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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Jacky-Line The Spider

I came across this little clip of JackLine the other day and thought Wow! What a great pice of bondage gear to have.

jacky spider - MyVideo

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

PVC Bondage frames

Howdy to all you girls and guys out there in Bondageland.

Well I have been sitting around mopping after watching the great Australian Rugby team get stuffed by the British Lions, and to add to the shame, the cricket team is losing two nil to the Poms too!
Good job I am going home soon as I cant take the abuse and also the bumps and bruises as I am walking into lamp posts and walls and stuff, what with having to hold my head down in shame!

Anyway enough of all that depressing stuff. I have had an email from Lynn a new e-friend of mine who came across my blog and wrote me a really cool email.

He saw the article I put up about making your own bondage frame out of PVC plumbers pipe and remarked that he had seen a picture up on the Internet a while back, and he and his partner decided to build a bondage frame similar to the picture he saw.

Well their frame is nothing like our one as ours is a squat on the floor and get your ass spanked style of frame.

They worked wonders cutting and cementing the pipe in all the strategic places and have created a frame that stands like a box around her bed. It looks about 5 or 6 feet high and has a cool H frame suspended underneath that allows the sub to have their arms and legs stretched out and upwards to allow for some kinky sexual activity and if one is inclined, some genital torture too. There is endless possibilities with their frame as they can use it to be tied spread-eagle, laying on the bed or standing between the uprights of the frames, or kneeling strappados to name just a few possible positions.

Now there are the sceptics amongst us that say the pipe will crack. I have asked a qualified plumber this question and he assures me it will take a Herculean effort to crack plumbing pipe. Don't get me wrong, it is flexible and will bend slightly, but as plumbing pipe is reinforced and has a strip of blue laminate in the pipe to strengthen it, it should be okay. Please don't make the mistake of getting the non plumbing PVC pipe though. This is less strong and will snap. Also please note that you shouldn't really be suspending any major weight from something so flimsy anyway.

I have asked Lynn about the rigidity of their frame and he tells me there are iron rods put inside the pipe and that the joints are cemented with PVC pipe glue to strengthen the frame. Obviously the weak link will be these joints and he assures me that they play kinky, but carefully. He was good enough to show me a picture of his lovely partner tied and blindfolded under the frame with vibrating nipple clamps and all lol, but I wont put that picture up as thats a private moment between a man and a woman enjoying the scene they were creating.
Oh, and the really cool thing about the frame is that it can be taken apart and stored under the bed.
I asked if I could use their picture and write about the cool bondage frame and he agreed.

The other thing I need to point out is that they are really into rope bondage too. My kind of people lol.
They have a little website going and there are lots of tutorials for various rope bondage ties and positions for you to try out, so I recommend checking it out.

Just remember to play safe and have fun.
Happy bondage.
Emma x