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Monday, 18 August 2008

Remote Control Egg

We went out the other day for an evening meal. It was a little place called Flutes in Benfleet near the station. As I was getting ready he told me he had a present for me and would I wear it when we went out? I said sure, what was it. So he handed me a gift wrapped box. I love presents so ripped the box apart straight away, only to find a small coil of rope and a wireless vibrating love egg. I was a little disappointed, as I thought he had bought me something nice and slinky.

Peter told me he wanted me to put on a some stockings and a suspender belt but not to wear panties. I obliged by pulling on a nice black set I had.
He smeared a little KY jelly on the egg and inserted it into my pussy. He came behind me and turned me towards the mirror and started to cuddle me. He kissed my neck and moved up to nibble on my ear. That always turns me on. He caressed my breast and I felt his hand caress its way over my belly and brush over my clit. It was like electric the way he touched me. He always starts out with very light touch. He began rubbing my clit and I turned moist in anticipation, almost immediately. I turned around and pulled his face towards me with my hands and forced my lips onto his.

Then I felt the egg explode into life inside me,. To say it was unexpected would have been a lie, as I had let Peter put it there. It was the shock of how he turned it on with me not knowing anything. I literally shuddered on the spot. As soon as it was on it went off again.
"Do you like your present now?" Peter asked. "I want you to wear it through out dinner tonight. To make sure you dont push it out like I know you can, I want you to wear a crotch rope for me too."

I moaned at him that we were going to dinner and I thought the present was jewelry or skimpy clothing, not a bloody sex toy. He told me I said I would, so I couldn't back out now. I let him put the crotch rope on. He doubled the rope and wrapped it around my waist pulling the loose ends through the loop at my back. He fed the rope between my thighs and up, tying it a small knot at my waist. At least I could undo it if I needed a pee or a number two.
I put on the bra and a slim knee length white skirt, and because I was wearing a black set decided on a black silk blouse and my grandmothers small pearl necklace she had given me. I pulled my black stilettos on and was ready to go out. Walking down the stairs behind Peter the egg went off again. This time a bit longer but it was more powerful. I had to hold on to the banister until it stopped.

I drove to the restaurant when the egg went off again. I almost crashed the car in shock. Thank god the road was clear. I said it was dangerous, but Peter said the car was going straight, and to stop worrying. Besides he would correct the steering if I did lose it. Men.
All through the evening this egg pulsated on and off through out dinner. I was determined that I could go through with the evening with out taking it out.
I eventually found out how the thing was activated. Peter had a little fob type control about the size of a key ring. Every now and then he activated it by pressing the fob.

I had to really try hard to concentrate when the waiter took our orders. That's when the evil bastard put it on to full, for the entire duration the waiter was at the table. It buzzed on and off through desert and most of the way home. That's when I had had enough. When we got home I slipped out of the skirt at the front door. Untying the rope, I pushed the egg out of me and could smell the sex oozing from me. I plonked myself down on the sofa and that's when I got Peter to go down on me. After a few minutes I was ready for some frantic sex. After all the stimulation I didn't want to be loved, I needed it to be rough, hard and fast.

Happy bondage.
Emma x

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