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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Jennifer Lawrence Red Sparrow - Dungeon bondage and water torture scene

I had watched the 70's French film the Histoire d'O/The Story of O and a whole heap of bondage films that erred on the side of women roped and vibrated since the web became the main way bondage producers started to sell their kinky wares online.

I had also seen the James Bond film Casino Royale where a really buff and hot Daniel Craig gets his balls whipped by Le Chiffre. (Did I say he had an amazing body lol). For good bondage in a mainstream film though, I believe you need to revisit the film noir from the forties to the late nineteen fifties, and most cop or Sci Fi or cowboy TV shows from the sixties to the mid eighties.

That was when bondage in the movies and on TV seems to have gone pear shaped. Women's empowerment and not to be seen as an object of desire or as a helpless damsel became the norm. What with the Hollywood leading ladies demanding equal pay and no nudity and I wont do anything that fucks with my good publicity etc; and the fall out from that sleazebag Weinstein, who allegedly (for legality), scared and then slept his way through Hollywood.

Well lets just say I was a little surprised that Jennifer Lawrence who stars in Red Sparrow ends up ball tied, bound to a frame in a basement, with her hands behind her back pulled up to the ceiling while water tortured. Yes she is naked too.

I hadn't wanted to see the film until this little tit bit came to my attention, so drop me a note to let me know if you have seen the film and how it rates. Is it up there?

Remember that everyone knows Spinal Tap,the greatest movie ever, is an Eleven, because everyone else is a Ten! (Do you remember the amplifier scene?). So drop me a line if you also agree or disagree on the noir comment or about bondage in TV. I am always interested hearing what you guy and gals out there in Bondageland think.

Catch her in this clip here

Enjoy. Emma xxx

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