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Friday, 14 May 2010

My most restrictive tie yet . . . .Self Bondage Ball Tie

Well its back to work time for me so I am trying as many self bondage ties as I can to write about, so I can schedule them over the next few weeks when I may be to busy to indulge.

So what is my most restrictive tie you ask?
Funnily enough it follows on from that selfbondage ball tie and video clip I posted a few days ago. I thought I would up the anti and add more ropes (well in this case I used the self closing baggage straps I have), a gag and vibrating egg held in by a crotch rope to help me while away the time.

First I had to get all the stuff I would need and have it very close to hand. I heeded the warnings with this tie. I actually believed the hype that I wouldn't be able to move more than millimetres. Usually I am sceptical unless I have tried it.

First up was my vibrating egg and the battery controller - I really have to get a remote control egg. The amount of toys that are wireless these days. Isn't technology wonderful ;-))

With this inserted, and a crotch rope tied off so I couldn't push the thing out again. I was ready to commence the tying process.

I strapped up my ankles and then loosely strapped above my knees.
Okay, you got me. I didn't have my knees loose. They were nice and snug at first. I tightened the knees, but when I moved into the ball position, it pinched so had to ease it off a little.

I slipped a rope slipknot over the ankles which cinched them, and left the end also in a slipknot for somewhere to put the wrist strap so my wrists could be cinched later on.

Next up was another strap that I circled my upper body with. I looped around the arm, the chest then the other arm so as I tightened this strap, it pulled my upper arms to my sides. (Sort of like this oOo)

I got onto my knees and placed the strap under my knees and around under my arms over my back and then tightened this. It drew my torso down to my knees, with a few inches of space I used the excess overlap on the strap to cinch the knees closer to the chest and I was feeling really stuck.

I popped in the ball gag and fastened it tightly behind my neck. Then I put my wrist through the wrist strap. I inserted the loop into the cinch slip knot, turned on the vibrating egg and quickly placed the other wrist into the loop and yanked the slipknot tight.

So I am kneeling on the floor looking at the patterned carpet and enjoying the tingle of the egg in my sex. Now here is where it all gets interesting. You want to inch forward. Every other tie has allowed me some movement even in a restricted capacity, unless I was tied to something else.

I couldn't move. I could move my wrists about a few inches, but everything else stayed where it was. You really cant shuffle your knees at all. I decided it may be easier on my side. So I eased myself over on the carpet.

Now when you kneel down you feel all squashed up. Over on my side I saw the strap creating my balled body stretch a bit. It also felt a little less restrictive. This ball tie and not being able to move is all rubbish I thought, until I tried to struggle. Yet again I moved about two millimetres on the carpet.

Then it hit me that If someone were to tie me up properly, cinching it all tight. Pulling my ankles in really tight, attaching them to the wrist tie. Cinching my chest to my knees a few centimetres more. There would be zero movement. As it was there was absolutely no escape from this tie.

I was actually a little afraid doing this tie. Usually it is the hope of escape in bondage that I like. Even after an orgasm from the egg, I still felt defeated. Vanquished. A prisoner at the whim of somebody else with absolutely no way out of the predicament.

So how did I get out?

If you use an ice release method holding some shears or the cuff key, you will have to be pretty accurate where they fall IE directly to your hands. You really can only move millimetres and you go nowhere when you fall over onto your side.

I attached a blunt folding penknife to a long piece of string which I tied to the slipknot rope. Eventually I pulled in the knife opened it up and I cut the slipknot. Then I wriggled my wrists free and released myself.

I wasnt taking any chances with this one.

Happy bondage.
Emma x


Anonymous said...

I'm the same way I don't think a ball tie would really hold me down I know i could roll over. I must try this with someone soon!!!

Emma Bond said...

Hi Anonymous.
If you are tied and cinched at the waist you are bent in half. Bend the knees to the chest and the hands tied to the ankles behind your back; all you can do is wiggle millimetres on your bum or fall over. If you fall on your side you really are stuck as you don't have the leverage to get up and sit on your bum again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Emma!
Love the blog have spent far to many nights reading into self bondage and such .... I LOVE it!! I would really like to try this but don't quite understand how you did it. Could you post another video of you doing it?
Thanks and keep struggling :)

Emma Bond said...

A ball tie is just that. You are all squished up.
Tie the ankles and knees both above and below as in a normal tie.
Tie the slipknot rope to the ankles and then measure how long the rope will be if you were kneeling on the floor with your chest pressed against your knees and your hands behind you.
This is where you want the slipknot so your arms are pulled against your back and the slipknot rope comes up the crack in your ass. Don't put the hands in the rope coils of the slipknot just yet.
Create a rope loop around the arms and torso similar to this shape o0o and tie off. I used luggage straps as its easier to pull tight without tying knots.
With your rope doubled, create a larkshead and pass the rope around your back and under the knees and pull tight and cinch so the knees are pressed as close to the chest as possible.
Move onto your knees and put the arms behind the back and into the rope coils and pull the slipknot tight.
You are now in a ball tie. Make sure you can get out with a well positioned ice release!

Bob said...

Hey thanks Emma this really helped I cant wait for the weekend now :)
Most of the time I leave a knife and scissors on the opposite side of the room so escape is somewhat of a challenge you say movement is almost impossible will I be able to make the move or how do you suggest escape plans?

My only question that i dont understand is this part
"With your rope doubled, create a larkshead and pass the rope around your back and under the knees and pull tight and cinch so the knees are pressed as close to the chest as possible"

Can you try to explain this everything I get and think i can do but I'm not sure about this

Emma Bond said...
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