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Sunday, 13 July 2008

Tea Bagging & 3 Strap Gates of Hell.

Well this week, I finally got my hands on Peter for a change. We were lounging around in bed on Saturday morning, as the weather wasn't nice and had nothing planned. Bored I decided I would tie him up and give him a blow job to an inch of him being able to come. I had also bought a cock strap for him midweek, and wanted to try it out on him.

He let me tie his hands behind his back, and then I got another piece of rope and tied his legs into a seated cross leg position, with the ropes lashing his calves so he couldn't close his legs. Then I took a really long piece of rope and wound that around his chest and arms. I fed the last length through between his arms and side in effect cinching his arms to his side. I had him completely at my mercy.

I pushed him hard back onto the bed. His tied legs shot up in the air as he tried to balance himself, but that's what I wanted. Quickly I shoved my head between his legs and started to lick and suck at his balls. It's funny. Peter is the only guy I have been with that doesn't really like this. He sort of squirms around trying to get away, or much rather prefers a blow job. Well it was his tough luck as I wanted to tease him properly. That enabled me to take his balls, one at a time into my mouth over and over again. I began by running my tongue over them and then slurping at them a little before I sucked on them quite firmly.

I guess it must be my misspent youth down at McDonald's. The girls and I used to race each other who could suck up their milkshakes first. It was really difficult for some of them as the shakes were quite thick. I always won. I guess it has put me in good stead in latter life pleasuring boys.

Peter bucked up in the air when I sucked on his balls and moaned out loud. Not wanting him to tell me to stop, I got up and went to my knicker drawer. I took a small pair of silk knickers and rolling them into a ball I pinched Peters nose until he exhaled and popped them in his mouth. I took one of his neck ties and also pushed that into his mouth. I wound the tie around his head and then tied it in place. I sat back to admire my handy work. He looked very uncomfortable with that stuffed cleave gag.

I then went back to playing with his balls. After about ten minutes of Peter squirming at every potential touch I took his semi erect penis in my mouth. Running my tongue along his shaft I bobbed up and down, trying to take him as far as I could down my throat. With Peter really hard I took out the penis strap I had bought.

They are called a "Gates Of Hell" for some reason. There are four leather cross straps attached to one piece of leather that runs down the top of the penis. A longer strap attached to one end is to use to tie around his balls. It was here I started. I cupped them in my hand while I positioned the strap around them, between the pubic mound and his balls. Then I pulled the strap as tight as I could without being painful for Peter, and proceeded to tighten the other three straps at varying lengths up his shaft. I have to admit it looked really cool. The tip of his cock stuck out the end of the straps, all purple and angry. I just had to suck or lick the tip every time Peter looked about to deflate. There was a little d ring at the end, so I tied a bit of string to it. I untied his legs and hobbled him at the knees. With the string in my hand I led him by his cock all around the upstairs of the house. Finally I led him into the shower still tied. It was interesting to watch his laboured breathing, as water ran down his face as I washed him still tied and gagged. As a reward I soaped his strapped penis until I heard Peter groan and he shot is load in big spurts up the glass shower door.

I am still not sure if I like playing the role of a dom or a sub more?
I managed to take a few pictures of his penis in the straps.

Happy bondage.
Emma x

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Marco Bond said...

It looks like Peter had a lot of fun! :-D