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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Damsels In Distress - the interviews

Hi there everyone out there in bondageland. Hope you are all getting out and about in the sunshine this week. It's been a good one.

Now I made myself a New Year resolution to do more things on the blog and I don't feel I am keeping that. So I had a little trawl over the web last week and came across this little link.

It's a fantastic little free site listing a who's who of stars and excerpts from various TV and films they appear in. Obviously they get helplessly bound and gagged "for the storyline" and of course for our viewing pleasure.

I had a read of some of the interview questions. Some of these actors and actresses actually love a bondage scene or two! How cool are they, huh!

Now it comes across that this film industry gig, where they get paid and get tied up too, can be a little hairy to say the least. Being tied and gagged running through a forest right into a camera and bashing yourself about; tied up in a meat locker and catching a cold; bound and gagged in a car boot and bashing yourself on a car jack. That would be my ideal job. lol
Well as long as they removed the car jack before driving me around.

I hope you have a read and enjoy the interviews. I did.

Emma xxx

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