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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The Catburglar Captured.
Click on the above link to open the video.

Here is a link to our latest exploits with Charlotte who seems to have been through the preverbal wringer. She plays a catsuit and corset wearing cat burglar who came to the wrong house. The catsuit was very hot and sweaty and the drool flowed freely. Our new harness ballgag strapped tightly around her head certainly turned the taps on lol
Play safe and have fun.
Happy Bondage.
Emma xx 


Pihla said...

Thank´s for sharing the great video! :-D

Emma Bond said...

Glad you liked it Pihla.
Emma x

John said...

I hope Charlottte will be visiting again soon

Emma Bond said...

I will have to ask her over again lol
E xx

seth said...
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