing between Peters legs so the bulb of the Wand pressed right on the base of Peters cock.

He spent the rest of the afternoon moaning about the ache in his balls. I dont know why I bothered to ungag him if all he was going to do was moan at me lol.
Happy bondage.
Emma X