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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Bondage Workshop - Pentagram Chest Tie

Howdy guys and girls out there in bondageland.
Ever wanted to do something funky with one of your ties? Here is a picture I had to link in, showing you how to tie a chest harness in a pentagram style.

Emma x

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Pony Boy and Pony Girl Racing

Well its been a little while since I've been to Bondageland and back. In the meantime I have linked in a few videos from various sites to keep you all amuse.

This Friday we took the day off and went with some friends to Newmarket for an afternoon of horse racing followed by a concert in the evening. Frankie Valli can still belt out a tune!
Coming back in the car, this got me thinking of all sorts of interesting equestrian bondage ideas.

The Emma Bond First Annual Ponyboy/PonyGirl Race Meet 

At the Weighing Room, the crowd first must make sure ones jockey is suitable endowed to perform for the task ahead. All areas of the course and the Grandstand are open to the crowd.

Next to the Weighing Room, is the Parade Ground, so you can see your pony boy or girl in all there naked splendour wearing the customary fluffy tailed butt plugs and shiny body harnesses. Different coloured feathers on the bit gag head harness distinguish the owners colour. Ponies maybe a trifle shy if it is their first outing, so blinkered head harnesses are permitted.

Of course running without a tail is strictly against the rules. The weaker of the ponies wear smaller tail plugs while the stronger ones wear thicker and more ribbed butt plugs to make for an even running field. My handicap system is similar to the weighted saddles in non kinky racing. Obviously my race meet will be a lot more fun to watch.

The ponies are given a thorough rub down and light oil. This will weed out the weaker ponies as you want the ones with the most staying power. Orgasms disqualify your pony from a race. Horses are thoroughly touched and examined by owners, trainers and spectators, so the temperament of your pony must be excellent! You have the right to know what you are betting on come the race after all.

There is a gentlemans agreement that no deliberate tampering or impeding the ponies will be permitted, such as viscious fingering or fisting the fillies or painful twisting and tugging on colts. All such violations of trust is dealt with by public bullwhipping after the race meet followed by forfiture of ones liberty for the next three years to be the carthorse who pulls the course mowing machine.

Just before the race starts all ponies are led out in front of the Grandstand where body harnesses are cinched tighter. Armbinders are laced on the ponies arms, behind their back, and the ponies are backed into and attached to the pony carts.

The 5 inch high heeled black leather calf boots the ponies were wearing for the parade ground are unzipped and the trainer laces them into the proper pony boots for running down the grass track.

Weighted nipple clamps with jingling bells are placed on the ponies. Last minute checks are made by the course director that tail plugs are properly in place and clamps are suitable tight. The owners of the best turned out pony for the current race is presented a bottle of champagne.

Each race is three hundred feet, approximately half a furlong.

Catsuited with waists tightly cinched in leather waspie corsets and high heel boots in the owners colours; the jockeys are ordered to mount the carts and line up for the race.

Under starters orders, and they are off . . . .

Horse whips are flicked out to touch the pony’s rumps, with a muffled whinny; ponies start their journey down the track to the finishing post.

Boots are clopping on the grass. Thick butt plug tails and weighted nipple clamps are suitably distracting the ponies from running to fast and falling to peril.

The crowd of Pony racing enthusiasts hear the bells jangling, coming towards them up the track, over the din of popping of champagne corks and owners shouting their ponies onward to victory.

The winner of each race is paraded in the winner’s circle. The harness bit gag is replaced with a more suitable ball gag and muzzle harness, and the racing boots removed and replaced with the parade boots again. After hobbling the pony, the crowd have a chance to rub the winning pony down all over  and refresh them with a cool drink of water.

The winning pony is photographed alongside their owner and the winning jockey. For the ponies they race for the greatest prize. To win and be put out to stud for the night with the other winning thoroughbreds of their owners stables.

Even if you "have lost your shirt" and never backed a winner, everyone is still the winner at Emmas Equestrian race days.

Emma x