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Monday, 19 June 2017

Four against poor Amber

Here is a wonderful link to a video clip of poor Amber Michaels who has come up against four masked bandits intent on tying her up. Can she break free and raise the alarm . . .

Sunday, 11 June 2017

The Bondage Workshop - How to escape from ZipTie bondage

I came across an interesting article on the web yesterday on how to escape zip ties.
"Wait." You say. "You mean there are more ways to do that, than just cutting the bloody things off your wrists?"

Why sure there is.

If your hand are bound in front of you. Use your fingers or your teeth and tighten the zip ties at tight as they can go. Yes this goes against everything you have heard. Make it loose and slip your wrists out is the logical conclusion. Well if you are zip tied then the thing you want to do bust the very tiny bar that ratchets the plastic tie. Raise your very tightly tied wrists in the air above your head and in one fell swoop of the wrists, bring then down into your pelvis as hard as you can. If your elbows are wide and the wrists hit firmly in the middle of your pelvis, this forces your wrists to wrench apart. Yes. It will probably hurt a bit but with the pressure on the plastic bar creating that ratchet holding you tight will all be focused here, firstly as your wrist pulls sideways apart in force, and secondly in a backward and forward motion too. This will create enough pressure to break hat little plastic tab that holds the zip tie in its ratcheted form. Yay. You are free.

Okay what if I don't want to punch myself to do that?

Well you still have to break that little bar. Can you find something that you can jam into the plastic box where the bar is creating that ratchet? A nail piece of metal or a credit card perhaps. Jam it right in there and snap it. If the bar doesn't break it may allow you to pull the zit tie looser so you can slip the thing over your wrist and thumb bones to allow you to get free.

Preventative measures are the third way that will allow you to possibly get free.
Can you trick the would be kidnapper into zip tying you how you want to be tied?
"What's that Emma. Have a kidnapper zip tie me how I want to be tied? Nonsense"

Try to have the zip tie over some clothing. You should be able to pull the cloth back and allow yourself a couple of millimetres gap between your skin. If  you make fists as they zip it, making a fist pumps the forearm muscles up and gives a greater surface area when being ziptied. When unclenched their should be a gap between the tie and the skin.Will you be able to wriggle free now?

Here is a lint to the article.

Enjoy and happy bondage.
Emma x