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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Bondage 01

Click on the link for a hot bondage clip.

Bondage 01 - MyVideo

Emma x

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Charlotte - First Magic Wand Orgasm

We had the safety stuff on hand such as the mobile phone, the cuff keys, the EMS scissors to cut ropes if required. Also good to have around was a big bottle of water, as this catsuit made Charlotte really hot and sweaty, and that was before the Magic Wand vibrator was even turned on. 
Its pretty hard to resist the orgasms when you are strapped to this one, but as it was Charlotte's first go in bondage and with a wand, we asked her to wear the Velcro bed cuffs to start with so she could get herself free at any stage if she felt uncomfortable.
These cuffs go around the feet of the bed and through the bars of the bed frame but allow enough room for the hands to move over the body as you see Charlotte was doing.
The last picture is after she had orgasmed a few times and we turned the wand off at the wall socket.
We had to change the ballgag after as this one was a little to big and uncomfortable for her to wear.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.
Emma x