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Monday, 1 June 2009

Sonia's Story - Part 4

Here is the next installment for you all. Enjoy. Emma x

What will happen to Emma and Sonia?

Suzy and Tanya untied Sonia’s wrists from Emma’s ankles and tied her wrists behind her back. They then did the same to Emma. Both the girls ankles were tied together and they were re-gagged with mouth stuffing and tape gagged. Their boobs were tied and they were left to watch Suzy and Tanya as they enjoyed themselves in a 69 position. Suzy and Tanya were getting very excited as they came several times, while Sonia and Emma could only watch and mmmmpppphhhh into their gags.

More To Cum . . .

Suzy and Tanya grabbed Emma and place her in a large chair. They untied her ankles and tied them to the chair legs. Her wrists were untied and retied to the arms of the chair. Her gag was removed and her mouth was stuffed with Tanya’s panties, and a black scarf was used to hold them in place. Both Suzy and Tanya took turns licking Emma’s clit, making her cum. After 4 climaxes, Suzy went to her bondage box and returned with a very large mains powered vibrator. This was then taped to Emma’s pussy, held against her clit by duct tape. Tanya and Suzy watched and laughed as Emma struggled in her bonds and mmmmppphhhed, as she came over and over again.

Suzy and Tanya now looked at Sonia, who is still on the floor and struggling.
“Did you like what we did to Emma?. It’s your turn now.”

Suzy’s Saucy Situation . . .

Suzy untied Sonia’s legs and ordered her to stand up and walk over to the desk.
Tanya then tied Sonia’s ankles to the front desk legs and leant her over the desk face up. Suzy then tied her wrists to the back desk legs and strapped a dildo around Sonia’s waist.
Tanya tied a dildo-penis gag around the back of her head, so that it was standing upright from her mouth. Tanya climbed onto the desk and facing Suzy, she squatted over Sonia’s face, sitting on the dildo. Suzy climbed onto the desk and sat astride the other strap-on dildo. Suzy and Tanya took it in turns to sucks each others nipples and stroke each others clit as they fucked themselves on the dildos. They both had orgasm after orgasm, as the pussy juice of Tanya dribbled down onto the face of the helpless Sonia.

Can Sonia And Emma Get Free?

Emma had started the day in a fantastic mood. Her friend Sonia had called her up saying she had two of her pals all tied up and was looking for a partner to play with them. Well having two girls to your self was just greedy wasn't it?

Emma had turned up at the apartment. Pushing open the door she spied two bound girls, legs spreader barred and suspended by their hands from a ceiling beam. They started mmmphing loudly through their gags when they heard Emma enter the room. Great, Emma thought. They were both gagged nicely and Sonia had hooded them in scarves.

Emma loved to open presents so pulled off the first girls scarf. “You must be Suzy or Tanya” she said. Then she pulled off the hood of the other girl.

It was Sonia.
Emma stepped back in shock.
Sonia was pleading with her eyes to be released when an arm grabbed Emma, pinning her arms to her sides and a sickly smelling cloth forced over her nose. Emma went out like a light.

When she woke Emma had the worse headache in the world and found herself tied hand and feet and gagged. From then on it only got worse. First Suzy by herself and then the other girl, Tanya, had bound her and Sonia in ever more fiendish ways, using an assortment of vibrators and butt plugs and gags on them for their joy and amusement.

After a bound and gagged seated tie, a mains vibrator was plugged in and left on high as the girls chortled at her predicament. The vibrator was so powerful that Emma bucked in her chair struggling against the ropes to no avail. Panting, as her tummy spasmed from wave after wave of forced climax.

Emma knew that she would be a gibbering orgasmic wreck if she couldn't get out of her bonds any time soon, but the evil thoughts of a bondage revenge on the two little witches, forced her to continue the struggle. They would make a mistake soon and Emma would have to have loosened her ties, just enough by then, to take up the opportunity.

Time after time the girls double teamed her, one holding her down while the other did the tying up. The girls had obviously done a lot of bondage before as the ropes were always tight and cinched in some form or another. Some times the ties were evil and taxed Emma's body giving her little chance, but she always tensed her wrists and tried to gain a little space to try to slip her hand loose or to get her fingers closer to the knots.

The girls had finished with Emma for now. Well finished as much as a lubed 6 inch vibrator and butt plug pushed into her pussy and ass, before crotch roping them in place would permit.
At least it wasn't the mains vibe, she thought.

