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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tied, vibed and clamped.

Well what does one do when its a cold wet weekend. Get frisky.

Yep even though I went to work this morning, I was in a playful mood. Peter and I wanted to fool around. After, he suggested some bondage. He wanted to tie me up, I wanted to do it to him.

Well in bravado, he suggested adding the nipple clamps I hate. I said to him if he loses he would be wearing them.  Then we tossed a coin. Tails never fails sucker.

Poor old Peter. I made him wear black tights too. Then I made him put on a my pvc opera gloves to see what they looked like on him. I lashed his hands behind his back with some nice white contrasting rope.  Out came his leather chest harness.

I wanted to squash his cock and balls into a tight little pouch but in the end I had to rip the gusset to pull them through the hole in the harness. After that disappointment I pulled the strap really tight between his legs and his cock and balls became really engorged with blood. A bit like a large leather cock ring. Rather than strap his cock to the leather chest harness as it was designed for, I strapped my Hitachi wand to it, so the bulbous head was pressing right on his cock.

Next up was the muzzle gag, as I didnt want him waking the neighbourhood. After tying his ankles, and then his knees, both above and below the knees, all that was left to do was push him over on to the bed and add the Japanese Clover clamps to his nipples. Well. He would have used them on me!

All I then had left to do was turn the wand up to full and watch the show. Of course I did snap a few pictures, much to Peter's disgust. But then again he wasnt in much of a position to complain, with that wand causing him a distraction and me pulling on the chain of his nipple clamps every once and a while.

Happy bondage.
Emma x