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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Yvonne Craig - 16th May 1937-17th August 2015 - Rest In Peace

It's with sadness we have to say good by to Yvonne Craig.
She passed away Monday 17th 2015. She was 78, leaving a husband and her sister and nephews to mourn her passing.

She had been ill with breast cancer which had spread to her liver. Recently she had surgery removing her gall bladder and parts of her liver that had some tumours growing there. The chemotherapy she had been having for the last two years may have lead to her immune system not to function as it would, and sadly she lost her fight against the disease.

Now as a big kid myself we would all recognise her for the role that made her famous. Barbara Gordon the librarian who's alter ego was Batgirl in the 1960's TV series. However, she started her career as a Ballet dancer before starring in films alongside such stars as Elvis Presley, and then on to numerous TV shows such as the Mod Squad and parts on Star Trek (She was the Green girl). She also voiced cartoon characters for Nickelodeon.

Later she became a business woman and realtor before writing her autobiography "From Ballet to the Batcave and Beyond".

Rest in peace.


Roberto Higueros said...

Very Sad day indeed :-( She was truly one of great and to many the only and most beautiful Batgirl. RIP and my love and heart to her beautiful soul and family for sure!

Emma Bond said...

I enjoyed watching her too Roberto. Her and Catwoman were hot in the catsuits and I loved the peril Batgirl got herself into.
Emma xx