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Thursday, 21 May 2015

My brand new ballgags.

Howdy Guys and Gals out there in Bondageland.

This morning the postman delivered my latest fetish toys.

As some of you know I am a bit of a bondage nut in the bedroom.

In the past I owned a large 50 mm Ball Gag, but the one I had was poor quality. In a fit of mad struggle while the hubby tied me up, I literally bit right through the gag. How the hell did I do that you ask? Well it's because it was made in layers joined together and it was rubber not Silicone.
Besides, the way things have been going of late; Rubber gags can affect people who maybe allergic to them. That is the reason I wanted to replace it with a silicone gag.

I have been looking for a gag supplier in the UK that sells gags that do not have a leather strap running through it, for hygienic purposes. I finally found a great supplier in Bondage.Bob who sells the style I like.

Below are the links for you to go to and shop to your hearts content.  Bondage.Bob / 3_Dozen_Toyz is the seller. Say I said hello. Also, if you are on, you can find them as DIYBondage.

There are two Ebay accounts both with excellent feed back. One does the ball gags and ring gags the other is for the harness type gags and specialty items.

We purchased the 50 mm diameter (that's the distance across the centre of the ball).

Yep in imperial that's a 2inch ball gag. I have been wearing it for an hour this morning to get used to wearing this for long periods of play time. Boy does it make you drool a lot, But that's why we want to wear them, right?

Let me say that I love the thick straps and the shiny well riveted locking buckle.

£15.00 plus £4 for postage which if in stock comes by second class post and will arrive two days after payment. Bondage.Bob also emails to say that it has been posted out to you. How's that for prompt service? We gave it five out of five star recommendations for all categories.

The other purchase we made is the 60 mm diameter ball gag. That is a 2 and 3/8 of an inch ball gag. It has the same beautiful craftsmanship. I must point out. This gag is really huge. It doesn't quite fit me, try as I might to squeeze it in. I am afraid that my eyes were bigger than my mouth when we ordered it lol. I will persevere and train myself to wear it. I will not be beaten.

The sizes these gags come in are as follows:-
45mm (1&3/4 inch);  50mm (2 inch); 55mm (2&1/4 inch); 60mm(2&3/8 inch)
Red Black Blue & Pink are the colours available.

If you are into Bit Gags or Ring Gags or if you require a beautiful Panel Ball Gag;  this is the place to shop for them. I am saving my pennies up for one of the Harness Ball Gags.

Happy shopping.

Emma xx

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Magic Wand Harness Belt

Howdy Guys and Gals out there in Bondageland.

I have finally succumbed to my yearning.

I ordered a Magic Wand Harness Belt from Ebay. It arrived in the post this very day.
Got it for £52. Checking online this afternoon they are being sold on UK sex toy websites for £63-£67 not including postage. Well the money saving stimulated me to try it out right then and there.

I strapped it on good and tight and no matter how hard I shook it about, I couldn't dislodge the bulbous head of the wand off my little Clitty Cat.

Bending forward eased it a little, but leaning back thrust me onto the wand harder. There is a strap that passes from the back of the belt which holds the wand and then clips to two rings on the front of the belt. The wand made all the straps tingle all the was up to my ass. There is even a holding strap for a butt plug!

Wasn't long before it was working its magic on me for a fantastic orgasm. This is sooo getting used in my next tie up session lol.

Emma xx

Loren Chance as the Dangerous Diva

Loren - MyVideo

Hi there Guys and Gals out there in Bondageland.

Below is a lovely link to a video of Loren Chance playing the Dangerous Diva an cat-burglar with a penchant for tying up her victims and playing with them before robbing them all.

Emma xx

Friday, 15 May 2015

Do You Want To Play With My Balls - childrens story book

Howdy guys and gals out there in bondageland.
I came across this on Youtube.
It's a children's story book that can be used for adults too.
I reckon the author must be a kinky person just from the words and I cant see it being read in Kindergarten much either lol


Emma xx