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Monday, 25 October 2010

Witch Pictures For Halloween- Damsels In A Heap Of Distress.

As its Halloween and we are going to get all the kids around trick or treating and giving them to much teeth rotting sweets and candy, we should also reflect on past traditions of how these things came about.

Witches were usually the wise old woman of the wood who knew about plants to cure ailments. When these sometimes didn't work, they were accused, mostly through jealousy and malice, of all the bad luck that befell a village. They were accused as witches.

Other times these women and some men too, were very poor, or mentally ill.
As medicines and charity were sparse in those days, they were called witches.

There is also evidence from symptoms written down at the time, and now modern day forensic scientists are analysing, to try to get to find the solution of why there were certain periods in the past when there seemed to be hysterical outbreaks of witchcraft.

These have been put down to damp harvests and the rye and wheat flour and other grasses they used to make bread, becoming mouldy, and thus hallucinogenic to the people that ate the bread.

One town in medieval France was very badly afflicted in this way, and there is also a possibility that this was the cause of the Salem witch trials in Massachusetts.

Now thats the history lesson over for the day children, (:-D), run along and enjoy the pictures attached of various damsels in differing "witchy" type distress and bondage.

Happy Bondage.
Emma x

ps Its all done by photoshop and no witches were harmed; so dont go around setting anyone on fire, please!

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