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Monday, 4 August 2008

Piracy on the web

I sometimes use Flikr on Yahoo. It also intrigues me no end. I have always thought that Flikr and all these other similar style sites were for home use and your own pictures. I even have a few up there myself. Now sorry but I am really naive here. It seems there are thousands and thousands of pictures posted which don't belong to you.

I entered a little debate the other day about piracy on the web. It doesn't really matter about what. It could have been music or pictures or ideas for stuff that you just acquire. The moral dilemma is, is it right to pinch stuff? The answer has to be no.

Now I have to admit like most of you out there in bondageland, a fascination for what ever it is that takes our fancy. So, in answer to you. I look at sites and see how they do stuff. I guess it has become a learning curve so to speak. How to take a better picture, as that interests me; How the behind the scenes stuff works too. It does stimulate us and pushes us to do better stuff. That's the positive side.

The negative side is that, as it was pointed out to me, the people who create, pay the cash up front and use their time, expertise and experience in marketing the product deserve the reward. If we just pinch it and blatantly pass it off, these guys will eventually get costed out of the market, and end up going down the toilet.

They will stop producing all the goodies we like. Now a pervy chick like me cant let that happen. What the hell will I look at on a wet Sunday afternoon when there is nothing on the television?

There is a limit. These guys expect a little give and take, here and there. Lots of them even go out of their way to tempt you with little freebies to get your custom.
So hopefully you guys and girls will think, just a little, before you post hundreds of pictures or music files all over the place.

I have made it my little rule on this blog that if I like a picture or a cartoon or a film clip, then I will discuss it with you and say if I can, who produced it and always mention the sites. I want you to go and see what they have to offer and hopefully do a bit of free advertising for them, just because I like what they do.
I sure as hell don't need the lawyers involved. All it takes is a nicely worded question in an email to make it all legit. Can I please use --- for this purpose?

I guess what I am trying to say is that although I am a massive hoarder and collector of stuff, I vary rarely pass it on. Please go easy with what you pass out, and please acknowledge where the stuff came from if you do. A little, and not often will keep everyone sweet.

I don't want to jump on the moral high ground. I cant really anyway, as I am just as guilty as everyone else. I just want to make people aware there must be a balance to these things. So let me know what you think, even if you think I am talking bullshit.

Thanks for listening, and happy bondage.
Emma x

PS Thanks Tony for what you said to Dave about the cartoons xx

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TucsonTied Blog said...

You're very much welcome was a privilidge. He was pretty excited that he had a female fan out there, if I didn't mention that...;-)

Final note: Emma, you're following all the correct guidelines, and you've made all the correct suggestions. People like you are true fans and aren't a's those mf'ers over at RapidShare who put up entire sets of work that hurt us...grumble.

Lovin' the blog...thanks for spreading the word.