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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Work Orgasm Booths - the way forward?

I came across this news item on Yahoo this morning.
Women can now go to an "orgasm booth" they can book so they can de-stress and have an orgasm during work time.
You get an orgasm master class (lets hope the therapist isn't a guy, because we have more than one erogenous zone than just our clits!), then an hour in the both to unload and come.
Okay. Who's up for this yet? Most women would pop to the loo and just use their fingers. Okay. Not as nice an environment, I grant you, but sure, I have gone to the loo to get off at work. I know of a few guys that do it at work too.  
Hygiene? I don't really want to lay in sheets some other woman has been in, or in her "wet patch." Believe it or not, some women can ejaculate too, just not semen!
Okay. Most women cant have an orgasm through sex with their guy. So is this pop up booth around the place going to help? For you yes. Maybe, but for the relationship probably not. Go home get the guy relaxed. Be relaxed yourself and just touch each other all over. Make sure in a non selfish way he spends more time on you to get the mood going and then jump on top of him and you control the stroke and rhythm and are not letting him come to early.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

S & M (joke)

S & M

Sue and Sally met at their 30th class reunion, and they hadn't seen each other since graduation. They began to talk and started to bring each other up to date on their lives. The conversation covered their husbands, their children, homes, etc. and finally got around to their sex lives.
Sue said "It's OK. We get it on every week or so but it's no big adventure, how's yours?"
Sally replied "It's just great, ever since we got into S&M."
Sue was aghast. "Really Sally, I never would have guessed that you would go for that."
"Oh, sure," said Sally, "He snores while I masturbate."