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Friday, 14 December 2012


I have been siting here this afternoon trying out two new gags I bought myself for Christmas.

The first I am wearing while typing this and its making the job really hard.
My new red ball gag with chin strap is definitely doing the job it is designed to do.
I have wanted one of these for ages and just never got around to ordering it and I have to say its one of the best bits of bondage kit we have bought.

Now contrary to what I previously wrote about jamming the ball up onto the upper jaw keeping the mouth tight around the ball, it is the opposite I find now I am wearing one.
The gag, when tightly strapped around the neck, forces the ball into the centre of the mouth. Obvious I hear you start to mutter. Ah but now for my other observation!
With the chin strap tight it forces the ball down on top of the tongue, not impeding it, but in effect strapping the ball tight into your lower jaw. The tighter the neck strap is the more the ball is forced back.

Now I really hate drooling over myself, but I love the pictures on the web of girls with a tight ball gag drooling. To me its very erotic.

That said. this ball gag. as soon as it was in my mouth. I started drooling. It first seeped over the top of the gag drooling over my top lip and then dripping down on me. Now its coming out like a flood torrent all down my chin.
I thoroughly recommend this one to you all, and it was under £20.

My other gift to myself was a panel head harness ball gag.
This, I strapped on before a bit of bondage play housework.
It has a latex ball riveted to a panel which is riveted to the various other straps to keep it snug on your head.

So this morning with the head harness strapped tightly in place, I cuffed myself and went to work hoovering the house as a little pre-Christmas clean up.

I was happily hoovering away until I could feel the the ball in my mouth build up a nice mouthful of drool behind it. I wasn't very good at swallowing with this in so the drool kept building until it leaked out of my mouth behind the panel. There it stayed for a little while as I finished off the bedrooms, and was making my way down the starts. That's when I could really feel the build up behind the panel as my lips and chin started to get really damp. Then the inevitable happened and the drool started to leak out drip all over the place.

I am looking forward to a nice hogtie with this in and perhaps my head pulled back  by the d ring to my feet to make it stricter

Now apart form the straps being a little to long, and not enough holes on the under-chin strap. This was a great gag too.I rectified this by asking Peter to cut off a bit of the strap and I asked him to drill a few more holes into straps where I pointed. Ths gag cost about £25.

Now I am off to wash my face and mop up the keyboard ;o;.
Emma x

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Anonymous said...

This is why I like wrap-around tape gags the most. Maximum effectiveness, no drool.