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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Catsuit and Spreader Bar Challenge

Nipple clamped, muzzle gagged and then padlocked to the ends of a five foot spreader bar by collar and ankle cuffs, with the wrist cuffs padlocked to the centre eyescrew. How long can our willing Catsuit and Ballet Boot clad captive endure the position?


John said...


And when you do that Peter goes to the football??????

MawaKlamps said...

Those nipple clamps look painfully positioned to be rolling around face down :)

Emma Bond said...

It was the FA Cup lol I had to let him John.
MawaKlamps, yep it hurts more rolling about with clover clamp on. Normal clamps can eventually get rubbed off. These Clover Clamps just bite tighter lol

Mumman said...

Likey muchly!!! : ))