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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween - Last pics for this year.

Hey there one and all.
So why the big deal about Halloween from me?
Well it's the ghosts and the ghouls I like. I love a good horror to scare the pants off me.

Also, when I was in Canada for a while as a kid, there was a big trick or treating thing I got into. It was so unlike here in the UK.
Over there it's a big fun thing everyone does, while the Brits just see it as an evening where the kids go and annoy the neighbours, begging for sweets.

I can see both sides. In Canada if there were no decorations up, we didn't knock at the door. Same can be said for the UK. We either embrace it or don't do it.
Kids, dress up and make an effort for the sweets, and then knock on the doors that have the pumpkins in the window or are decorated for the occasion.

I still love this time of year though, so have stocked up on some sweeties, and if a little witch or gruesome monster doesn't knock on the door, there is more chocolate for me to eat in bed tonight watching a horror DVD on the TV.

Emma x

PS If you want to trick me, may I suggest you do as the kids do in the first pics below, lol :-D

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