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Tuesday, 18 November 2008


I haven't been up to much recently, sorry if I haven't been in touch with you, email wise too. Work can be a bitch and ruin all things social, but it pays the bills in these troubled times.

Well I thought I would have a bit of controversy on who I selected for the favourite bondage model.
I included some newbies like Emily Addison and Randy Moore, who are little hotties, but haven't polled as many votes as I thought they would. They are fairly newish.

My readers have quite discerning tastes. I had excluded people such as Rachel Paine,CJ Belle,Stacy Burke, Nicole Sheridan and the lovely British gal Jasmine Sinclair to name a few.

I guess we are all suckers for the classic ladies of the bondage world. I would have voted For Christina Carter.

The thing we mostly agreed on was the hogtie as our favourite tie, but the polls still open.

Happy bondage.
Emma x

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Lili said...

Hello. I´m a girl from Spain, which also has a blog theme of bondage. I love your blog, I find it very sexy. Pasat by me, to see what you think.