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Monday, 1 June 2015

I used to think this was wrong . . .


Loura Dominic said...

How often does one get the chance to hogtie, pantygag, ass crack, grope, mock and humiliate their Ex-Wife? Exactly! But that is exactly the case here when you see a Goon trick his Ex-Wife into communicating with him and before she knows it she is very tightly hogtied getting her own well worn panties stuffed into her gag-bitching mouth only to be put down and put into a tight hogtie getting her ass cracked, groped, mocked, humiliated and toe-tally fucked with left toe-tally fucked
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Roberto Higueros said...

Very well said Dominic ☺️ Very hot scenario that I wouldn't mind being part of at all. Hehehe.