Tanya’s hand had slipped between Emma's thighs. She pushed the butt plug deeper into Emma's ass. Emma groaned in discomfort. Tanya’s hand slid its way between Emma's pussy and turned the vibe up to maximum. Her fingers circled Emma's clit. Suzy saw this and not wanting to be left out started stroking and pulling Emma's nipples before burying her face in Emma's crotch, licking the clit and the juice from Tanya's fingers as they brought Emma to orgasm.

Suzy held Emma down on the floor as Tania wrapped rope around her boobs making them stick out taught. Emma struggled as Suzy proceeded to tie her hands behind her back. She then passed a rope between them and down to her already bound feet. She pulled, and Emma's legs were drawn up into a hogtie.

Not as severe as the last one where her feet had almost touched her bum. At least she would be able to move a little. Tanya then stuffed a very large ball-gag from Suzy’s bondage box into her mouth to finish the tie. At last, Emma thought. This may be the chance she needed to escape.

The girls still had Sonia tied to the table, gagged with a ridiculously large external penis gag.

Before, Suzy had tied the strap-on dildo around Sonia's waist while Tanya and had buckled the penis gag on Sonia. Suzy climbed on to the gag penis, and had fucked herself, dribbling her fanny juices over Sonia's face. Tanya had ridden the strap-on while they stroked and kissed, in view of Sonia who wanted to be free and join in, but was prevented by the ropes. The girls, now having finished with Emma's new tie, swapped positions. Then they climbed back on Sonia.

This tie must be popular she thought. Emma could look, as the girls hadn't blindfolded her, and wondered if the strap-on dildo had an internal cock and if Sonia was enjoying herself too.

When Suzy and Tanya had finished fucking the strap-ons, they untied Sonia. Keeping a firm hold of her they forced her to the ground and taped her arms behind her back with Duct Tape. Suzy went off to her goody box again leaving Tanya to tape Sonia’s legs into a tight frog tie.

Suzy brought back the lube and a monster vibrator and butt plug which she quickly inserted into Sonia. Sonia tried to buck away, mmmphing into her gag, but Suzy pulled her back viciously pinching a nipple. “Stop screeching Sonia.” She said. “Here Tanya wrap some more tape around her head to quieten her down.”
Tanya did as she was told and while she wrapped the tape round and round over Sonia’s already thick gag, Suzy pinched Sonia’s nipples and clamped clips to them.

As Sonia mmmmphed in pain into her gag, Tanya brought over the mains Vibrator and thrust it against Sonia’s clit. Sonia almost bucked in the air as Tanya clicked the switch. With in moments, Sonia was crying out into her gag in orgasm. All thoughts of the clamps on her nipples were now gone.

“Hey. Let’s see her try it on full power.” Suzy laughed. With the vibe in her pussy on max and full up from the butt plug, every time Sonia moved the orgasms washed over her body. She clenched and unclenched he bound hands, her eyes rolled in their sockets as she trust her head back to shout as she climaxed yet again. “Look at her move. Here, let me have that tape Tanya.” Suzy took the tape, and wrapped it over the top of Sonia’s chest, above and below her breasts, and then around her waist pinning Sonia’s arms to her back.

Sonia was whimpering pleading with her eyes for Tanya to turn it off. She had to endure another 10 minutes of this torture, until Tanya tied her vibes in place with a crotch rope. Tanya then turned it on to Suzy’s clit pleasuring her while Suzy fingered Tanya.

Emma was struggling now but she had succeeded in a gaining a little room in the ropes for her to twist her hands. If the girls didn't notice, then she maybe able to pull her hand free from the rope holding her hands behind her back.

She had to take a breather as another orgasm swept over her. First she was exhausted from the orgasm, then the vibes in unison built up into a crescendo of pleasure before tipping her over the edge of the orgasmic precipice, making her cry into her gag for the umpteenth time today.

After the orgasm had passed, Emma began to struggle again. I would have tied the crotch rope through the hands, she thought. Every movement would have made the vibes wriggle inside me she thought. When I get free they are so going to get it good, she thought. . .

“God, Suzy, it’s so late.” Tanya said catching sight of the clock on the mantelpiece. “No wonder I am so tired.” Yeah.” said Suzy. “All those Orgasms can really make you bushed.” She laughed. “Let’s go up to bed.”

“What shall we do with our little toys?” Tanya asked.
“Bugger them.” Suzy said. “They wanted to tie us up and play. Shame I got the drop on poor Sonia. I reckon those vibrator batteries will run out in a few hours. I am not sure how they will cope sleeping all trussed up like chickens though. Sweet dreams ladies.”

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