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Thursday, 12 July 2018

The Bondage Workshope - Crotchropes with toys

Here is another crotchrope tie for you. Clip is below.

Crotchropes with toys

Emma xx

The Bondage Workshop - Charlotte Ties A Crotchrope With A Wand Vibrator

Want to tie a vibrator into your crotchrope? Here's a little something Charlotte and I  put together for you. When the crotchrope comes back between the legs and is knotted around the bulb of the wand . . . well lets just say its not going to be shaken off your sweet spot.

Enjoy the clip below.

Charlotte Ties A Crotchrope With A Wand Vibrator

Emma xx

The Bondage Workshop - Charlotte ties a crotchrope

Check out the video clip we made below.

Charlotte ties a crotchrope

Emma xx

Sunday, 8 July 2018

England has gone nuts on Football . . .

They say that the UK economy has been boosted by £2.7 billion because of the English teams football success. Well the last few weeks I was left in the lurch trying to reconcile my claims bordereau statements while everyone in the office was watching the football every day on the internet and doing basically sweet F@#~ All!

Do you guys have to watch every game in the office even if it isn't England? I would have thought everyone spending the first two weeks of the tournament doing bugger all would have lost the economy £2.7 billion!

So after yet another week of football and the poms going nuts and overdosing on burnt snags on the barbie and trying to drink the country dry in ninety minutes  . . . which must have be real ale due to the CO2 shortage for lager . . .  everyone seems high on the jubilation of a possible world cup final.

Well that led me to trawl the internet for a bit of inspiration on how to deal with those moaning wives and girlfriends like myself that have no interest in football.

If you guys are asked to take the dustbins out, don't moan and say I'll do it at half time! Just do it. You will see your blowjob and sex quotient increase rather than us getting catty and pissing you off by deliberately saying stuff like doesn't Harry Kane have beautiful eyes and awesome thighs!

Now the great Dave Annis came up with a brilliant cartoon, and I saw a picture of Jasmine Sinclair looking pretty awesome in a England football jersey.


That's more my enjoyment of sporting prowess.
Emma xxx

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Howdy Guys and Gals out there in Bondageland.

So as we all know by now it's the Football World Cup out in Russia.

Yep real football played by kicking the ball for ninety minutes; not throwing an oval shaped pig bladder ten yards and waiting for an advert break before the next play to be made for our American friends out there! (And just another mute point. The World Series in Baseball isn't really a world series if none of the other countries bar America and Canada play in it!)

Well anyway that's the sum of my sporting knowledge and I am trying to avoid it all.

I posted on Twitter that I need to be bound gagged ear plugged and hooded for the next few weeks until its all over. I would have my fun being teased and vibrated all day while trying my best to get free and failing miserably, but also avoiding all the major football upsets, woes and poor results that always come of it all.

So in my desperation to avoid all this I came across an amazing picture of Lily Allen on Twitter in a leather catsuit. She looks incredible.

I would let her domme me dressed like that. If she wanted to be cruel to me she could sing ha ha. (Okay that's a joke as I like her songs.)

I also came across the following that made me chuckle. It's about a couple of parents letting their kids have a gang of kids over for a sleep over.


 Well you know what happens next.

Emma xxx

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Happy decade to me - one of my first blog articles was about Dave Annis . . .

It's a happy birthday to the blog.
Its now just over ten years since I published my first article on the blog.
One of the first was about the great Dave Annis; bondage rigger and cartoon extraordinaire was my first post. He also gave me permission to include a couple of his cartoons on here. I am still amaze how he runs a bondage website, ties up the chicks, and still produces a story in every cartoon he creates.

There are plenty of up coming bondage events and awards. If you see his name on the list give him a vote.

Emma xxx

Dave's sites where you can check out his stuff:-

Royal Weddng, football or hooded and bound and gagged for the afternoon?

Well its been a while since I posted things here. New job after the nightmare position I was at before.
Its not really my thing so I am learning new skills so had to ease off on the bondage and kink malarkey for a bit. It sucks, how work gets in the way of what you want to do for the day lol

Anyway. Its the Royal wedding today and I seem to have missed most of that. (Dress was nice though lol and Harry seems the fun one of the lot of them and better looking too!)

Anyway, so what with their day taking up every bloody page and TV channel of news for the last month; and the football on this afternoon. It got me thinking.
Do I become a footie wife or just accept the fact I would prefer to have him tie me up tight so the pips squeak and then earplug and ballgag me; then hood me and leave me to struggle all afternoon?

Emma xxx

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Steve Spandex now has a page at

Howdy one and all.
Christmas seems to have started way back in October so if you are thoroughly bored with it all already, you may want to direct your subbie or Dom/me over to

It will be an added distraction from writing the cards, shopping for presents and eating mince pies.

My buddy Steve Spandex has written some awesome bondage stories and the link above is where you can go to get them and read them.

The Secrets of Shackleton Grange is about what happens when a lady cat burglar decides to rob a stately home while the owner is still at home and throwing a fetish ball when she is found by them.

Long Time Bound is a collection of short stories about people who like self bondage but not quite the outcome they were expecting after being found by friends.

Ever Increasing Bondage is the tale of two twins  Jasmine and Jade, very into bondage and how they introduce their friend Lauren into their playtime. It was only a matter of time when they are all found by their dominant cousin Amber. Lauren spends a lot of time in some very tight interesting predicament bondage. There is also a sequel called Continually Increasing Bondage.

Steve has put a lot of time and effort into creating these wonderful stories so I hope you will drop by his page and check them out.

Emma xx