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Sunday, 24 June 2018

Howdy Guys and Gals out there in Bondageland.

So as we all know by now it's the Football World Cup out in Russia.

Yep real football played by kicking the ball for ninety minutes; not throwing an oval shaped pig bladder ten yards and waiting for an advert break before the next play to be made for our American friends out there! (And just another mute point. The World Series in Baseball isn't really a world series if none of the other countries bar America and Canada play in it!)

Well anyway that's the sum of my sporting knowledge and I am trying to avoid it all.

I posted on Twitter that I need to be bound gagged ear plugged and hooded for the next few weeks until its all over. I would have my fun being teased and vibrated all day while trying my best to get free and failing miserably, but also avoiding all the major football upsets, woes and poor results that always come of it all.

So in my desperation to avoid all this I came across an amazing picture of Lily Allen on Twitter in a leather catsuit. She looks incredible.

I would let her domme me dressed like that. If she wanted to be cruel to me she could sing ha ha. (Okay that's a joke as I like her songs.)

I also came across the following that made me chuckle. It's about a couple of parents letting their kids have a gang of kids over for a sleep over.


 Well you know what happens next.

Emma xxx